My Reply to Notice of Intent to Defend, City of Ottawa

By Way of Email, Tuesday November 19th, 2019, 8:33 Avant Midi
(Original Email was black and white)

Good Morning, Genevieve,

Thank You for Your response, I Wish to let You know that I am Happy to Honour Your request for a brief extension to prepare the file.  

I am also Writing as King that You please refrain from expressing My name in all capital letters.  It is not the proper Style or Spelling of My name which is My Divine Calling under God and something I Wish to Keep Sacred.  I Will make every effort to Honour Your Divine Calling the same Way.

It is My preference that We Keep all communication in proper ‘Standard English’ and refrain from the use of Legalese, the language of the Law Society of which I am not a member.  Part of the reason for filing My Statement of Claim as I did was to demonstrate that the use of all capital Letters is not necessary; Writing in proper standard English does not violate the Rules of Civil Procedure.

The proper Style of type for all communication should be capitus diminutia minimus.  Bold type, italics and/or enlarging the font, are sufficient alternatives to draw My attention to important details if necessary.  Thank You kindly in advance for Your understanding regarding this Matter.

Have a wonderful morning,