My Story

On Christmas Day, 2016, I crafted My Cestui Que Vie, My gift to Me.  I knew I was creating something very special and I took My time with it.  I practised calligraphy for a couple of hours, then began Scribing into parchment I had purchased for the occassion.  This document Honours My Father and Mother by reclaiming Our House, the House of von Dehn, Kingdom of God.

And so begins My family’s Story, My Story.  In truth, I became a King on Christmas day of last year, legally.  Only God can make a man King, not the government or any other illusion of authority, and each of Us are born Kings.  Few of Us have claimed Our Kingdom.

I did nothing with the document for roughly another week.  I showed it to My mother when She asked Me how My Christmas was.  I Will never forget Her reaction.  She gasped, “Wow, Sean…  What is this, is it Art?”

“That’s My graduation thesis for the last seven years of Law study, My Law Degree.”

Of course, My Mother didn’t understand.  It doesn’t matter, I explained to Her that few people would.  What does matter, is that I communicate My new title and Law Degree to those Ministries that do presume to hold authority over man.  So, I also wrote three letters on Christmas Day that would accompany My Cestui Que Vie Trust, clearly defining what that document means in plain English.

The first letter was Writ to Canada’s Vital Statistics, though a private corporation called Express Legal handles Canada’s birth, marriage and death records/certificates.  The live birth record is responsible for all subsequent contracts a person might enter into and the corporate title created from that record is owned by the Crown Corporation of Canada, a franchise of the Crown Corporation of London.

Declaring the letter a matter for the public record, I Writ the following to Express Legal:

‘To Whom these presents may come, greetings,

I am Writing You today with respect to a record of live birth registered with Canada’s Vital Statistics for SEAN STEPHEN VON DEHN.

I have provided a copy of My Cestui Que Vie, or Certificate of Life.  It is proof of My life and the title deed and claim of right to My real e-State.  It is presumed that the record of live birth registered with Canada’s Vital Statistics by My parents is also a claim of right to My Kingdom (real e-State) and this letter is to now and forever dispel that presumption.

My Kingdom is My Mind, Body and Soul.  It seems to Me that any property claim on any part of My Kingdom is a contract of slavery unless I have chosen to volunteer or donate the energy of My life to a foreign nation by way of informed consent.  I hereby revoke any and all consent to any contracts binding Me or any part of My Kingdom to any foreign corporation and any and all such existing contracts are null and void prima-facie for lack of full disclosure.

A few details of Your record of My live birth record are fraudulent.  My Kingdom could never legally be registered with the state as it can never be taken away, nor would anyone but Me have the right or authority to determine how My property should be governed.  To incite a man to surrender His Kingdom and the energy of his life to a foreign corporation or nation, suggesting the man Will have no right to employment, health or dental care, and/or any other ‘benefit’ of society is a very clever and constructive fraud.  To this day My parents can’t believe they have given away any part of My Kingdom and insist they would never have done so if they had known.  You do not have My informed consent and I do not acknowledge being born into a fictional time construct created by the Roman Catholic Church.

I am a true man of God, full age of majority and the rightful heir to God’s Kingdom, (My Mind, Body and Soul), living in My nation, in My house and in My land.

I am the land of My Mother, My body, Sean.  I am the ideas of My Father, the House, von Dehn.  I am the spirit of God, the Will or Hand of Stephen.  I am Sean Stephen von Dehn, a man living here and now.

I am kindly asking You to return the source document or genuine article live birth record for Sean Stephen von Dehn or provide proof that the e-State has been claimed by its rightful heir, Sean Stephen von Dehn.  In exchange, I surrender all corporate titles and the certified person back to You (I currently hold no Crown issued paper ‘identification’).  My Cestui Que Vie renders Your record of live birth null and void as I am now the title bearer of My own real e-State or Kingdom.  Please advise all relevant offices that the trust for SEAN STEPHEN VON DEHN held by the Crown no longer represents any real property and therefor has no commercial value.  As the live birth record is considered the ‘source’ document from which all other corporate fictions and titles are created, the corporate titled character SEAN STEPHEN VON DEHN has no value and no life without My energy, rendering all commercial contracts null and void.  Let the tower of cards collapse, please.

As I believe this to be an act of willful and constructive fraud, I am also seeking compensation for My years of service to this country in ignorance and would like every tax dollar I’ve had stolen from Me returned with interest.

Every nation reserves the right to create its own debt-free currency necessary for the full development of its inhabitants and I am sure I can count on Your cooperation and support in developing a coin for My realm, documents for travel and establishing My Kingdom in the international community.  I look forward to Your reply, have a blessed day,

King Sean, Hand of Stephen, House of von Dehn, Kingdom of God.  (Thumbprint)’


MAG = Ministry of Attorney General Correspondence Unit

RECEIVED = ACCEPTED (acknowledged/Honoured)


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