When Criminal are War King for the Courts – The Bracebridge Superior Court of Corrupt-Sean

CV is in parenthesis because ‘2020-59’ is not a valid ‘CV’ number because the Application has not yet been processed by the Bracebridge Courthouse, at which time the file Will receive a valid CV number that Will be available on the public Record.

Here is My final email to the Bracebridge Courthouse regarding their corruption and determination to trespass upon the inherent rights of Canada’s People, guaranteed by the very Courts these individuals claim to represent. We’ll see what the King has to say about all of this – I am thing King He Will not concur.

Meh, despite the incompetence, corruption and contempt he has demonstrated so far, I figured I Will Keep David Lametti in the loop. Don’t Wish to have him accuse Me of not Giving him fair warning of the crimes taking place in the Courts he is liable to Me for…

Love and Blessings,

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