3.5 Matrimonial Love

Matrimonial Love

“In the end the Love You take,

Is equal to the Love You make.” – The Beatles

The institution of marriage is by far the least corrupt of all institutions but it reflects Our innate desire to know endless, undying Love.  Perhaps We do not believe We are eternal beings but We want to know a Love that will last forever, or at least the forever We believe in; till death do Us part.  And so We created the institute of marriage.

We came here to know Love and marriage is a reflection of Our fear that We may never know It.  We are so afraid We will not know Love that the moment We find it, We want to keep it forever, fearing We may never know it again.  So when We find Love, We ask Our Love to never leave Us, to be with Us forever and to promise to share their Love only with Us.  We call this true love.

We claim ownership of Our Love, keep it to Our self and insist that it may never be shared.  This immediately makes Our Love conditional which is not true Love, for true Love is unconditional.

Many have told Me that My philosophies are hundreds of years ahead of their time, though I do not believe this is true.  I do not think that the institution of marriage is corrupt, only that Our perception of Love is corrupt.  It is noble to profess that You will share Your Love exclusively with one other being, but it restricts the true nature of Your being.  The very notion suggests Your Love has limited capacity to Love; that if You Love another, there will not be enough Love left for Your spouse.  This is not true.  This is jealousy in the purest form and a union of true love would be completely removed from jealousy for You would know the nature of Your own Love.

The union of marriage will one day be understood as a union of spirit.  The decision to share Your Love with another being will be the act of choosing a spiritual companion to share thoughts and feelings of the wonder of Your creation.  You will understand that the differences between Us are what make Us the same, that the more Love You know through experience, the more Love You will have to share with Your partner.  You need only ask a couple who have endured beyond infidelity to know this is true.

For now I understand that this concept is too great for most.  I am not suggesting that You destroy Your marriage by committing acts of adultery, I am simply suggesting that the institute of marriage instils in Us that there is only one person who will Love You and only one person You can Love (aside from family).  In order to know Love We need to understand that We are all family, that Our capacity to Love is unlimited.  You should not be afraid to tell someone they are beautiful, or intelligent, or divine.  We should not be taught to withhold Our Love and compassion for other members of the human family.  We are all one.

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