5.8 Intelligent Love

The entire evolutionary process is to know the bliss of Love.

There is much We can learn by watching Love unfold before Us.  We can learn that the process is continuous; continuously improving and continuously accelerating.  It took millions of years for early species to evolve.  It took early humanity only tens of thousands of years to evolve, then thousands of years, then hundreds, then mere decades.  We measure this process by Our technological achievements.  Today, We are evolving so fast We no longer measure the process by the number of years between new discoveries, but by the number of new discoveries made every year; and it is always more.  The implications of this truth are both overwhelming and surprisingly encouraging.

Some say that there is no connection between wisdom and intelligence.  A man can be infinitely wise and completely ignorant of science, technology and other things We typically consider when evaluating intelligence.  Similarly, a man can be Harvard educated, extremely intelligent and completely arrogant, or ignorant with respect to wisdom.  Intelligence is really just a measure of what We have learned; wisdom is that which We inwardly know to be true of Our self.

However, if We understand that the evolutionary process is a continual process to know Love’s bliss, then We know there is a connection.  The more intelligent We become, the closer We are to understanding truth, the closer We are to discovering Our divinity, connecting Us once again to the subconscious mind that contains all the answers that will forever set us free from the perils of the world We now know.  This means We will soon be too ‘bright’ to believe that the morality by which We currently allow Ourselves to be led is the best We can do.  Surely an entire humanity enlightened to the true nature of its being is preferable to that which We know now.  Science, biology, astronomy and countless other fields of research are trying desperately hard to figure out the meaning of Our existence and with determination, We have proven over and over again there is little We seek to achieve that We will not eventually realize.

My awakening was not accidental or inconsequential but a reflection of what is happening in the macrocosm, that which We seek to know in Our collective reality.  We are at a pivotal, critical time in humanity’s evolution.  It is necessary for the world to be on the brink of destruction so that We may collectively seek to know something greater than that which We are.  “Ask, and You shall receive…”

We know by fossil evidence that organisms have changed form to adjust to their environment but We don’t really understand how it happens.  We believe it is a slow process that takes millions of years to achieve.  The truth however, is that evolution is an instantaneous process.  When a species collectively chooses to be something more than it is, it becomes that thing.  Humanity does not need to change form; We are the creator, Love on earth.  The evolution occurring in humanity is an evolution in conscience, a shift in perception that will allow Us to know what We really are.  This is why We can’t see evolution occurring in humanity unless We acknowledge that which I have just revealed – by understanding the implications of the speed at which We discover new technologies.  If We understand this as a reflection of what is happening in the individual self, each new discovery representing individuals waking up to the truth of their being…  Then the number of people awake to the true nature of Our divine being is increasing with the same velocity as evolution itself…  Soon, We will all know We are Love.  When We collectively know We are Love on earth, We will know peace.

Did You really think We are already as great as We can be, that all of this was for nothing?  The ever increasing velocity of human evolution is a clear indicator that We are reaching the end.

“As in heaven, so too below…”

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