It’s an Immaculate Concept, Sean! (Part II)

I do re-read every Post I Write before I publish it online, then I actually view the webpage and read it again; sometimes typos that escape Me in My first review before publishing are more apparent when I’m viewing the actual Page.  Sometimes I correct them, sometimes I don’t.  Why?  Because nobody’s perfect and I’m more concerned about the message I’m sharing than I am with how perfect My Spelling or grammar is, not to mention I don’t exactly conform to typical English and grammar rules anyway, I have developed My own Style.  It is also very difficult to edit One’s own Writing because I know how the sentence is supposed to read; the eye can be blind to what the Mind already knows.  Perhaps someday I Will have an editor…

One thing that was apparent when I re-read My last Post was that it was incomplete and not the kind of incomplete that needed a quick edit, but the kind of incomplete that warrants a second Post, a Part II.  You Will notice how II looks a lot like 11 and I teach that eleven is really 1 and 1 (2) and two (II) is always a Door in man’s psyche.  One of the reasons I was immediately drawn to Malcolm Gladwell’s rules of success is because he speaks of Serendipitous learning.  Serendipitous is essentially (essence-I-ally) a beneficial or fortunate ‘coincidence’; and We all know how I feel about coincidences – there are none.  No coincidences is to the Universe, as Serendipity is to God.

I am including the video again so it is easier to reference.  The first rule in Malcolm’s formula for success is Courage, “Have the Courage to Pursue Your Idea”.  He speaks of Serendipitous learning later in the talk and Courage just ‘happened’ to be the theme of this morning’s ‘Life Skills’ group discussion.  Coincidence or serendipity?  Serendipitous learning involves understanding that there are NO COINCIDENCES and this was a Sign for Me that I should speak more about the rules of success and how I apply them in My daily life.

It all starts with a great Idea but one needs the Courage to see it through.  Gladwell’s second point is to try a new approach.  Being unable or unwilling to compromise One’s values for the current market forces One to think ‘outside the box’ and come up with something completely different.  I knew that if I wanted to save the world and put an end to poverty, I was going to need to make a ridiculous amount of money, more than what was realistically achievable in the ‘traditional’ market, despite My natural ability as a sales agent, but I never let that deter My nation.  Instead, I burned a five dollar bill; My Way of telling the Universe what would need to be destroyed in Order for My Quest to be fulfilled.  I lost interest in money and eventually My studies in law taught Me that the ‘human person’ has unlimited commercial value…  Let Me repeat that – unlimited commercial value.  Hmmm…  Seems like I found My solution (Soul, You, Sean). 😉

“When You throw Your Heart and Mind and Soul into something, You get something back!” – Malcolm Gladwell.

Malcolm’s third rule is to ‘Believe in Meaningful Work’.  A lot of people might say they don’t want to work or don’t like work.  But if One was to as King of their Self if they would like to pursue their Passion, I think most people would say ‘yes’.  I believe the only reason We are here it to pursue that which We are most passionate about but the perceived need for that passion to be profitable gets in the way.  If it were My list, this rule would be number One.  I think it’s pretty clear that I am deeply passionate about what I am doing and if determined enough, One Will almost always find a Way…  And if not, One Will make a Way by forging a new Path.

Malcolm’s fourth rule for success is to ‘Constantly Revise Your Conclusions’.  This is another reason I felt these rules were relevant to what I am Writing here on My Blog.  I may not necessarily be constantly revising My conclusions, but I am constantly revising My strategy to achieve the result that I want.  I have said before that My goals have never been a question of ‘if’, only ‘how’ – and it’s the how that is constantly changing.

Right now, there are almost countless ways for Me to proceed to achieve My goal.  I have great Ideas for Blog Posts, I could take those who have not answered My letters into the Superior Court, I can report dishonourable politicians to the Queen and advise Her that Her Honour is in jeopardy, I can invest in My Blog and website by using an SEO and other marketing tools to increase social media influence, I take all of My documents and letters to the media, or I can just start paying for things with the value of My Life (thumbprint) which Will either accomplish My objective outright, or get Me into a court of law on My own terms (which is generally more favourable for Me) and Will accomplish the same.  You might guess which strategy or strategies I am ultimately considering, though I have not yet made up My Mind, which is, in part, responsible for My procrastination and one of the reasons I am sharing these ten rules of success.  This step in particular is highly relevant to where I am now in My own personal Quest as I revise My final Plans.

The next point is to ‘Distinguish Yourself from Others’.

“You have to very consciously differentiate Your Self from where Your professional peer group is going.” – Gladwell

I think it’s pretty obvious that I incorporate this strategy in My Work.  I don’t Spell the same Way other writers do, I use Word Play consistently, capitalize letters in an unusual Fashion and even the Foundation of everything I am doing is the virtual opposite of what everyone else is doing.  I have no desire to compete with anyone, I want each of Us to recognize the unlimited value of their Life and Dream, and I have no interest in monetary wealth whatsoever as I have never felt it was a measure of a man’s success.  I use the Word Style to reflect this Idea and (no coincidences) the Style of a man’s name determines his capacity in law.

The next rule is ‘Practice’.

“I’m not interested in natural gifts.” – Gladwell

A friend of mine believes I am genetically ‘gifted’ because My body adapts quickly to training and I learn things faster than most of My peers…  Or I seem to in the eyes of those who don’t truly know how hard I actually work.

I was very determined to win a local road cycling circuit.  A girlfriend of mine had suggested that thirty-two was too old to begin racing bicycles.  She knew the moment she told Me I couldn’t do something that I would be determined to prove her wrong.  As much as it infuriated Me at times, I know [now] that she did it to motivate Me.  I cycled a lot and felt I was pretty fast, so I went out to a local club race.  I didn’t know a thing about racing and, as much as I believed I was fit, I was not competition level fit and I was absolutely humiliated in My first race – lapped twice by the main group.  I remember wishing I could just disappear.  Instead, I started chatting with one of the guys who managed to place in the top three and as King of him how much he trained.  Soon I was friends with a couple of guys who had some great cycling routes and was out riding with them several times a week.  When I wasn’t riding with them, I was riding on My own, continually and gradually increasing the kilometers every week.  The following year, I was riding out to the final race of the year, in second place overall for points in My category and as We were riding to My race, My girlfriend said to Me, “So, do You think You can win?”

I was furious!!!  “I did NOT come here to lose!!!”

We didn’t speak for the rest of the ride there, she knew how angry I was and again, I’m sure she did it to motivate Me.  I was one of the last guys to pull up to the start line before the race and there were plenty of spectators.  I won every point available that night and was the champion of My category that season.

I didn’t win because I am genetically gifted, I won because I was resolute, determined and I worked much harder than the guys I was training with, one of whom was naturally gifted.  This philosophy is as relevant in My life today as it’s ever been.  I was once immersed in the study of law, now I am immersed in the study of social media marketing for My Twitter and WordPress accounts.  And when I do reach My goal, it won’t be because I had a natural gift for marketing, law or even Writing, it Will be because I have been War King relentlessly at achieving My goal.

‘Explore’, is rule number seven.

Malcolm is a reporter and journalist so he is tall King about exploring NYU library journals, but I think this concept is very important, too – whatever Your goals may be.

When I decided to embark on a cycling trip across the country in the spring of 2015, part of the reason for doing it was because it had always been something I wanted to do.  The other reason for doing it was because I felt like I didn’t really know where I was going in My studies.  I had been seriously studying law for about five years and wasn’t really sure where I needed to gain more knowledge, I only knew I wasn’t there yet.  I could probably have handled My Self in a courtroom well enough at that point, but I hadn’t put the last few pieces of the puzzle together.  One would not expect that cycling across the country would help a man develop a greater understanding of law, but it did.  The knowledge was there, I did have all the pieces, I just hadn’t put them together.  The trip helped by allowing My Mind to wander and eventually, the last few pieces fell into place.  I didn’t know how long it would take Me to put the epiphany into action but I wrote this Post the following morning to Mark the ‘okay, Sean!’ (occasion/epiphany).

The ninth rule is to ‘Understand the Rules of Business’, and this applies even if You are not for profit (like Me).

“Those are the rules of the modern economy and the Ones who grasp those rules are the Ones who thrive and succeed and are capable of transforming the industries they are a part of” – Gladwell

Even if the modern economy is the greatest force standing in the way of My goal, it would be impossible for Me to transform the economy without grasping the rules of commerce.  This One seems pretty obvious but it’s still worth mentioning.

‘Outwork Others’, is rule number ten, though I am making it rule number nine because I feel [Malcolm’s] ninth rule is the most relevant in My personal Quest now and best saved for last.

Outworking others is probably the rule most people who know Me would contest, suggesting I’m not working at all because they don’t see Me working tirelessly at a mundane job that has nothing to do with My true potential.  They also don’t see how much time I spend studying, making notes and working toward that which I am most passionate about with unwavering dedication.  Once again, I am finishing this entry late at night because it is important to Me and the quietest time for Me to work is after everyone else has gone to bed.  It’s 3:44 a.m. and I Will be exhausted tomorrow morning but I know there Will be plenty of time to rest when My work is done.

Finally, Malcolm’s ninth rule which I am listing last, is ‘Patience’.

The same friend who Gifted Me with the passages that inspired the Seven Keys to Kingdom also Gifted Me with a bookmark inscribed with the Word, ‘Patience’.  I said to My friend that Patience is perhaps one of the most important virtues for Me to be Mindful of in My Quest and that His Gift was greatly appreciated.  It continues to be a virtue I am consistently practicing.  Malcolm also equates the ten thousand hour rule to mastery of any task to ten years at any craft.  June 5th of this year Will be exactly ten years that I gave up My job and the typical approach to the modern market and set out on My quest to revolutionize the world’s economy.  Anything is possible but revolutionary concepts are not likely to take root overnight.

I also saved patience to the last because I appreciate Your patience, also.  I Will have been War King at My Quest for ten years this June and am very focused on making My Dream a reality for My next name day.  Hang in there!

Finally, I am going to add an eleventh rule to Malcolm’s rules of success.  One thing I believe is extremely important in achieving success at anything is visualization (visualize ‘a’ Sean).  I was roughly three quarters of the way through Writing this Post when I realized that it is somewhat ironic for a man to Write about the rules of success with any conviction without having achieved it yet…  But in My Mind, I already have.  What once was a ‘how Will I achieve My goal’, to ‘which strategy Will I implement first to achieve My goal.’  ‘If’ never enters the equation.

I also re-Posted a Blog Entry I Writ several years ago which is My most read Blog Post which might help with the visualization of Your Dream – whatever that may be.

Becoming a Student of the Universe

Love and Blessings,














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