5.96 Concluding Love

Everything I have shown You is an example of what Our world is trying to teach Us.  This world and all the information in it were created for You so You could know what You are, so You could know Your unlimited creative potential.

Making Love teaches Us We came here to know the bliss of Love, medical science teaches Us that the world has everything in it We need to heal Ourselves, quantum physics teach Us that Our thoughts are creative, evolution teaches Us We cannot die We will only improve, technology teaches Us We are becoming more efficient, philosophy teaches Us that if We do not know self We cannot know anything (even nothing), internet and language teach Us that We seek to reconnect the human family, Mother Nature teaches Us the need for a new level of conscience; all of it together teaches Us that it is Our mind that is evolving to know new greatness while time teaches Us We soon will.

Evolution reveals that conscious mind is learning everything We once knew in the subconscious mind; how to heal Ourselves, that We are immortal beings, that Our divine creative power is thought, that We long to connect internationally and increased efficiency will allow Us to utilize all of these incredible forces to transform Our world with never before seen speed to create the utopia for the enjoyment of Our new self awareness and restoration of Our planet.

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