5.95 Timeless Love

I saved this for the end because this is the most difficult concept to try to explain, even for those with very deep spiritual understanding.  Einstein understood it and many still try to explain this phenomenon but I am going to try and keep it very simple and relative to the information I have shared with You thus far.

Most of Us understand time as constant.  We measure it in seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years…  But time is not at all constant.  Time is relative (as Einstein could explain in intricate detail) to Your perception.  I also believe it was Einstein who used the comparison:  ‘If a man spends two minutes with a very pretty girl, two minutes goes by very quickly.  But if a man spends two minutes sitting on a hotplate, time passes very slowly.’

So, relating this to what I have shown You so far in order to demonstrate that We are very much near the end of the existence We know now, I will explain two things that demonstrate how time is speeding up very quickly.

First, evolution:  Evolution reveals that We are discovering more new technologies every year.  So if We were to measure time by the number of technological achievements and new discoveries, We would see very quickly how fast time is now moving.  It only appears to be static for the purpose of Our reality.  We want to know truth and We are impatient – We want to know now!  So every time We learn something, We come closer and closer to reaching the end.

Secondly, our body:  Medicine is allowing humans to live longer.  An interesting fact is that all mammals have roughly one billion heartbeats in a lifetime if they live to die of natural causes.  This means that as We continue to live longer, Our heart rate is actually slowing down to allow for this process.

So humanity is essentially slowing down while time is speeding up; further accelerating the process of self awareness.  The reason for this is because We are on a continual journey of self awareness, We never die.  When We were further away from knowledge of self in the conscious mind, We did not want the experience of separation to be too long because life is not so glorious.  Now that We are reaching the end, when We become enlightened to the true nature of Our being in conscious reality, We will want to delight in the experience of life longer.  We know in subconscious mind that this transition is near, that conscious mind will soon know We are Love.

Time is speeding up every day and We will live much longer and accomplish deeds much faster in the new world to make the transition as smooth and efficient as possible.

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