Just over a year ago I had an experience that changed My life.  My entire perception of the world around Me was altered and My perception became a creative force.  The more I noticed this creative force, the more I created.  I wanted to write about it, to share this truth with the world and began writing My first book roughly six months ago.

I wanted to let the world know that the most glorious existence humanity will know is just around the corner.  Our desires are a creative force with unlimited potential.  Yet as I started to write the book there seemed an even greater need to explain what is going on now.  Events are occurring so fast that I can’t possibly hope to talk about all current events in My book.  This blog is designed to offer alternative perspectives on the information We are presented with in the media, particularly as it relates to global events.

My first book, ‘A Prophecy for Peace’ is now in the final revision process and I will soon be looking for agents to get the book published.  There are two main sections to this blog.  ‘Global Awareness’ offers an alternative perspective of international events as they relate to My upcoming book, ‘A Prophecy for Peace’.  Broken into many subcategories, this section will reveal how My philosophies for an evolving conscience are revealed in real time as events bring Us closer to the evolution in conscience that will finally free humanity.

The ‘vonDehnVision’ section of My blog will talk about My day to day life, how the truth expressed in My book is undeniably reflected in My own reality, how the exact events necessary for full realization of My dream are drawn into My physical world almost immediately.  In many ways, this blog will serve as a spiritual guide to compliment the truth I share in My book.  Life can be full of seemingly constant struggle and opposition.  However, when one begins to look at the world through spiritual eyes We begin to understand that We create every event in Our life to encourage the full development of spirit.  This section of My blog will reveal how I interpret events in My own life, how I use them to continue My spiritual growth and bring truth to the world.

Things are not what they seem, this is truly the greatest time to be alive, it is all a matter of perspective!



  1. just found your blog. I think we may have had strikingly similar experiences… I want to know what the experience was that changed your life and gave you this perspective, i want to tell you mine, and i want to compare. Get in touch with me?

    1. I just happened to be reviewing some older entries and saw this comment. I apologize for not replying sooner, I usually reply right away, not sure how I missed it. But please feel free to contact Me anytime, I would love to hear about Your experience. Nemaste.

  2. I love your blog. i live and dwell as a manifestation of God in the Kingdom of Heaven.

    1. Thank You kindly, King Lillian! I dream of the day when each of Us know We are the Living express-Ion of God in the Kingdom of Heaven. Blessings, and thank King You for the kind Words.

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