Volume CCLXVII: The Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition; Is Tucker Carlson the Wolf King?

Hello every One and welcome to the Good News Journal and the Fabulous Free Lance Friday Edition, thank King or Queen You for joining Me, Your Presence is always a welcome Gift to My House. Fabulous Free Lance Friday is My Favourite day for Writing because I wield My Words even more wildly than usual. Translate-Sean? It’s generally a day to rant about the performance of State Actors on the world Stage but today My own Microcosm was especially busy, so My time for Writing is limited and I Wish to get a Post Published before Fabulous Free Lance Friday is over because I can say a lot by sharing a couple of YouTube videos with You. So here We go!

Yeah. I also Wish to make it very clear that just because I’m sharing this video by no means is intended to suggest that I support or endorse all of Tucker’s opinions. Two of My favourite People of importance in the social media information network, or movement, or whatever One Wishes to call it, are Elon Musk and Tucker Carlson simply because they both advocate for the Truth and freedom of speech, even at the cost of offending others. Tall King about difficult topics is important. Ignoring problems never makes them go away. That’s One of those Sentences that has dual implications for the People in My Microcosm that also happen to be People of Significant influence in Man’s Macrocosm. But I’ll be tall King more about that in the Sensei-Sean all Saturday Edition.

Today I just Wish to bring attention to the fact that Tucker Carlson is anti war, or at the very least, anti-war with respect to U.S. involvement in Ukraine, which is a nothing more than a proxy war of the U.S. against Russia. I’ve shared some videos before from Redacted’s Natali and Clayton Morris on this, too. It’s important for Canadians to pay attention to this, too because they are every bit as guilty.

Tucker’s first message that was apparently Posted on Twitter received more than fifty million views in its first twenty four hours!!! That’s why I believe that the reason he’s no longer with Fox was because of his stance on Ukraine specifically. When the Canadian People find out what Ukraine has been doing to the People in the areas Russia launched its military operation, they Will be horrified to discover Canada is on the wrong side of this (proxy) war with Russia.

I can’t help but Notice many of the People in the ‘woke’ movement are beginning to call Tucker a Russian ally or propagandist. Rather than deny or affirm the allegation, Tucker was as King why it would be okay to be a Ukrainian propagandist and ally but not a Russian propagandist or ally? They basically cancel People when they don’t have a reasonable explain a Sean. That’s why Tucker Carlson may well be the big bad wolf of ‘the west’s mainstream foreign policy narrative.

To take a break from the madness of Man’s Macrocosm, for now, I’m going to share some of My Fabulous plants from the Good Green Thumb Nursery’s collect-Sean, as well as My war King out routine preparing for My fiftieth name day Celebrate-Sean on June 5th. My goal is to increase both numbers as much as possible in the next month and change. I did work out religiously for the first month this year and have been ‘on and off’ since, which I assert is still better than Giving up entirely just because One misses a day – or a week, or a month… The trick is to get back to it as soon as possible because I really do miss it when I stop and notice a Significant increase in mood when I start and maintain. The goal is always to make it as routine a part of My everyday as eating breakfast or drinking coffee because it is such a benefit to overall health and well being.

I’ll be back tall King about some serious stuff tomorrow for Educate-Sean all purposes intended mostly for State Actors. Thank King or Queen You once again for joining Me.

Love and Blessings,


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