Ideas are Bulletproof – The Power of Social Media

The first thing I want to say is thank You.  This is My third Post about how I plan to use social media to promote My Ideas.  I mentioned in My last Post that I have already reached a level of personal success with My Blog that is very gratifying, despite how modest My statistics are compared to blogs or websites receiving thousands of views a day.  Often when I Post something new, I Will get at least one view almost right away, like I have an audience in waiting – that’s still flattering for Me.  I was tall King about that in My last Post and only a few minutes after publishing the Post, I received a notification that the new Post had already received two likes!  I hadn’t even finished packing up My computer yet!  So this first paragraph is to give a special thank You to those first two visitors of My new Blog Post this morning and for taking the time to ‘like’ My last Post – means the world to Me.

It is also worth mentioning because I said that it is My Mystical perception of the Universe that allowed Me to make sense of the data in My analytics, and that ties into what I am Writing about today – content.  What I discovered was that My audience seems to be interested in just about everything I am Writing about.  My legal paperwork may have been the spark that started the wildfire, but that was certainly not the only thing My audience was interested in reading about.  Learning that was a huge relief for Me and relieved some of the pressure.  Suggesting I would Write a third entry about My upcoming strategies for social media in My last Post and getting two likes right away was the Universe’s answer to My Quest Ion (question).  ‘Yes, You should Write another Post about Your upcoming social media strategies.’

Some of My more radical entries were the ones people were reading the most and they were not linking from Twitter.  ‘V’ for Vendetta, the Truth is one of the Posts I Writ that was getting a lot of attention.  I had mentioned to My friend that I felt November 5th would be something of a Magical day because I had Writ about it here.  Three hundred new followers in a few hours on November 5th and what was the theme of ‘V for Vendetta’?.  There are no coincidences, something a Mystic Will know with absolution, or with absolute Sean.  I also said I believe We can accomplish world peace in six days once We all get on board the King Ship and agree to live in Kinship with one another.  Six days later, on the 11th of November, I gained another 700 followers in a few hours.  And there’s that number again.  300, 700 = 37 = 10 = New Age.  Yeah, My readers seem to like these little observe a’ Sean’s – and My Word Play, too.

In fact, it seemed the more creative I made the titles of My Blog Posts, the more visitors I was likely to get.  I started using examples of My unusual Style of Writing in My titles, showcasing the kind of word play used on My Blog, rather than shying away from it and changing My Style because I had a new peer group.  Twitter taught Me that pictures go a long way, too.  Pictures of Letters I was Writing to politicians gained the most attention, perhaps not surprising.  But any picture to accompany a Blog Post would attract attention, so I started incorporating photos into almost every Post.  And really, this was one of My mistakes; I should have been making sure to Post at least one photo with every entry, even if I just used something generic.  Most of the time I would include a photo but there is no reason I shouldn’t have done it every time.  Every time I don’t I’m not maximizing the potential of My Post.

Exactly the kind of ‘crazy’, Mystical, Magical type stuff I am tall King about today is the kind of Writing My audience seems to appreciate the most…  And I have so much of it!  I have learned that not more than roughly one third of the content one shares on Twitter should be to promote their brand.  Now setting up a queue of Tweets for the following day Will have to become part of My daily routine because it works.

Started scheduling Tweets on February 3rd

Today closed with 3,000 less impressions than yesterday but still a tremendous difference over any other day in the last 28!  I’ve also gained 48 new followers so far today compared to 60 yesterday, which is about what I would need to break My previous record of 1,500 new followers in a single month back in November.

But it is work, at least for Me right now.  It took almost three hours to set up My thirty tweets but I know I Will get faster.  I have four hours to set up My queue for tomorrow and I know I’ll get it done because the reward is so great.  I wake up in the morning feeling like I’ve already accomplished something huge, I’m always one day ahead of My social media account.  I just have to maintain the focus.

The first day was just an experiment and I reloaded the queue early enough yesterday to not have to worry about anything today except finishing My last Blog Post – and now this one, too.  I have 455 Blog Posts in My archives that I can promote on Twitter.  I’m going to ‘test’ a number of catch phrases to include with Posts to find out what works best.  I tried a few common Ideas like ‘Today’s feature Blog Post on,’ then a link to My main page and a link to the feature Blog Post underneath.  I think I picked 5 Blog entries and mixed them all up over the course of the day.  My new strategy will be to pick only two Blog Posts every day and promote each of them five times, the rest of My material Will be inspirational and motivation type quotes about ‘being the change’.

There is a reason that Twitter results in very little direct Blog traffic because the Post Will only appear for a very brief period of time on the Twitter feed.  So for now I think it’s better to pick one or two posts and Tweet about them more times throughout the day.  I may even promote only one Post per day, depending on what seems to work best.  I could Post something original from My Blog every day for more than a year and a half without ever repeating an entry.  I have a lot of content and I’m going to find a way to make that work for Me on Twitter.

Another app called Tweetdeck also lets Me schedule Tweets so I may be able to up the ante even more.  I’m going to work on getting into a rigorous Hootsuite habit first and if I’m not entirely exhausted maintaining that, I Will use Tweetdeck to amplify the frequency even more.  In general, I like the look, feel and functionality of Hootsuite more than Tweetdeck but I don’t know if there is any limit on the number of Tweets I can schedule in Tweetdeck (which is pretty cool) and I can schedule on the exact minute, rather than the five minute intervals offered on Hootsuite.  Ideally, it is suggested that a tweet every fifteen to twenty minutes is Ideal but I’m not ready to go that far yet.

For whatever reason, the Universe has been as King of Me to share this information with You now.  I have said that My Twitter and Blog stats are manipulated in some way and I know I’m meant to share that information with You, too.  I know that this is what My audience is most interested in reading about, how the Universe speaks to Me.  This is also why some of the people in My microcosm worry about Me.  You will notice that even after using Hootsuite yesterday, Twitter claims I haven’t sent a single tweet yet and no photos so far this month.

Twitter Analytics February
My Twitter Data

While I’m at it, I may as well show You some of the stats from My Blog.  The year 2010 is highlighted and there were 1589 views of My Blog that year which averages a little more than four views per day.  I hadn’t had daily views of My Blog until April or May of last year, yet all of a sudden stats were revealed to Me that showed I’ve had an audience almost since the inception of My Blog; I just didn’t know about it!  I considered this a Gift, by the way – a Gift only I could ever truly appreciate.

WordPress Stats

For three years My stats show thousands of views without a single visitor.  Visitors begin to show up in My stats in December of 2012.  Analytics are to ‘inform a Sean’.  When My friends as King of Me why I thought they were hidden from Me in the first place I didn’t really know the answer.  However, I knew showing Me this at the same time My Twitter account was taking off for no apparent reason wasn’t a coincidence, it was a Gift.  ‘They’ wanted Me to know that the world has read every single Post I’ve ever Written and that ‘they’ are pleased with My Work.  The big question is, who are ‘they’?

Well, whoever it is that watches people on a watch list, most likely.  It would be more unreasonable for Me to think I was not on a watch list after occupying the Vancouver Art Gallery and My arrest in Toronto than it would be to think I am not on one.  Why would ‘they’ hide My true Blog stats?  Maybe because they didn’t want Me to know I was being watched, maybe they knew that if I had an audience I would have put all of My energy into Writing here instead of doing the work I needed to do in the physical Universe.

I don’t know why My Blog and Twitter stats are manipulated, I only know that they are and can prove it to anyone in My microcosm within a few minutes of opening up My laptop.  I also know that whoever is responsible also has no problem with Me sharing the odd screenshot with You, or telling You how I had 300 followers Magically flood My Twitter account on a day I believed to be ‘lucky’.  Whoever ‘they’ are, they do it to give Me information and they don’t seem to Mind Me sharing it with You.

I won’t necessarily dedicate another Post to social media but I Will continue to share My strategies with You in My Posts.  Right now it’s 11:37 and I still have to load My Hootsuite for tomorrow.  I’m confident it won’t take Me three hours tonight, though and I know I Will be thankful tomorrow when I am enjoying the fruits of My labour.

It says My Twitter impressions are down 34.2% over last month so My first goal is to see how long it takes to change that to an increase in impressions over last month.  The main point I wanted to make in this post is that I believed I had created something Magical when I created My Cestui Que Vie and everything in the Universe was confirmation of that Idea in some Mystical, Magical Way.  I think the best secret for success is a great Idea.

“Ideas are bulletproof” – V,’V’ for Vendetta

Love and Blessings



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