Book 2: The Book of Understanding

Understanding Truth

The truth I have expressed is not something I believe, but something I know.  Knowing truth and explaining it in a way others can understand is not easy, regardless how clear the concept is to the author.  Perhaps truth cannot be proven, but it is expressed infinitely by various means.  When We understand truth We begin to discover truth cannot be denied.

Truth is all humanity collectively seeks to know, to answer and to prove the Five Key Questions presented in The Book of Truth.  It is the end product of all research and the source of all spirituality.  Science and religion are consistently at odds with each other; each claiming the other’s truth to be fraudulent.  One day We will learn that both are variants from the same source, each fuelled by a desire to know Our self, both leading to one truth – to Love.

Love does not need proof, it simply is.  The Book of Truth is designed to provide a foundation for understanding why it is so.  Those who know truth only desire to share it, for others to remember it – the divinity and perfection of Love assure it will be.  You do not need to understand truth; You need only know that You will.

The Book of Love demonstrates how examples of the Divine Principle are reflected in the world around Us by exploring Love as two parts of one whole evolving to know itself as one.  I will show you how We are individually and collectively remembering Love; that humanity is ‘In Between Evolution’[1], evolving to once again know Ourselves as one being Love.

The Book of Understanding explains how the information presented in this book is relative to each of three perceptions; You, Me and Us.  Love is on an endless quest of self discovery, reshaping Our world, redefining Our being, bringing us ever closer to a new world, a new being.  Humanity is at the dawn of a new age, a golden age – the age of enlightenment.  Let me show You why.

My Truth

The first perspective is Mine.  The information presented in this Book is nothing more than My interpretation of the world since My awakening.  This Book was not intended to provide all the answers for You, it was designed to help You find Your own.  However, this Book is also a product of each of the philosophies it contains.  This Book is a force of creation and is accelerating the shift in conscience even as You read it.  Some concepts You may not fully understand, some You may outright disagree with, still some may sound too good to be true.  Yet this Book is not based on belief, but knowledge of divine wisdom.  And this is how I came to know it…

Truth was not something I learned, it was something I felt – I experienced truth.  The feeling I experienced was Love.  Yet this Love was not like any Love I had known.  This Love was creation and I remembered Love is Me.  I am Love.

The feeling could perhaps be compared to the same feeling one gets when they sense they are being watched, only to discover You are being watched!  Every single thing in existence, every single thing I could conceive of, was staring at Me!  This euphoric experience created a sense of awe and wonder that inspired further questions…  I immediately wanted to know what all of this was, staring at Me!  The moment the question entered My mind, I became everything I could conceive, staring at Myself, hearing My thoughts.  I experienced an even greater feeling of grandeur, inspiring another question.  I am everything!?…  If I am this glorious, if I am everything, why should I not know this all the time?  Every thought was instantly answered.  I immediately understood that I had chosen My experience, created every event in My life to forget what I was so I could experience the glory of this moment.  Once again I felt a sense of awe and wonder that spawned yet another question.  If My entire human experience was to know the glory of this truth, this moment, then what now?  The feeling of divinity grew yet again, this time accompanied by laughter, echoing questions back to Me…  “Who exactly are you asking?  You created this experience, what would You like to do now?”

This question left me momentarily suspended in bliss.  I could think of nothing more glorious than this experience, for everyone to know it.   But before the thought was even complete the sense of humour returned and I knew We all would.  We will all know this when We leave but I wanted Us to know this while We are here.  I want to be here to experience humanity waking up to the divinity of Our enlightened being.  If We could all remember this truth there would be no hunger, no disease, no war and no fear!  We would know death to be the most blissful experience since birth and create wondrous monuments to celebrate the magnificence of Our being.  The world would finally know peace.  The answer came sure and swift, “Yes, this is what You came to experience.”

To attempt to explain the exhilaration, excitement and happiness I felt in that moment is not possible given the limitations of the English language.  I remember wanting to run to My balcony and shout out to the world at the top of my lungs, reassure everyone that there was no need to worry, nothing to fear, the world is changing, the end is assured…  Soon, We will all know peace!

Even in the midst of this powerful moment, I knew this was not how the world would come to know peace.  I knew it would…  but how?  This time there was no reply, only Love smiling at Me.  As I found Myself trying to imagine how it could be, the smile grew and the message was clear.  I very well could run out to My balcony and start shouting out to the world that peace was coming and it would still come – I may spend My time waiting for it in a mental institution,  but it would still come!  The end result is the only thing I need to know, the rest I will create.  Knowing how it would be done would take away from this moment and the enlightening experience that allows Me to create it, to know what I am.  I am Love, the great being of creation!

I had one final question – why Me..?  Why should I deserve to know this?  I have not been especially good and kind, I am not religious, I have not lived a spiritual life…  What made Me so special?  I immediately understood We are all special, many do know this truth, more and more in every moment – We are remembering!  We need only ask…

I lay there like a spiritual sponge, soaking up every last drop of wisdom.  As I considered the world I knew and the world I would know, the world I came to experience, I realized how grand Our illusion really is.  How easy it would be to forget this moment and accept the world as it is!  Yet if I chose to forget I am Love, would I not regret that I did not choose to know how glorious I am, that I am creating My dream of a world that knows peace simply by remembering Love?  If I do not create the dream I came here to know, surely I will only desire to come back when I leave?  “Yes, as many times as You like, as many ways as You choose”…

Once again I am limited by language in an attempt to describe an undeniable, overwhelming experience.  It has been called enlightenment, a spiritual awakening, communication with divinity, a feeling of oneness with the universe, bliss…  even ‘A Conversation With God’[2].  There are many books that share this truth, describe the experience and offer great wisdom to help Us remain grounded in Our reality while remaining true to Our spirit.  The main difference between this Book and others is that I have no interest in remaining grounded.  I know the soul purpose of the human experience is to know the human spirit and the greatest aspiration of the human spirit is to soar; My experience gave Me wings, I am choosing to fly.

Just as I am limited in My ability to describe the experience, so too am I limited in explaining exactly how clearly the wisdom of the experience was understood.  The basic foundation of this understanding is represented in The Book of Truth.  Because I suddenly knew Myself as the creator of all things, I also knew how it was done, as if I had remembered something I had always known.  I understood I had created My reality and the experience of life leading to My enlightenment.  I also knew I would create the rest of My human experience, so I decided to think big.  I decided to create a world that knows peace.  It is already done.

My world and My reality were immediately and completely transformed.  As I reflected on the condition of the world in My ‘normal’ state of conscience, I understood that it too was relative to perception, that these are illusions I created to challenge and empower My spirit.  This is the world I am transforming! This is the world that will know Our divinity!

I began asking in the profound knowledge I would receive, an essential key to happiness.  I asked that I be connected with others who share this truth, that I never be seduced by the illusion of the world around Me.  I awoke to a world glowing with new light; I am awake and dreaming.

Your Truth

I can tell You that You are Love, the source of all creation.  I can tell You that You are a creative being, that You created the entire universe before You created Yourself.  I can tell You that You created every event in Your life and that You are creating every event in Your future; any dream You believe You can have, You will know.  I can tell You that no matter what You do, You will one day discover Your divinity.  As wonderful as it all sounds, You may still choose not to believe Me.

Yet herein lays the perfection of Love and the truth I have created.  No matter what You choose to believe, You can only prove truth is Love for you are creating Your truth, Your reality.  If You choose to believe that You are not creating Your own experience, then believing you are not the creator becomes the reality of Your experience!  You will believe that all things are beyond Your control and Your reality will continue to provide You with unpredictable events to reinforce this truth.

I know I am creation, so everything in My reality reflects this truth, today was no exception.  As I sat here thinking of ways to demonstrate how a person’s reality is influenced by their belief, a friend called and invited Me to visit her church.  Although I am not a Christian, We had shared some spiritual conversations about how truth is revealed metaphorically in the bible and found common ground, so I was quite happy to go.

The church is part of a larger Christian school accommodating pre-kindergarten up to grade twelve, the final secondary school year in Canada.  The service was unlike anything I had ever seen, complete with electric guitars, drums, a keyboard, three vocalists singing some kind of Christian rock music and displaying the lyrics on large screens at the front when they were not providing live feeds of the performers.  After the service My friend attended a group meeting for a few minutes and left Me with her younger brother and two of his friends, all roughly fifteen years old.  They gave Me a tour of the facility, one of the last stops being a science classroom.  I saw a textbook on one of the shelves and the word ‘evolution’ on the front cover caught my attention.  I asked the children how teachers incorporated science in the classroom without disputing the word of the bible.  “We learn about evolution and science, but we know we shouldn’t believe it.  It is only to test our faith.”

I knew this conversation was critical to this Book and a perfect example of how what You believe becomes Your truth.  There is no amount of proof that will change what these children believe they already know.  They have fully accepted the bible as the word of God and every word, every story it contains is a factual tale of our existence, at least to them.  Adam and Eve were the first two people created by God and all other people on the planet were spawned from their children.  When I asked why We all look so different, “My science teacher told us that he believes Adam and Eve were black because it is much easier for people to change from black to white than it is to change from white to black.”

I will address this dialogue further, for now I only want to demonstrate how very different Our realities can be depending on the truth We accept.  The world I know is dramatically different from the reality of the world these boys are experiencing.

If You believe You already know what We are, where We came from, why We are here, who or what God is, then it matters not how conclusive or perfect any truth may be.  The conviction of Your beliefs has already determined Your truth and the reality of Your human experience.

However, if You consider that science, philosophy and religion are all trying to provide answers to the same Five Key Questions, We can begin to reveal all these teachings in a new light.  We can begin to see how similarities in these strings of thought vastly outnumber the differences.  We do not have to change Our beliefs, We need only change Our perspective, begin looking at things differently.  We can begin to understand how one truth can allow us to develop greater spiritual understanding and tolerance.

For You to be here reading this Book is of the utmost significance.  In order to find truth, to know it and understand it, We must first be asking for it.  I thank You sincerely for picking up this Book, for asking.  I know all things have come into Your life with intention.  To get the most from this read, I would like to ask You to suspend disbelief.  Entertain the idea that You are the creator, that it is at least possible.  This will allow You to experience the full potential of the Book without feeling threatened by My ideas.  I can show You new beauty in the world around Us, that there is a divine purpose for Our being, that the future We will know is glorious.  When You are finished reading, You can believe the entire Book is a work of fiction, that the world and truth I created is only a fantasy.  But if the fantasy seems greater than the reality You know, I hope you will believe it could be true, believe that I might be right.  I hope that you will keep this dream firm in Your mind and together We will create it.

Collective Truth

In a place of asking where all is received, I asked that I should live in a world that knows peace and knew it was already done.  Yet how it was done would remain unknown, left to My creation.  As I began to consider how it could be done, the answer seemed obvious.  If everyone knew their creative potential, if everyone understood what We are…  Peace would be achieved almost instantly.

My thoughts are creative and will determine the future of My reality; the same is true of You and everyone else.  Whether We know it or not, We created the world We know now and Our collective conscience will determine the world We can know.  In order to know truth, We must want to know it.  As long as We accept the world as it is, it remains the same.  When We ask to know a better existence for humanity, We will have it.

You asked for truth when you picked up this Book.  Anyone who chose to be part of a religious organization joined because they were asking for truth or because they believe they have already found it.  Philosophy, psychology and theology provide us with countless answers in the way of ideas about truth and science is determined to find undeniable physical evidence of truth.  Collectively, We are asking!  We are not only asking for truth, We have been asking for thousands of years!  We shall have everything We believe We can have.  The only reason We haven’t found truth is because We were not yet ready to know it.

Fortunately, truth cannot be denied and We are ready now.  Lies will eventually be exposed but truth will remain.  Truth has been revealed to Us over and over again, in every single thing We do.  Collectively We understand Our incredible power to overcome, to achieve Our every desire.  We wanted to fly, and invented the airplane.  We wanted to find the smallest thing, discovered the atom and made it smaller.  We wanted to go to the moon and soon You will be able to book a vacation to the new space complex, some already have reservations.  History and science cannot deny that collectively there is nothing We have sought to do that We cannot achieve.  It is never a question of what We can do, only ‘what will We do next and how long will it take?’

Collective self is the macrocosm of self, a reflection of what We are individually.  In the microcosm of Our individual experience, the same laws apply.  We are only separated from every dream We believe We can have by time.  Yet the combination of the appearance of Our apparent reality and the separation of Our dreams by time is very powerful in the personal experience.  Often the dream itself is limited, becoming the product of Our individual experience and the appearance of a very limited reality.

So when will We choose peace and how long will it take?  Just as the macrocosm is a reflection or Our individual experience, Our individual experience is the light reflected by Our collective self.  We will choose peace when You choose to accept Love.

This Book is created with divine wisdom and intent to allow You to know Your own divinity, to know truth.  I will create the possibility of a world that can know peace; it is for You to accept.  Even as I undertook the writing of this Book, more and more information came to Me daily, giving Me personal confirmation of truth, helping Me share it with You. As You continue to read My Book, You will begin to notice Your own life changing.  As I write about philosophies and ideas they will be reflected by other sources in Your own reality.  The more You notice these ‘coincidences’ the less coincidental they will seem, the closer You will be to understanding truth and connecting with Your divine being.  Remembering truth is to know Your divinity, the ‘superhuman’ You.

The superhuman You knows ultimate happiness and bliss in any moment, even when You have nothing, overcomes any sickness and remains healthy, recognizes every problem as a means to knowing new perfection, understands all things between You and Your dreams are spiritual challenges You created to experience ultimate glory.  You will begin to delight in Your new superhuman power of creation until You believe You can do anything…  and You will.

The more You understand truth, the more You will want to believe it.  This Book will continue to reveal that We will.  I will show You why it was necessary to create the world We know now, that it too is part of a Divine Principle that will allow Us to know humanity’s most glorious existence.  My own awakening is part of this process, an answer to the calling of collective conscience.  When one becomes enlightened, they shed a little light on the world around them, waking others as they walk their path.  This in turn wakes others who share their light until eventually the world becomes so bright, no one is left in the dark.  I will show You how Love is unfolding, that there are many enlightened beings walking among Us, sharing truth.  The world has slept long enough; We are finally ready to wake up.

[1] Tragically Hip

[2] Neale Donald Walsh

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