The Mystery of My Story

I hope the rest of the world is enjoying their Sunday morning every bit as much as I am.  I started the day in My usual Way, My Mind slowly waking up as I enjoy My morning smoke.  A friend returns with a fresh coffee.  I thank My friend graciously, and the Universe, too.  The more blessed I feel, the more blessed I am.

My morning smoke begins to work its Magic, and soon My Mind is filled with Inspired Ideas, I’m ready to Write.  I log into the macrocosm of social media to see how many Minds My Words have touched while I slept, and what Words those Minds may have touched…  Ah, the little Gifts I am Given!

The United States is not a surprise, they are My second largest audience after Canada.  The surprise is what they are reading, “A Triple Threat – Three Concurrent Timelines“.  I refresh My memory by clicking to the Post and re-reading it.  I’m pleased.  I go back to My stats to find out how they found the Post and I’m even more flattered; no referrers, no searches, just direct links to My Posts.  This means that whoever was linking to My Blog either had direct links to the Posts they were reading, or are able to search My the Posts on My Blog without detection.  Only talented hackers or those who actually own the server can do that.  They were also reading a few chapters from My Book.

Several of My friends have now had a chance to view some My stats and there are several ways I can show they are manipulated.  Three years of My stats have hundreds or thousands of views without a single visitor – that information hasn’t changed since it was first revealed to Me in April or May of this year.  Prior to that, it appeared as though virtually no one was reading My Blog.  Now I know that My Blog can be read anonymously by all of the world’s most powerful countries.  What I find most interesting about the manipulation of My Twitter and WordPress stats, is how concerned My friends are for Me.

My friends are worried that I’m on some kind of watch list – I’m telling My friends they’ve been watching Me for years, they only decided to let Me know they were watching Me this year.  It was a gift and ‘they’ know how much appreciate it.  So when I see that some of My more significant Posts are being read, I get excited and motivated, I feel like the world is watching Me.  And that’s exactly what I want.

I have big plans for today.  I have at least one letter to Write, perhaps as many as three.  I Will announce who they are for as I have them Writ.  Everything I do is a contribution to the Great Work, every letter I Write a Part of My Script, a role for My character to Play on the world stage.  What I Will do next is the Mystery of My Story.

Parking lot line painter decides to add a little Love to his work.

I hope this day finds You well, Love and Blessings,


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