Volume CCLXVII: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; Tall King about the King Thing

Hello every One and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank Your (Moral) Highness for being here, it is an Honour to have You in My House. Special emphasis on the moral highness today because that is what is required in Man’s Macrocosm to restore social Order. It’s also especially relevant to today’s Post because Thursday is the ‘Thing King’ Edition because We are all Sovereign under God – We only lose Our Sovereignty when We abandon God and misplace Our Trust in government (or any other false ‘I’ [am] doll such as an ‘artificial person’ Created in One’s name in stead of their Home-stead (House)). We are Living in a world with a profane agenda and soon there Will be no middle ground, We Will have to pick a side. Those governed by God Will be a light House of moral Highness guiding the Good to Ward (protect) the Golden Dawn of Man’s kind. Your Royal, Moral Highness is not only welcome, it is essential if We Wish to Win the war between Good and evil. I am war King hard for My fell low Man…

Well, I don’t have a lot of time today, so I hope You enjoyed the intro because there is too much breaking news to not Write today, so I Wish to get on with tall King about the world’s most devilish Acts. If You are thing King that describing the divide of Man’s kind by Way of the ‘woke’ movement as a war between Good and evil is something of a stretch or exaggerate-Sean, please watch the full video I am sharing below, and tell Me that what You are witnessing is not the hand of Satan and his minions at work…

And please don’t judge a Book by its cover – it’s really not all about Tucker Carlson, but it IS very much about why Tucker Carlson has been removed from the mainstream media (for now). Tucker is anti-war and NONE of the political parties for any ‘western’ media network Will tolerate anti-war rhetoric. The very first thing You need to believe to be an important contributor to Satan’s underworld, is that murder is perfectly acceptable if One is doing it for someone else. In fact, if You do it for a government, You can get medals if You murder enough People.

But they don’t really consider it murder because One must sell their Soul to Satan to murder for another Man, and much more to do so as an employee of a for profit corporation (United States of America, Canada, Australia, Ukraine, Russia, China, et cetera). Obviously, those who have agreed to murder and take the lives of others, are now considered a part of Satan’s Willing minions, so they don’t even consider it murder, a body and mind without a Soul is considered a corporation and therefor has no inherent right to Life, Liberty or Freedom. Please don’t shoot the messenger, I am just telling You how the Powers that Be rationalize their ritual sacrifices (war). It is not a coincidence that all wars start and end on specific days which are known by Secret societies to be ‘Magical’ days where sacrifices to Satan are most likely to be well received. The People who enlist to murder are considered disposable property no more valuable than toilet paper to their government. State Actors would sure as shit never join the army or publicly announce that they are proud to murder to forward the nefarious agenda of a foreign body. They consider those who enlist to be morally and ethically bankrupt fools easily motivated by patriot propaganda (listen (list-in, en-list) to big daddy because You’re too immature to govern Your Self if You still Wish to harm People, so You must be subject to parentis patria).

Frankly, Your government considers it (wars and those who enlist) ‘waste management’ because the intellectuals are considered the most valuable to government (so long as they are programmed well enough to never Quest-Ion the program or do what they call critical thing King), so it’s just part of the eugenics agenda to ensure that the more intelligent Minds are preserved. Kind of like ‘natural selection’, except they are manipulating the parameters that determine what kind of Man is genetically ‘successful’. If enough People die at war, maybe We Will eventually evolve to realize that war is not a successful genetic trait.

They always encourage the stupid People to go to war selling them the idea of free college tuition – if You survive!!! Wow, what a prize!!! Are You think King that People with a 4.0 grade point average are going to be coerced by a free college degree?! Uh, no! They Will be getting scholarships to Stanford or similar.

I’m telling You, if You hadn’t already been so incredibly well programmed, You would be thing King I’m telling some kind of dystopian fantasy fiction, not the Play-Book of the Product-Sean taking place on the world Stage.

Yep, I’m sharing again because I don’t Wish for You to be dissuaded by the thumbnail of Tucker. Listen to the whole thing and You Will begin to get an Idea how deep the corruption goes. Want a teaser? They’re trying to pass a bill in Minnesota to not only legalize pedophilia, but to make sexual predators of minors specifically a protected class of citizen!!!

How crazy is that? In fact, if Your child happened to be kidnapped by a sexual predator in Minnesota, they are proposing laws that Will prevent parents from being able to prosecute, even by Way of extradition to another state!!!

Now, who knows… The eternal optimist within Me is hoping that this is just some kind of elaborate trap to see how many People migrate to the State of Minnesota, and how many People move out of Minnesota if the bill passes. And I know, You’re probably thing King the whole thing is ridiculous and even if they did Present such a bill, there is no Way on God’s green earth the bill Will ever pass. But a bill to protect trans-gender minors already has, and the bill has the same sort of implications. Parents are considered abusive if they try to dissuade their child from mutilating their genitalia on a whim when they are not legally or lawfully of age to consent, and the state of Minnesota Will protect such children to ensure that their parents can never get them back.

I know, hard to believe, so please watch the whole video. I don’t have the sources Natali and Clayton Morris have, Natali and Clayton are two of My Trusted sources as a free lance journalist war King to re-Establish that God’s Presence is a Present on Earth, and evil must be vanquished.

We are tall King about the King thing and the reality is We are ALL Sovereign! It’s amazing to Me that People are thing King that it is unusual, improbable or (the worst) impossible to be Sovereign. The entire U.S. and Canadian constitution (or any other constitution protecting ‘inherent’ rights) is founded upon the belief in God as the Supreme authority of Man, all of Man’s kind are God’s children and the rightful Heirs to God’s Kingdom.

But We have to choose to Play that Role and be fearless in Our Convict-Sean’s when Playing the Part. Today is also a window into My Microcosm because My Friend is thing King that virtually every One Acting as an Agent of the government in any capacity, are absolutely terrified of Me despite how much they try to ‘gaslight’ the ‘King thing’.

Although I have shared every important detail regarding My Father’s Estate, that’s because it is a Superior Court Matter which means that there must be a Public Record in Order for it to be a legitimate Court of Justice. This allows Me to Show You the full Public Record of events regarding an Estate Application in contrast with the Superior Court’s version of the Public Record which is entirely subject to the whim of a criminal Court Registrar (Michelle Murphy, Bracebridge Superior Court) who only processes documents that favour the party she Wishes to see win – otherwise known as judicial interference and court fraud (also an indictable, criminal offense punishable by up to fourteen years in jail and a minimum of two years).

Some People say My letters mean nothing, especially when I have the last Word. People doubt that failing to reply is to concede One’s position. Just imagine if some One were as King of Me what two plus two is and I were to stand there and say nothing? Any One watching would either be thing King I didn’t hear the Quest-Ion at all, or I don’t know the answer, meaning that I don’t have an answer to Give.

I haven’t shared much regarding the smaller details in My Microcosm but I am continuously attacked by all angles specifically because of the King thing. No One seems to like My moral Highness, they Wish to bring Me down a notch or two so that I can be on par with My fell-low Man, the Sovereign who has forgot her Highness.

I am protesting the landlord’s unlawful Notice of Entry. Technically, any landlord can legally enter a tenant’s unit if they provide at least twenty-four hours Notice. However, there must be reasonable need (obligation) to enter the unit. A landlord can’t provide twenty four hours notice to enter One’s apartment to have a cup of tea, for example. Seems obvious enough (self evident) that it should not need to be Writ into the legislative Act. Common Law is common sense.

So the Notice of Entry was for the purpose of ‘annual inspection as per the terms of My lease agreement‘.

Now, the first thing I was thing King to My Self is, ‘shit, how did I miss that? I read every page, every Word, every line! How did they get this by Me?!’. I demanded a copy of the lease where I agreed to annual inspect-Sean of My unit.

Of course, I didn’t miss a thing. Okay, that sounded arrogant because I do sometimes miss things which is why I suggest Signing everything ‘without prejudice’. It basically means that You agree to all lawful terms of the contract presuming there is no fraud or trickery in the document (presuming they are acting in Honour is the pre-judgment, or ‘prejudice’ One is Acting without).

I agreed to allow MHI to enter My unit with 24 hours prior notice to:

“check the condition of Your unit”

This is a perfect example of the use of ‘without prejudice’. My presumption when Signing, is that they Will never just be as King to enter for the sake of entering if there is no reasonable requirement to do so. I’m a full grown Man, I’m the one paying for the unit, I am able to assess the condition of My own unit and discern for My Self if any maintenance needs to be done. This is what they call a ‘fishing expedition’. They Wish to enter My apartment to see if they can find any (legitimate, legal and lawful) reason to enter My apartment.

None the less, MHI insisted they can do this because I agreed and they Gave Me Notice. This is important because I don’t have any legal right to not let them enter My apartment (though I do have a lawful One, it’s not worth arguing about because it Will likely cause Me more harm than Good and is considered ‘disagreeable’ conduct – always comply with unlawful orders without prejudice and under duress).

So I agree under protest advising MHI that the intrusion on My privacy is unnecessary and therefor unreasonable, so I Will be as King for them to compensate-Sean for the time he is required to be home guarding his apartment from unlawful entry. I do have a right to supervise any entry of My unit so long as it is legally and lawfully in My possession (it’s actually steward-Ship, but You know what I am tall King about).

So I told them that’s fine, they can come if it is absolutely necessary, but My time is valuable too, so I Will be as King for $100.00 for every hour I am required to stay home to protect My private property. Here’s the email thread.

Just to make this whole ordeal even more hilarious, the building manager stopped by My apartment the day before the scheduled inspection and arrived unannounced. I simply yelled, “Come on in!”.

No One did, so I opened the door to find the building manager on the opposite side, once again inviting her to come in.

“I can’t come in, I didn’t Give You notice.”

“I’m inviting You in, which is exactly what I would do if You randomly stopped by and were as King if You could check My caulking and grout to see if it requires any repairs. I have nothing to hide, I just don’t Wish to waste five hours of My time waiting for a maintenance order I am not as King for. It is a major inconvenience – I can’t stand waiting for People and I require no maintenance at this time, thank You for as King.”

She did come in after I invited her a second time and advised her that I did not consent to annual inspections and that characterizing what I did agree to as such is fraud or at the very least, a disingenuous characterization of what I contractually agreed to. Entering for the purpose of ‘routine inspect-Sean’ of the unit is the kind of thing where if I Give an inch they may try to take a mile. It starts with annual inspections, then monthly, then weekly, then they’re coming over for tea whenever they feel like it. If they need to enter My apartment for any legitimate reason, I Will never be uncooperative, but I am not going to allow My Good nature to be taken advantage of by any One.

I explain similar in the email and if You don’t usually read these things, I recommend You make an except-Sean for Me this time because I am also revealing One of the True goals in My Microcosm, which is to pay the nine million dollar mortage MHI’s rental payments go toward paying off so that the funds received by Ottawa’s People can be used to invest in real property (like gold or silver) until they have paid sufficient rent to have equitable real value to obtain their own parcel of land to develop a sustainable homestead.

After all the debate and People thing King that My fee schedule means nothing? I waited the full five hours and watched the Man skip My apartment. I am the only One in the entire building who did not receive an inspect-Sean. Why? Because I told them I would be charging them $100/hour for every hour or portion of hour I am required to stay home to let the Man in so I can supervise his conduct.

Problem is (and as My Friend quickly pointed out), “but You waited all day anyway, You must still be entitled to payment?”.

Of course I am. But I’m such a kind and generous King, I will consider it part of the $35,000.00 I am as King for the unlawful eviction Notice served upon Me and bring it to the table at the tribunal.

Remember, every State Actor is war King for You, You are the Director of Universal Pictures Greatest Present a Sean.

Love and Blessings,


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