6.2 Conspiring Love

“Satanic cults comprised of the Illuminati, freemasons and secret societies control the world and will one day enslave all of society not included in their elite social class.” – Internet conspiracy theory.

The invention of the internet has allowed rumours to circulate the globe at never before seen speeds.  It can provide a wealth of valuable information and it can serve to perpetuate countless meaningless rumours.  However, the belief in a secret society comprised of freemasons and an elite group of individuals called the Illuminati is widely supported.  The Hollywood blockbuster “Angels and Demons” introduces the Illuminati to the main stream movie goer declaring its existence factual – (incidentally, these books were also introduced to My brother when I explained to him that there is great financial influence behind Our leaders).

In ‘Angels and Demons’, the Illuminati are introduced as a sadistic cult bent on destroying the Roman Catholic Church.  Internet rumours include stories of the Illuminati’s integral role in setting up the foundation of the financial system, imply they are at the top of the world’s most profitable banks, manipulate world leaders to serve their own interests and own all mainstream media networks controlling the information that reaches the public.  In fact, this is just the beginning; the extent of their reach within the highest ranks of society is overwhelming.  In order to get the full picture You will have to investigate the rumours Yourself.  If You do decide to look into the rumours more fully, I warn that You should brace Yourself; the incredible power that these groups are rumoured to hold is almost beyond comprehension and the information to support these claims is extremely convincing.  Be warned.

It is rumoured that these groups are in possession of ancient wisdom that have allowed them to use this incredible power to bring themselves to the very highest ranking positions in society.  Some sources claim they are a satanic cult while others simply suggest they are in possession of profound wisdom that will denounce the church.

My friends are responsible for bringing Me most of the information that has come to Me since My spiritual experience.  I remember first calling My friend in Montreal, the one who had introduced Me to meditation.  We had been searching for truth together and I could hardly wait to tell Him what I had learned.  Not having any real clarity to explain the experience yet, I remember saying, “It’s an illusion bro, just an illusion!  You are It!  All of this, the money, the stuff, the apartment, it’s all an illusion.  You created it all.  I know I sound crazy, but trust Me, We will all wake up to this truth soon.  Keep asking.”

He laughed, but never at Me.  He said, “Bro, I don’t think you’re crazy.  I’ll send You a movie; I think You’ll like it.”

He sent Me a movie called Zeitgeist and asked Me to call Him again when I was done.  Then He sent Me information on the Illuminati and freemasons, apparently responsible for the creation of the world We know now.

But what do I make of all this information?  Little more than confirmation that the world We have come to accept is corrupt, whether groups like the Illuminati and freemasons exist or not.  Conspiracy theories simply perpetuate the idea that We are guided by an immoral system.  Regardless who is responsible, these theories only stand to further increase Our collective awareness and desire for a better world.  The power of the internet to circulate such rumours and keep Us asking to know truth only further suggest We soon will.

The truth is, if these groups did attain their power by knowledge of some ancient wisdom, there is only one truth and the wisdom they possess is no different from what I am sharing with You.  Thought will determine Your reality and while these conspiracy theories may tell You that the media presented to You is designed to manipulate and brainwash You; if You become fearful of conspiracy theories, the effect is the same.  You need simply know Your own unlimited creative potential; start choosing the world You dream to know.  Continue questioning everything.  The truth will set You free.

To be honest, after researching the Illuminati in depth, I will tell You quite frankly that I don’t really blame them if the rumours are true.  They understood separation from truth was only part of the Divine Principle.  The only people who can ever really be enslaved are the ones who believe they have no choice.  They are rumoured to be the greatest minds in history, Newton, Galileo, DaVinci (my personal favourite) and all of these men were independent thinkers.  The only way You will know truth is to think outside the box, so to speak.  I believe that all they are doing is trying to wake the world up to the truth with great paintings and scientific truths that they know one day will only prove exactly what I am sharing with You here, unravelling the grip the Roman Catholic Church has had on humanity for thousands of years and having their moment in the sun when it all comes crashing down.  I certainly don’t believe they are evil.  They are no more evil than You empower them to be and they are definitely not satanists.

If these groups exist and they do possess divine wisdom, know that I do too, even if You have difficulty understanding all the concepts in this Book.  Believe it or not, when I told My mother that the freemasons were not evil she told Me My grandfather was a freemason…  Perhaps I was a freemason in another lifetime and have come back to reveal their truth…  This Book is created with the same divine wisdom and intent; its power is unlimited, its Love will set You free.

“When the power of Love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” – Sri Chinmoy Ghose (from Zeitgeist)


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