Sensational Saturday

What a day!  I have recently joined a Writing group which seemed a natural enough move for Me.  I mentioned in a previous post that a community paper called ‘the Wrench’ hosts a Writing group every Saturday and I posted My first project here.

Yesterday I started a new painting and was tall King with others about today’s Writing group.  Another member offered to print the entry from My Blog to read to the group and I was excited to hear their thoughts on My Work.

Once again, the morning was hot, the Sun a Scorcher – and oh, how I love the Sun!  I was able to enjoy a couple of hours with a friend for whom I had edited a resume the previous day.  He had wanted to apply for a job and now I had the pleasure of hearing that he had not only managed an interview but would be starting his new job sometime next week.  Although I am quite happy working wherever I am, he is determined to find an apartment where I can have a ‘permanent’ office to accomplish My political objectives.  This is a perfect opportunity for Me to put My Cestui Que Vie Trust (in God) to use and put any social workers to work, officially (Offic(e)-I-Ally).  Time for the public servants of Canada to remember they are working for Us, not the other Way around.

I may be a man of the world, but right now I am in Canada, a country that presumes to Honour human rights and freedoms; I am determined to find out if that is true, and if not, make it so; that is, after all, the First Duty and Responsibility of every Canadian.  It is also Declared the common achievement of all people’s of all nations by the United Nation’s Charter.

Soon, I Will be posting the Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms in it’s entirety and making amendments to it.  In the meantime (mean, middle, between past and future, this now-time), I Will continue to Write My adventures here.

Yesterday was busier than I had anticipated and I have not yet managed to follow up on the two M.P.’s who have not yet returned My call.  Once again, there are no coincidences in the Universe and one of the reasons I ran out of time was because I had helped a friend edit his resume and participated in a Writing group for the remainder of the morning.  I have no excuse for the afternoon, save that it was a glorious day and the office I use to make calls happened to be closed when I stopped by at 2:30 Post Midi.  This is not a coincidence, so I continue to My favourite social spot, the University of Ottawa Campus and enjoy the remainder of the day.

This morning, I felt like something Magical was happening, the reality of introducing My Work to a public group was exhilarating, I was very excited.  And thankfully, the response was very favourable.  The group also seems to enjoy My art, I am working on a portrait of Natalie Portman now.  The sketch isn’t much of a likeness but it never is.  This time I Will make sure to take a picture of the finished Work before I let it go.


All the things I’ve accomplished in the legal world seem like Nothing compared to what I am doing here.  More and more, I believe it is My Words that Will change the world, the Ideas I share with You here.  I declared in a Post recently that I am the News; I’m new+S, and ‘S’ is for Sean.  If enough hear of what I am doing, there Will be no need for Me to ever enter a court, the world Will be Willing to give Me a chance.  All I need is to be heard by all Your world leaders, then six days to accomplish peace from that day.

I said that My mission would be accomplished by June 5th of this year, and so it is.  Once again, Time is the Illusion and I now believe that the ‘mysterious fog’ Will be lifted Five months from that day.  The number of perfection would take us to November 5 of this year, “Remember, remember the Fifth of November”.

It seems a little silly to Me now that I had never considered this before, especially after telling all of You that “V for Vendetta” is My favourite movie of all time.  I had always wondered how November 5th fit into the equation.  It would also make the day for world peace and the gateway to Heaven November 11.  Eleven is always a Door.  We Will remember the Love of God on that Day.  And so it is.

No one can Imagine how much all of these new opportunities mean to Me.  I believe I Will actually be known for My art Work and what I Write here more than anything else in the world and that has always been My greatest dream.  I believe that all things can be accomplished by the Goodness of a man’s words.  And now I believe I Will have the opportunity to see how that dream unfolds as I narrate My adventures and Write My own conclusion.  Isn’t that not what this Blog ultimately is, My life thesis, My conclusion of man’s purpose?

The Bible is merging with My Truth, His Story (history) is Ending, My Birthday was the beginning of My final chapter for the Prophecy for Peace.  And You all get to experience it with Me.  Nothing in the Universe could give Me greater Joy and I want all of My readers to know how truly grateful I am that You are with Me on this journey.

Love and Blessings,




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