Volume CCLXVIII: The Super Natural Son Day Re-View; The Zombie Apocalypse is the Woke Mind Virus

Hello every One and welcome to the Super Natural ‘Son’ Day Re-View, thank King or Queen of Your Royal Highness for being here, it is a Pleasure to have You in My House. The world is a pretty crazy place these days, so this ‘Son’ day I Will be sharing some of the most Significant Good News from Man’s Macrocosm according to My percept-Sean. Today’s relay-Sean to ‘Son’ day is a reflect-Sean of Mother’s day in Man’s Macrocosm because if We don’t collectively put a stop to the Zombie Apocalypse and the Woke Mind Virus, Mother’s Will have no place in Man’s Macrocosm – the Woke Mind Virus is about the destruction of the Sacred family unit where a womb-Man has no biological identity or purpose. Oh, and to add insult to injury, these are the same People telling One to ‘follow the science’? What science, exactly? The same science that can no longer positively define a male or female of Man’s kind, and claims that the biological sex God assigns to Man’s kind has nothing to do with One’s gender? The Zombie Apocalypse and Woke Mind Virus is a world where One can be banned from the mainstream ‘legacy’ media networks for suggesting such science is for stooges.

I don’t Wish to paraphrase what the Woke Mind Virus is, I’d prefer to let You hear this from Elon directly.

Sometimes Posting videos like this One is a mini science experiment for My Microcosm because it is difficult to know which One’s Will remain. Some YouTube videos I have Posted are not available when I view the Post as My audience sees it and I find that interesting (especially when I check the link and it’s still available for Me to see on YouTube). I have no Idea what that’s about, though I presume it has something to do with the region. WordPress is registered to do business in the U.S., yet I’m publishing outside of the U.S., so maybe I can see videos on YouTube that are not available to U.S. audiences? Just a guess, I really don’t know but I do find it interesting.

Here’s a montage of Trudeau corruption by Viva Frei that went viral on Twitter and other platforms recently, presented by ‘the Pleb’s YouTube channel.

One of the biggest developments and upsets in mainstream media is Fox’s termination of Tucker Carlson, their top earner, highest paid, and most watched news anchor. A company doesn’t get rid of their very best asset unless it is politically motivated by powerful People. Of course, it probably has nothing to do with Tucker telling the Truth about the war in Ukraine or reporting on Blackrock, the world’s largest asset management corporation who is poised to move in to secure all the new construction contracts to rebuild Ukraine. I’ll let Redacted tell You more about that…

I’m also sharing a full episode of the Megyn Kelly Show because I think it’s awesome when reputable mainstream journalists refuse to compromise their integrity and go independent. Tucker Carlson getting fired from Fox is a BIG mistake for Fox, but there really are no coincidences in the Universe and it Will only make Tucker Carlson that much more ‘dangerous’ an antidote for the Woke Mind Virus to overcome. I do think it’s entirely possible that Tucker Carlson Will be able to reveal enough of the Zombie Apocalypse for the masses to avoid being infected by the Woke Mind Virus. He may even be able to cure some of those who have already been infected.

Having said all of that, Tucker Carlson moving to Twitter has nothing to do with a partnership with Elon Musk. There is no partnership or agreement between the two, Tucker is simply choosing to host his new Show on that platform. In fact, it appears Elon Musk Will be stepping aside and has hired some One from the W.E.F. to fill his shoes. I’m going to let Robbie from ‘The Hill’ tell You all about that because I wasn’t a very big fan of Robbie when I first became aware of him, though he seems to have been somewhat ‘red-pilled’ along the Way, no doubt with thanks to the influence of Kim Iverson who was as King some of the tougher Quest-Ions and also eventually decided to go independent.

I’m not sure what to be thing King of a W.E.F. selection but I do believe that Elon Musk is sincere with respect to the direction he Wishes to take Twitter and his commitment to free speech, so I am confident that if she does appear to be attempting to control the narrative or infringe on the freedom of the platfrom, Elon Musk Will do something about it. Elon Musk has demonstrated he has no problem letting People go if they don’t do their job!

And My selection of great content creators would not be complete if I did not include something from Viva Frei.

There’s lots more to share from My Microcosm, too, but today is all about the madness of Man’s Macrocosm because this Woke Mind Virus is very serious. They are Creating the problem by as King children to Quest-Ion their identity, Creating a psychological condition We are calling ‘gender disphoria’, and prescribing drugs that Will sterilize children and or mutilating their sex organs for the same effect. Any One who mutilates a minor’s sex organs in any Way is guilty of cruel and inhumane treatment of a minor – even circumcision! It’s child abuse. No One has the right to rob a boy of his Man-hood and any One who claims to do so in the name of ‘God’ is guided by the LORD God, Satan.

Today’s feature photo is Bad Ass Buddha’s prebiotic infused apple cider vinegar. I have since started making My own organic apple cider vinegar which led to YouTube recommending a video on how to make Kombucha. If You haven’t heard of it, it’s absolutely amazing and has virtually identical health benefits to the apple cider vinegar, except Kombucha tastes incredible!!!

Green tea, green and black tea, black tea, and another green tea in various stages of fermentation.

Good Kombucha is fermented green or black tea and requires roughly a minimum of six to ten day for its first fermentation period before it is ready to drink or flavour for a second fermentation which adds additional carbonation.

Banana-blueberry kombucha on the second fermentation.

I’ve already got a pretty Good system down with two one gallon containers continually brewing in rotation. One can make Friends quickly when home brewing Kombucha so I’ve been getting some constructive feedback, too. The best part about brewing and drinking Kombucha so far is that I have never noticed such a tremendous health benefit from anything so quickly. I can’t even really describe it except perhaps to say that I feel energized almost all the time. I also sleep like a baby. The only potential downside is that it does stimulate One’s metabolism and it Will make Me absolutely ravenous if I ingest on an empty stomach. Best consumed directly before, with, or after a meal, or alternately right before bed (and before brushing teeth). The other awesome element of Kombucha is that there is virtually no limit to what One can put in it on the second ferment. I’ve tried, blueberry, banana-blueberry, mango, cinnamon blueberry, and beetroot! Crazier still, My favourite flavour so far is beetroot!!!

At any rate, I thought I was doing something kind of unique by brewing and drinking Kombucha, but it turns out it’s somewhat trendy at the moment, so I’m going to be sharing My recipes and techniques with You once I get the details more finely tuned.

One of the biggest requirements for starting to brew One’s own Kombucha is something called a SCOBY (symbiotic culture of bacteria yeast). There is absolutely no direction or instruction online on how to Create a SCOBY from scratch (all that say they are teaching from scratch involve buying starter mix or a SCOBY). Although I did use some culture from a store bought raw kombucha (GT’s) to start My own home product-Sean, I am confident I can Create My own SCOBY Truly from scratch, though I have to wait on My experiments a little longer before I can confirm.

I’ve also got some exciting things going on in My Microcosm in the legal and lawful world that I Will be tall King about more this coming week and leading up to June 7th when I finally address the King him Self!

I am thing King that is all the big Good News for this week, thank King or Queen You once again for joining Me. I hope You are all enjoying Mother’s day and remembering that without a Mother, there is no Promised Mother’s land!

Love and Blessings,


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