5.2 Self Love

Meditative Love

I mentioned that Yin and Yang is reflected in Our own brain.  If You want to fully understand the truth that I share with You in this Book, You will have to connect to the infinite wisdom that connects You to all that is.  This wisdom is locked deep inside Your subconscious mind.

Many people completely dismiss meditation as a regular practise.  I used to be one of them.  I thought that meditation was some kind of ‘new age’ nonsense.  When I began studying Buddhism, there was no escaping the constant reminder that one should meditate to find their own truth.  In fact, I think that is what I liked about Buddhism most; it doesn’t really give You any clear answers, it encourages You to find Your own through meditation.  However, if You have ever tried meditating, it is not as easy as it sounds and can be rather frustrating at first.

I don’t know what it is like to be inside someone else’s mind, I only know what it is like to be in mine.  Meditation is essentially the art of not thinking.  However, whenever I tried meditating, it only made Me keenly aware of how much I am thinking.  Most of the time We are on auto pilot – We are always thinking about something but We don’t really notice it.  When You sit down and try to stop thinking, You become painfully aware of how much You are thinking and how incessant the chatter is!  So I am going to try to provide You with some tips on what will make meditation considerably easier.

First of all, I was under the impression that in order to meditate ‘properly’, You must sit in the lotus position, cross-legged, with Your hands and fingers in a particular location and position in order to properly channel the energy through Your body.  This is nonsense (sorry if I offend any who swear by this practise)!  All I could think about while sitting in this position was how incredibly uncomfortable I was, how badly I wanted to shift My body or whether or not I was keeping the right form.

In order to have any success, You should make Yourself comfortable, even lying down is okay.  The next thing to do, is to try and quiet Your mind.  This is also very difficult.  But there is another way.  Instead of trying to stop thoughts, it is much easier to try and control them.  You can choose to think about something in particular.  Other thoughts may drift into Your mind but You can easily steer Your focus back on track.  Many people focus on breathing.

Visualization is also a great exercise and I first experienced success with meditation by using guided techniques.  The first few exercises I used involved visualizing a quiet beach paradise.  After becoming completely relaxed, You can then choose how You want to use the state of thought; I chose self healing.  I simply imagined all the energy in My body warming the area of My body that was injured.  If You try this You will find that You can begin to feel it happening almost immediately.  After healing a couple of My own ailments through meditation and having nothing left to heal, I then began focusing the energy on connecting with My subconscious mind.

I will admit it took perhaps a month of additional meditative efforts before I had My experience and some people may never have an enlightening experience.  However, if You do try this, You will begin to notice the unlimited power of Your being in other ways.  You will perhaps learn to heal Yourself, perhaps You will learn to develop greater confidence, perhaps You will even just use the experience to visualize a dream for Your life.  No matter what You choose to use the experience for, there is really no wrong way to do it and I can guarantee that taking time out from Your day to practise this will release a great deal of stress from Your life.  I now meditate every day and look forward to it immensely.

The surest truth You will ever find is locked within the depths of Your subconscious mind.

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