Letter to Canada’s Attorney General, the Right Honourable, Jody Wilson-Raybould

This Will be round two for the Ministry of the Attorney General, round one [sort of] for the Right Honourable Jody Wilson Raybould.  The last time I Writ their office My letter was forwarded to their legal director, Sean Kearney.  His reply can be found here).

I say ‘sort of’ because I did file paperwork into the Superior Court, one letter specifically addressed to Jody Wilson-Raybould.  When I as King to one of the clerks who was receiving My documents, I found out everything submitted for Crown Attorney goes through Sean Kearney, the legal director.  The Superior Court was sending all of My documents to the exact same office My first letter was sent.  In his first letter, Sean Kearney had stated ‘no further correspondence would be forthcoming from this office on these matters’.  ‘These matters’, is a pretty vague statement but I’m guessing he meant any paperwork I file into the Superior Court!  In many ways, it’s actually a good thing for Me because I know he’s not going to challenge any documents I place into the court, either.  Consider all the letters I have Writ and filed into the Superior Court – Sean Kearney Will have read them all, including the document that declares I can discharge Canadian debt/promissory notes (dollars) with My thumbprint (view here).

A lot of people don’t understand how huge that is.  That’s why I have compassion for the Guelph Police because I don’t really blame them for believing it was a forgery.  They actually stole the document from Me and when I as King (demanded, kindly) that they return the document upon My release, they said they had no idea what document I was tall King about.  Sure they don’t.  My guess is that they found out it was not a forgery and decided it might be a good idea to let Me go and pretend like they didn’t get the memo, make the evidence disappear.  That’s another reason I Keep a record of all My most important documents here, back-ups on My hard drive, a usb drive and even online data storage banks – best to cover all My bases.

I can honestly say I have never in My Life been more organized than I am now.  I was never really much Good at taking care of important documents, though I suppose I did carry My disclosure [from the event that started this whole thing] around with Me for a good five years before finally using it as kindling for a fire when I was cycling across the country.  But I thought it was a little strange that I hadn’t been more careful in the first place, having anticipated the police might try to say they ‘lost’ or ‘misplaced’ the document.  I had to check My documents and discovered I do have a back-up, also showing ‘received for Crown Attorney’ – only difference is that it’s in black and white, not colour.  One of those, “Way to go, Me!’ moments.

Canada’s Attorney General, the Right Honourable, Jody Wilson-Raybould
Canada’s Attorney General, the Right Honourable, Jody Wilson-Raybould

I anticipate that when I finally Cast all these Spells into the Universe (mail the letters), Magic Will happen.  It is already happening, can You feel it!?

Love and Blessings, hope You are all having a fabulous new Year and an exceedingly Lucky Wednesday!!!







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