Volume CCLXX: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition; Closing in on Fraudsters of the Ontario Superior Courts

Wow, do I EVER have a Thoroughly Thrilling Thing King Edition for You today, and some Good News to share with You regarding the amplification of My Magic in Man’s Macrocosm. Thank King or Queen You for joining Me, it is always a Pleasure and Honour to have You in My House.

It is absolutely unbelievable that officers of the Court continue to attempt to gaslight, presumably because I am not a lawyer licensed with the Law Society. I am thing King that they figure if they just gaslight Me enough, I Will begin to believe the lies they are telling Me, even though I’ve had confirm a Sean of every single argument I have made to officers of the Court and Derrick Bert in particular. Derrick Bert is either completely incompetent and should be fired for his negligence, or he knows exactly what he’s attempting to do and should be charged with conspiracy to perpetrate fraud on a Claimant before the Superior Court of Ontario.

Derrick Bert seems to be thing King that there is nothing at all unusual about no Court in the province of Ontario having any Record of any documents being filed in an Estate Application since March 24th, 2022, despite knowing a Certificate has (fraudulently) been issued for the same application! Really?! What is the point in having a file number on a Certificate if the file number does not bring up any Court of Record for the Application responsible for its issuance? There isn’t one, the Quest-Ion was rhetorical. Every Court in Ontario should know everything any other Court in Ontario knows unless someone is engaged in fraud and not processing documents they have received onto the Court of Record – it’s really that simple.

Now, I’ve tried explaining this to Derrick in a Motion hearing…

And by Way of email this morning. I even included an email from the FIPPA (Freedom of Information and Privacy Protect-Sean Act) office, confirming that One does not need to file a freedom of information request to receive disclosure of Court Records concerning their interests, they can contact any Superior Court of Justice or Ontario Court of Justice.

But I guess when a criminal is caught in a lie, they just double down. Derrick continues to try to convince Me that the only Court that I can receive the inform a Sean from is the Bracebridge Courthouse where the original application was filed. No. If it was actually filed, all documents processed by the Bracebridge Courthouse Will allow any Superior Court in Ontario to pull up the Record by entering the file number associated with the Application or Action (Claim). That IS very much what it means when the Department of Justice states that the Superior Courts are of inherent, concurrent and congruent jurisdiction. If One court does not know what another Court knows, fraud is afoot – and don’t let any One else ever tell You otherwise – Courts do not Act privately as independent offices. Here’s the update to today’s earlier emails, where You can see Derrick is sticking to his lies (or stupidity if he really doesn’t know any better – but ignorance is no excuse for the Law).

However, the best Good News of today is My last call to the Bracebridge Courthouse where the clerk REFUSES to Give Me her last name and concedes that she has ‘no idea’ about Rule 1.09? Really? A Registrar of the Court does not know about Rule 1.09? That IS interesting and explains an awful lot if her ignorance is contagious and has spread throughout the Court. Perhaps the Bracebridge Superior Court is where Rule 1.09 goes to die.

“…  and I have a private Trust to protect this account that was filed with the Minister of Justice and Attorney General on January 19th, 2017.  It’s on Record with the Minister of Justice and Attorney General, and none of these documents have been processed onto the system yet.”

“Sir, I have just told You they are on the system.”

“So if I call the Ottawa Courthouse now, they’ll be able to provide the Court of Record for Me for this file?”

You should be able to call any courthouse in the province of Ontario and Give them the 2020-59 number or the name of the deceased person, and they should be able to bring this Record up.”

Bracebridge Courthouse Clerk, ‘Kim’ (who REFUSES to provide her last name)

Yeah, You should really hear the whole phone converse a Sean because even My Friend who was listening nearby said to Me that it’s obvious she doesn’t have anything in front of her or she wouldn’t need to be as King of Me if I have a copy of the ‘Errors in Application Form’ to know if she has one!!! She has no idea what’s in the file and says “I don’t have anything You don’t have…”!?

Really? And how does she know what I have or don’t have if I’m telling her I have nothing!? I didn’t bother to tell her that I only know about the Errors in Application Form because it was Given to Me by mistake! The last thing Hala Tabl Wished for Me to see was that Tanja and Michael do not together hold the majority interest in the Estate and that My consent is required, along with the Errors in Application Form to ensure that I was Given Notice!!! Oops!!!

But it really doesn’t Matter because I just finished telling Derrick Bert that his Court should be able to pull this Estate up with the file number, as should any other Court in the province of Ontario. Now Kim is confirming that for Me, too. So is Derrick now going to tell Me that Kim is lying to Me, or Will he concede that he is lying to Me? Obviously, both People can’t be telling Me the Truth, and both People are war King for the Superior Court and appear to be conspiring against Me.

I almost forgot to include the last email to Derrick Bert today, including the audio where even Kim confirms that I should be able to obtain the Record from ANY Superior Court, including the Ottawa Courthouse. I wonder what Derrick Will have to say this time?..

This is still the main thing going on in My Microcosm but I actually have three civil Matters in the works now. One with the Ontario Works Tribunal and another with the Landlord Tenant Board – both are branches of the Ministry of the Attorney General. It’s not clearly advertised as such, but the email address shows MAG to identify the email and prevent it from going into a spam or junk folder. The only reason I mention this is because despite what Derrick Bert might be thing King, even these branches of the Ministry of the Attorney General are of concurrent, congruent jurisdiction. They are just not of inherent jurisdiction, meaning that both have a higher Court to appeal to if they make an incorrect decision. But ALL Will know that King Sean, House von Dehn is Acting as Trustee for the Kingdom of Heaven Found a Sean, and right now, the Ontario Superior Court’s officers are the only People who do not seem to Wish to Honour the Trust Instrument.

When the Ministry of the Attorney General sends mail to Me in the name of My Trust, You can be rest assured they know it is a legal and lawful entity. Mail received in One’s name is proof of identification (or can be if One Wishes to use it as such). It is name One is considered to be ‘doing business as’ (and it can pretty much be any name One Wishes, so long as it is not already Claimed). Incidentally, that’s why One has to check the Registry before ‘registering’ a new business – to make sure the name is not already taken.

This is also why I’m so confused about David Lametti. He himself is not really guilty of anything except failing to do anything about this ridiculous situation, so if he manages to get his Act together in time to put a stop to the fraud before he is noted in default, I Will absolve him of any accountability. But the Court needs to get its shit together SOON!!! By My name day Will be nice (June 5th).

Love and Blessings,


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