BREAKING!!! Corruption of the Bracebridge Courthouse Knows No Bounds!!!

So Jenny Tiang of the Bracebridge Courthouse appears to be just as corrupt as the rest. It is not reasonable that she would not just produce a copy of the Court of Record or the documents I am as King for. It is absolutely ridiculous for any Court to say they are going to CHARGE a Man to receive full disclose of all matters concerning his interests in any civil Matter to which he is a party.

This is beyond corruption, this is a fucking joke. Jenny Tiang should be charged with collusion to interfere with justice and subject to the minimum two years in prison, along with Michelle Murphy, Carrie Thompson, and all the respondents to the Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean’s Claim. David Lametti Will also be added to that list if he does not put a stop to this corruption NOW!!!

This is what clown courts look like when a treasonous Trudeau government infiltrates One’s judicial system.

Love and Blessings,

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