Volume XC: The Magical Monday Motive-A-Sean Edition; Reply from the city of Ottawa to My Statement of Claim

Hello every One, welcome to the Good News Journal’s Magical Monday Motive-A-Sean Edition, and thank King You for being here.  As the Title of today’s Post would suggest, I received the first reply to My Statement of Claim from the city of Ottawa.  No big surprise there, as I anticipated to hear from the city before the Salvation Army, though as excited and curious as I was to discover how they plan to defend, it was not a defence to My Claim, but a ‘Notice of Intent to Defend’, giving the city of Ottawa an additional ten days to prepare.


I was wondering if Geneviève Langlais would be Acting as the city’s legal counsel for this Matter.  Geneviève was the city’s legal counsel Trusted with handling My application to the Divisional Court earlier this year, and although it was My opinion that it would only be logical for Geneviève to handle this Matter, too, One can never be sure.  One of the other considerations I had was that the city might Wish to have Me deal with a new legal representative, a fresh perspective and an unfamiliar personality.  Frankly, knowing Geneviève Will be handling this Matter on behalf of the city is also encouraging as I did enjoy war King with her, and Geneviève is well aware of My outstanding Issues with the Salvation Army.

“That is between You and the Salvation Army” – Geneviève Langlais, regarding the outstanding Issues, many of which are covered in My Letter to Shelley Van Buskirk, which You can find here.

I also Wish for My audience to pay close attention to the ‘Style’ of type used by the city of Ottawa.  Please, pay attention to how many times ALL CAPS are used.  That is NOT standard English, You Will not find any Word in the English dictionary printed in all capital letters, Geneviève is communicating in Legalese, a language created exclusively for the Law Society of Canada.  I am not a member of the Law Society (nor do I Wish to be), and the defendant has an obligation to communicate with Me in My own language.  I may not be compelled to communicate in a foreign language, doing so is deceptive and dis-Honourable.  I know that was not Geneviève’s intent, though I Will need to make that clear when I respond to the statement of defence.  No Words Shall be expressed in all capital Letters, known in Law as Capitus Diminutia Maximus, and in English as ‘dog Latin’.  Seriously, I gave notice to the Attorney General of Canada that My name may NOT be expressed in all capital Letters under any circumstance.  So the response to My application is actually an additional trespass upon My rights and an offence to My Character, attempting to legally diminish My status in Law to that of a bonded servant with no right to family or property. (Black’s Law, 2nd Edition, ‘Capitus Diminutia Maximus’.)

“Hallowed be My name.”

Once one knows their adversary is attempting to reduce One’s Capacity and Standing in Law by the capitalization of One’s name, the seditious attempt to deceive becomes a very serious trespass upon a Man’s rights…  ‘A bonded slave!?’  No, the Law Society Will NOT address Me that Way in the future, or I Will be as King for an additional $37,000.00 per offence.

I Will be requesting that all communication be in proper Standard English, and any use of capitalized Words in documents Will be omitted as incomprehensible.  I Will send an email to Geneviève to Give Notice of My Wish to communicate exclusively in English, and advise that English definitions Will be used to define all Words used in any correspondence.  They cannot legally or lawfully deny My requisition, the Common Law always uses Common language, not a bastardized version of English Created by a society I am not a party to.


The other reason I am featuring photos of the reply is to show how the same forms look when typed by a lawyer in compliance with the Rules of Civil Procedure.  All the Words that were Writ in red in My document, are shown above spelled in ALL CAPS.  Also, I watched the first episode of a Netflix docuseries on the Royal family yesterday, and for the first time ever I saw evidence of what I was tall King about in My ‘Fore Word’ to My Statement of Claim; all Her Majesty’s Letters were Writ or typed in purple ink!  I knew it was true, but I’d never seen it used by anyone credible.  The only exception is the Salvation Army should be in black (corporation) and ‘the city of Ottawa’ should be in blue, representing the Common Law (Commercial) jurisdiction.

The proper Words to use to request that One be communicated with exclusively in proper English, is to request that the ‘Style of type for all documents regarding this Matter, Shall be expressed exclusively in capitus diminutia minimus’.  One can be as King for ‘proper standard’ English, too, as what I Writ above is the legal language (legalese) for expressing the same Idea, and the Common Man is not required (or expected) to know legalese (which is why it is so deceptive).


I Wish to point out that this Notice was also sent to the Salvation Army.  I’m not sure if that’s part of the Rules of Civil Procedure and because it does not really concern Me, I’m not going to research to find out.  However, something I am curious about is what Will happen if the Salvation Army fails to respond.  I would presume I can still go to the Court as King of the Registrar to note them in default if they fail to respond before Sunday.  I’m pointing this out because it’s actually a pretty slick defence strategy.  If the Salvation Army fails to respond and are noted in default, I Will have no problem as King of the Court to make them pay My Claim, as the city of Ottawa Will be Standing in Honour.  I am thing King it is entirely possible that the city Will only dispute liability, and potentially the amount I am as King to them for in compensation.  Perhaps the city is waiting to see how the Salvation Army responds before preparing their defence.  Six more days before I Will find out.

Geneviève is as King for a ‘brief extension of time’.  A ‘brief’ extension of time is rather vague, so I Will also contact Geneviève to let her know that I am Happy to Honour her request for an extension but Wish to clarify that she is not as King of Me for more than the additional ten days offered by the Rules of Civil Procedure.  It is Good to clarify any language that is unclear or vague.

So for Me, it was a Magical Monday because if nothing else, it is taking the city and the Salvation Army considerably more time to prepare a defence than I had anticipated, which suggests I’ve got them thing King… 😉

Love and Blessings,






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