6.1 Optimistic Love

In the Book of Understanding I told You that no matter what I say or how conclusive any truth I present to You may seem, You may still choose not to believe Me.  I also told You that whatever You choose to believe will be the reality of Your human experience.  What You can perceive in Your mind, You can create in Your reality; such is the power of perception.  This is why I hope to present a truth that is not only plausible, but encouraging.

I’ve had people tell Me long before My spiritual awakening that I am the ‘eternal optimist’.  Some have considered Me a great source of inspiration; others have shunned Me and told Me they are ‘realists’, that an optimistic attitude is not realistic considering the world around Us.  But everything is relative to Our perception.  There is no such thing as a ‘realist’.  Realism is an interpretation of the information You are presented with and the reality You have chosen to accept.  Most people who call themselves realists are in actuality, pessimists.  They interpret the world around them with a negative attitude and their own life becomes a reflection of this interpretation.  In actuality, this does little less than support the truth I am presenting to You.  The ‘so-called’ realist would tell Me that there is too much corruption in the world, too much sickness, poverty, oppression, despair, that Our world is beyond hope.  In turn this person reflects this truth in their own behaviour and wonders what people are smiling about.  What they believe to be true about the world is all they allow themselves to see.  This in turn confirms their pessimistic attitude and the reality of their bleak and dismal life is the so called realism they perpetuate to others.

I am a highly positive thinker.  When I look at the dark cloud I only see its silver lining – I know there is a bright sun looming behind it.  That is not to say that I am ignorant of the problems that exist in Our world, I simply understand the Divine Principle and reason for everything.  My own life has had more than its fair share of challenges.  In fact, My brother told Me once that He had no idea how I could remain so positive through the countless unfortunate situations I have managed to find Myself in.  I’m not sure exactly what I said, but I know it would have been something like, “Life will not give Me anything I can’t handle.  I’m tough, this too I will overcome and I will be stronger for it.  Don’t worry about Me, I am okay, I will always be okay.”

The world is as full of tragedy today as it has been any other time in history and many people tell Me it is only getting worse.  I tell them that is only how it appears, that all things are necessary, that it is all part of the Divine Principle; things are getting better, soon We will know peace.

So where is the silver lining of the dark cloud that now looms over Our world?

What about the global recession?

The global recession is to help Us realize that money is not truth, to help Us lose Our grip on monetary wealth that has created the social classes that divide Us and release Us from voluntary slavery, a system We have so long embraced.

What about N1H1, cancer, AIDS and other diseases?

These things exist to teach Us Our divinity, to show Us what We can overcome; to teach Us that We do not need medicine, that it is Our faith in medicine that cures Us.

What about starvation and malnutrition?

This is to remind Us that We live in a world of abundance, that it is Our lack of compassion and understanding, Our greed and failure to evenly distribute the food and resources We have available that are the cause of starvation.

What about torture, genocide and other forms of oppression imposed on Us by world leaders?

This is to teach Us that Our leaders are guided by a lack of conscience and morality, that We the people are more powerful than all Our world leaders combined if We choose to wake up to the truth of Our spirit, if We choose to know Ourselves as one and act as one.

What about war?

War can end tomorrow; the power is within Us, the people, to lay down Our guns and choose peace.

Yes, perhaps My perspective is positive, but why should it not be?  This is realism.  Do You wish to believe that We do not know better?  Virtually every man and woman speaks of the same problems with the same compassion, hoping one day Our world can become a better place, yet reluctant to believe it is possible.  We continue to embrace the values that oppress Us and restrict Our freedoms.  We do not yet understand that these dreams are not mine alone, but the dreams of many, far more than those who choose to keep Us from having them.  We, the people, the world, the dreamers…  We are the majority.  We need only come together, to choose to know Our will, to believe the dream.  Heaven on earth is possible, We need only ask to know it…  And it starts with You.  You are the world, You are the People, You are Love; remember.

I will teach You how it can be done, but it must start with You.  Choose to know a better world, change Your perspective, understand that this world is not the world You created, but the world that was given to You so You could know Your creative power to make change.  This is the world You came to transform!  Yin and Yang, the law of duality…  The Golden Dawn will come after the coldest, darkest night.  The darker the world appears, the closer We are to the new light.

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