Book 0: Prologue

Dear Reader,

Thank you so much for picking up this Book.  All My life I wanted to write a book.  I believed in My heart that there was nothing a person couldn’t do.  I would hear people talk about their dreams and tell Me they were too great, too difficult, or a ‘one in a million’ chance.  I would ask them why they felt they couldn’t be the one in a million; after all, someone has to be.  Then people would tell Me they wished they could have My confidence and again I would ask them why they don’t.  I would tell them if they believed they could, they would.  But, what did I know?

This was the problem.  Who was going to listen to Me?  What would I have to do to get people to listen to Me?  What would I have to be, how could I prove this?  I always wanted to be a writer but I felt I would have to do something great, something remarkable before people would be interested in reading about it.  If I did something incredible then maybe people would be interested; then maybe people would listen.

Ironically, I have always been a writer, I just wasn’t publishing anything.  I was keeping a journal of My thoughts and had been for almost as long as I can remember.  One little goal after another, always doing everything I thought I could do, always proving My theory to Myself, but I still wasn’t getting anywhere.  I had countless philosophies and ideas about observations I made of the world around Me but the problem was always credibility.  I would write My brother or My friends emphatic letters about how I thought this or that proved My philosophy and the response was always good, but again…  What did I know, they were just theories?

One of the greatest challenges was I never really cared much for what other people dreamed to have.  Money was never important to Me, freedom was.  Money was only good if it meant I could have more freedom and it never did.  More money meant more work.  Fame sounded good for a while – I thought maybe if I became famous then I could write My Book and tell people it was all because I believed I could.  But then I noticed there were plenty of famous people from virtually every conceivable profession that had achieved incredible success and were already telling people this.  But people only look at them and say, ‘if only I looked like that’, or ‘if I had their talent’ or ‘if I had their confidence’, or ‘they had connections’…  So being famous wasn’t going to help, I needed something more.

Then one day something truly extraordinary happened.  I finally had all the answers I was looking for.  I had an experience of enlightenment.  I know, it sounds too good to be true.  Hardly anyone has experiences of enlightenment, right?  Wrong.

I thought so too at first.  Suddenly I had all this great wisdom to share with the world, but who was going to believe Me?  As I began talking to My closest friends and people I felt I could trust, I began to discover that the experience of enlightenment is not so rare; many of My friends had either had the experience themselves or knew someone else who had.  My friends began introducing Me to authors who had written of their experiences to let Me know this experience was not so unusual.  Then I began to hear the lyrics of songs with new ears, saw movies with new eyes and interpreted information with new wisdom.  Soon everywhere I looked all I could see were reflections of what I had learned.

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the experience was that I had it all backwards.  It was never about becoming something great so that I could share wisdom with You, it was about remembering what I am.  The dream is trying to remember, proof is what We forget.

There is one key difference between this Book and other books You will find on spirituality.  Most spiritual books will confirm everything I write here, then tell You how to apply the wisdom to Your own life to help make sense of the world around You.  I won’t do that because accepting the world around You limits the capacity of Your dream.

If the world around You made sense, there would be no need for this Book.  I will show You that there is a very good reason the world doesn’t make sense.  The state of Our world is part of a Divine Principle.  The continuous quest to understand and make sense of this world is a reflection of Our collective conscious desire to know something better.  We are all dreaming of a better world; this book will show You why We will soon have it.  It is more than a philosophy, this is a prophecy for peace.


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