Volume CCLXIX: The Bracebridge Superior Court – A Cloak for Fraud

Hello every One, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition, thank King or Queen You for being here, Your Sovereign State of being is welcome in My House. Today I Will be Publishing a Post about brewing Your own kombucha from scratch, but before I do I have some business to take care of. The People of Canada deserve to know that David Lametti is a fraud who is using the Ontario Superior Courts as a cloak for fraud to deprive rightful beneficiaries inheritance in Estate Applications. Let Me Give You a quick summary of the fraud and update You on the latest developments so that I can start tall King about something a little more fun.

On May 29th, 2022, I sent My brother, My sister and My sister’s lawyer a Notice of Civil and Criminal Liability for Breach of Trust for breaching My Trust obligations to My father.

Now, One would be thing King that if there had been some kind of Endorsement awarded to My sister in the Estate Application, this might be a Good opportunity to let Me know about it, right? Does the email read like the email of a Man who knows an Endorsement was awarded against him on May 6th?! According to the testimony of Susan Sacks in the Rule 21 Motion hearing to have the Claim against My sister’s lawyer dismissed, ‘Sean von Dehn’ had every opportunity to appeal the decision awarded against him in the Estate Application process! Really? It’s actually very difficult to appeal a decision within thirty days when One has no knowledge a decision has been made. None the less, despite being advised very clearly in the Motion hearing that Sean had absolutely no knowledge of the Casullo Endorsement (or any other process of the Estate Application) before learning about it in his sister’s Statement of Defense, Jester of a Justice, Jaye Hooper determined that the Trust’s Claim was a ‘colossal attack on the Endorsement of a Superior Court judge and the judicial process’! Really?! I guess Justice Jaye Hooper was bought and paid for by RosenSack, which is the ‘go to’ law firm of choice for lawyers with claims against their performance bond.

The Law Society has to protect its own, which is also why investigator of the Law Society into My sister’s conduct, Carmen Pignataro, determined that no professional misconduct was taking place, Hala Tabl was not violating any rules of the Court or engaging in fraud? Really? So she was arranging this secret meeting with a Judge WHILE she was under investigation by the Law Society?! Seriously, no wonder lawyers have the world’s worst repute a Sean!!!

The investigation was concluded on May 2nd, 2022, only four days before Hala had a hearing with Justice Casullo without My knowledge or consent in violation of Rule 1.09 and the Rule of Law, meaning that Carmine knew that Hala was engaged in fraud at the time, and chose to do NOTHING about it! Yep, the Law Society doesn’t care if lawyers they license are corrupt, only their repute a Sean which they Will protect at all costs, even fraud. So My belief is that the Law Society hired RosenSacks to protect their reputation and bribed the judge to make sure things ‘go as planned’. I’m just a ‘Self Presented’ litigant anyway, My right to a fair and impartial hearing is irrelevant and insignificant. You can listen to Me tell Jaye Hooper on the Court of Record that I had no knowledge of the Casullo Endorsement at the time of filing the Claim – for Justice Jaye Hooper, that’s just an inconvenient detail.

So, naturally, if ‘the Court’ (Keep in Mind that Justice Jaye Hooper allegedly speaks for the Ontario Superior Court) is going to accuse the Trust’s Claim as being a ‘colossal attack on the Casullo Endorsement’, then I can be as King of Justice Jaye Hooper to prove her allegations against Me – surely I have the right to the presume Sean of innocence until proved guilty, right? Well, not in Canada’s clown courts, apparently!

No One seems to be able to provide proof of service for any hearings in the Estate Application, much less proof of service of any Endorsements upon Sean or any other Beneficiary to the proceeding!

Yeah, Michelle Murphy, a Registrar for the Bracebridge Courthouse, was ‘coveting’ application materials, NOT processing them onto the Court of Record, and arranging private meetings for My sister’s lawyer with intent to exclude the primary Beneficiary and witness from Presenting his testimony to the Court! Willful intent to interfere with the Judicial process, perpetrated by a Registrar of the Bracebridge Courthouse.

Now, I know how bad all of that sounds, but We’re just getting started. Once I find out about the corruption taking place, the Ottawa Superior Court and the Bracebridge Court conspire together attempting to convince Me that it’s perfectly normal for there to be no public Court of Record for this Estate filing!!! Yeah, no joke – here’s Derrick Bert trying to convince Me that it’s ‘perfectly normal’ that the Court of Record shows that no documents have been processed in the Estate Application by the Bracebridge Courthouse since March 24th, 2022.

He has exactly the same (very limited) information I was able to obtain, and the cause of Action for the Claim because I was tired of being lied to, told there was an application made, and no developments for months?! I eventually filed a Claim against the Estate on August 4th, only to be accused of ‘colossal attack’ on the Justice and judicial process that excluded Me from the proceedings in violation of My rights.

To make matters even worse, even after learning about the Endorsement awarded against Me in Hala’s defense materials, the Bracebridge Courthouse tells Me I’m not allowed to see a copy of the Endorsement awarded against Me until AFTER a Certificate Issues!!! Believe it or not, I’m still not at the most insane and ludicrous part yet…

To top it all off, the Bracebridge Courthouse Will not respond to emails or phonecalls – the manager, Carrie Thompson is conveniently ‘in meetings’ when I call. So I make a FOIA request that goes unanswered. But We’re still not at the end of the crazy. I report the entire crime to David Lametti, advising him that a Court Registrar is using her position to interfere with justice, and her supervisor is doing nothing about it. But David Lametti doesn’t respond, either. For the Ontario Superior Courts under the treasonous Trudeau government, this is just another day at the office. These criminals need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the Law.

So that’s My final request for the Court to PROVE their false allegations against Me, forwarded to the Minister of Justice and Attorney General to let him know just how corrupt the officers war King for him Truly are. He’s as treasonous as Trudeau and doesn’t Give a rat’s ass. I have a feeling he Will when the King hears about this nonsense taking place in the name of ‘the Crown’… We’ll see if David is so smug then…

Upcoming…. Kombucha how to!!!

Love and Blessings,


    1. Thank You very much, Good Sir! I am very grateful (great-full) for the follow, and for the like on My Post regardging the corruption of the Bracebridge Courthouse and Superior Courts here. Do let Me know how the recipe works for You, I am Wishing You great success (in all You do, but especially the kombucha – it’s delicious!).

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