4.2 Criminal Love

“Money is the root of all evil” – the bible

I told You there are many truths in the bible; this is the greatest of them all.  Money is the number one source of the world’s problems.  For those who refuse to become slaves to the financial system, Love’s innate desire to know personal freedom cuts off individuals from the abundance of resources the world has available, forcing creative and often criminal alternatives.

Many of Us have a difficult time believing that people are good by nature, that We were born perfect.  A girl once told Me that this could not be true.  She told Me that if a baby were born and left on its own in the middle of nowhere it would die, proving We are not perfect.  I told her this was not true, that We are spiritual beings and that if this happened, the baby’s spiritual purpose was to teach Us that nothing can grow without Love.  The baby was perfect; it was Our ignorance of Love that allowed it to die.  Only if We do not learn from this lesson is the baby’s spiritual journey in vein.

Crime is another example of the ignorance of Love reflected in society.  Essentially, criminals are protesting the life that was offered to them.  Regardless the reason, their beliefs do not match those of the social system created for them, they inwardly know it is not true.  They desire freedom but need money to enjoy life, so they find creative ways to make it.

Violent offenders such as rapists and murderers were not offered Love in the same capacity as the majority of Us.  They see a violent, cruel and hurtful world and this is the reality they have come to accept, exacting the same pain on others.  The Love they were taught to know is cruel and painful so that is the Love they become.  Rape stems from guilt of natural sexual desires humanity has been taught to repress and feel guilty about.  These individuals were never taught to know Love.

Other lesser crimes such as theft and organized crime are simply the manifestation of a reality these individuals have created as an alternative to the world the rest of Us accept.  Our reality provides the necessity for this type of behaviour.  The thief is protesting the rat race of life requiring them to work tirelessly to obtain that which exists in abundance, while the monetary system provides a market for inexpensive goods stolen from corporations and people with wealth at a discount to people who can’t afford them or are trying to save money to ‘get ahead’ in the very same rat race.   For those who feel depression, seeing only the suffering and oppression of the world We created and sad to see what their Love has become, narcotics provide an alternate reality, creating a market for the drug cartels who sell them.  Police use weapons to enforce laws Our nation provides, attempting to prevent criminals from choosing any reality but the corruption which was offered to them.  Criminals are defending their right to manifest their reality using similar force, creating a market for illicit weapons and promoting further violence.  It is a vicious cycle of people trying to express a desire for a better world in a reality that prevents them from knowing one.

Unfortunately, most people look at the ‘junkie’ in society and see imperfection.  When I first came into this wisdom, I gave up My home and My possessions and spent two months living on the streets.  I learned a lot of things from the beautiful people that call it their home.  A young girl walked right up to Me one day out of nowhere, stared at Me for a few moments, then asked if She could sit with Me for a while.  She started talking to Me poetically, the most beautiful, meaningful poetry I’d ever heard – all of it Her own, this was how She spoke.  She went on for about five minutes and I didn’t ever want Her to stop.  Then She laughed, turned to Me and said, “You know, I’m only like this because I’m waiting for God to come back.”

This time I laughed, “I know…”

She slapped My arm playfully and said, “I know You know, that’s why I told You, silly.  You know He’s coming, You’re going to tell them, aren’t You?”

“I’m going to try.”

She hugged Me and said, “Don’t worry, they will listen to You.”

The question is, will You?  This girl knows what the world should be like, She gave up on You.  She’s waiting for You.

There is something very wrong with Our society and crime is one reflection of Our misguided ideology that should be a call for change.  We do not need more police, We need to understand the root of the problem.  Crime reflects the innate desire to know something other than what is offered by society. The problems exist within Our government, the laws they create and a social system not guided by morality.  Is it a crime for the hungry man to walk into a store and steal a loaf of bread?  Or is the real crime that the man starves while grocery store shelves are full of food?

Just like the newborn child, the criminal is perfect.  Their spiritual journey is to reveal a society created in ignorance of Love.  Only if We do not understand this, is the criminal’s journey in vein.


  1. The correct quote is, “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.” Timothy 6:10 (translations vary). Since all these mini-essays have ‘love’ in the title, the correct quote is relevant.

    The pursuit of ‘the root of the problem’ is an effective tactic for diverting attention from ‘the problem’ itself. We never really understand ‘the problem,’ thus solutions perpetually evade us.

    Criminals serving the needs of society? Interesting concept.

    1. The ‘correct’ quote is ‘For the love of (money is the root of all evil): which while some coveted after, they have erred from the faith, and pierced themselves through with many sorrows.’ – Timothy, 6:10, King James Bible

      The brackets indicate the section of the quote I have used, the original was too long. I am not sure how using the word Love in a title makes the source of the quote more relevant? Many other sections have nothing to do with money but still are still inspired by Love.

      I am very thankful to have Your input and thoughts here. However, it may be important to point out that what You are reading are not mini-essays, but sections of My Book. I guess in their own right they are mini-essays, but I think You stand to get more from them if You read them in order. I take some time to define ‘Love’ as it is expressed in My Book which I think may help to explain some of the thoughts and concepts discussed in later sections (like ‘Criminal Love’). I do have some editorial changes coming to some sections soon, especially the ending and I always enjoy feedback on the work – good or bad.

      The main idea I am trying to convey in the Book, is that We are evolving. All the ‘evils’ We see in the world around Us are really just reflections of what is wrong with Our ‘self’. Most of Us believe We are free and independent, though We let other people tell Us how We should live. We don’t believe We know how to govern Our ‘self’, so We have surrendered Our sovereignty and allow Our ‘self’ to be governed by others.

      You made a very good point when You said that the pursuit of material wealth is an effective tactic for diverting attention away from the problem. Until We understand the root of the problem, there will always be crime.

      Criminals serving the needs of society an interesting concept? Yes, and a valid one. Where do You get Your pot?

  2. How many of your friends are reading your work and giving you critical feedback? Since you are planning a revised edition of your book, it would be most helpful if they would contribute comments sooner than later. I recommend Mr Gonzales, who might provide useful insight on the very topic you espouse.

    1. I’m not really sure. I’ve given the book to many of My friends who expressed an interest in reading it and have not heard anything yet. Otherwise, the final revision will be based on the manuscript posted on this blog that has since been professionally edited by one of My English teachers. His response was very favorable, though. He suggested a preamble explaining the capitalization of words like Me, You and Us (though he understood it, he felt it would still be beneficial to the reader), an explanation of institutions as a personification of self rather than independent entities (essentially suggesting that I should reflect the institutions as problems that exist within Our ego rather than problematic entities themselves – this is a valid point because any corrections We try to make to the institutions would not reflect the actual problem – the problem would manifest itself in any new institution as well until We address the ego) and he also suggested an alternate ending to the Book which I had already planned. The current ending defines Our rights as they are currently defined by International law via the U.N. which again is like trying to kill a parasite by feeding it. He feels the outgoing message should be one of independent sovereignty and an abandonment of the laws and regulations that impose on Our inherent right to freedom. This is something I decided on My own but haven’t yet updated in the current publication. It will also be the first editorial change I am likely to make.
      Who is Mr. Gonzales? I am always interested in getting more feedback and would love to send him a copy of the manuscript. Maybe I will make the corrections first and give it a second editorial check after those changes have been made…
      Peace bro, good to hear from You again!

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