Rogue Journalism – The Power of My Word

My Greatest Magic is that My Word Manifests.  One can only know this to be true if one knows Me in My microcosm.  And this is why I began tall King about social media, marketing, and how relevant these skills are both to My microcosm and My overall success in the macrocosm.

Events like getting 300 new followers on November 5th in a few hours before returning to the usual trickle of followers until November 11th when I received 700 more, is something that is only relevant to Me and those in My microcosm who believe that Magical things happen for Me.  These are the individuals who want to see Me succeed in the macrocosm and for them, My influence on social media is a reflection of My overall influence in what I call the macrocosm; the ‘real world’, the big picture.

The Post I Writ about V for Vendetta is not My most popular Post but it is one that My readers keep coming back to.  It has been viewed three times this year so far which must sound very modest but is still flattering for Me.  It is flattering because My Blog does not have a search engine optimizer or any other ‘bells and whistles’ that would drive traffic to My site, much less a specific Post, and the titles to My Blog Posts are not the kind of things people would randomly enter into a Google search, yet that is what My WordPress analytics claim to be responsible for the largest percentage of My views.  Often, Posts like “V for Vendetta – the Truth” are linked to directly from ‘private servers’ (no search engines).  It is also one of 93 different posts that people have been reading on My Blog so far this year by linking to the Post directly or finding by way of ‘unknown search terms’.

The interesting thing about that, is that the entry is essentially about how V represents the ‘powers that be’ in Our world.  While often perceived as evil by the masses, V is willing to do whatever it takes to place the authority of government back into the hands of the people.  I propose that the ‘powers that be’ in Our world today are not evil at all, they simply know that high stress levels in collective consciousness are a necessary catalyst for man’s evolution.  We must be Willing to let go of this world to make Way for the new.  Only when this world seems unbearable Will mankind collectively be as King of God for something more.  This is much like V torturing Evie (so that she can realize her full potential) at the risk of knowing she may hate him forever – the ‘powers that be’ have the unfortunate responsibility of making this world seem virtually unbearable so that We Will collectively be as King of God for something more and be motivated enough to make it happen – at the risk of being hated by the world.  Really, We don’t have man-children like Trump and Trudeau running countries because of their leadership skills, they were chosen because they are the least qualified and the most entertaining to watch.

So when I Write something like ‘V for Vendetta – the Truth’, tall King about how it is one My favourite movies, how V represents the necessary and often brutal hand of authority in Our world, and the Universe Magically manifests three hundred new followers on the fifth of November because I believed it would be a Magical day…  That is a Sign for Me that the Universe is listing in (listening), pleased with My review, and that I should continue to share these thoughts with You.  I have said that My Word Manifests and I am beginning to have more examples to share with the macrocosm.  Is it a coincidence that I would receive 300 followers on November 5th, claim I can accomplish peace in six days as soon as the rest of the world is ready to make it happen, and then received another 700 followers six days later on the 11th?  I suppose it could be if One were to believe in coincidences.

I have also said the only Way to have any real influence in the media would be to become the media.  This Blog is an international public a’ Sean (publication) and I am a ‘rogue’ journalist.  For a period of time I suppose it might not have mattered much what I Writ because no one cared much about what I might have to say.  Now, the Power of this Publication is being felt in My microcosm.  Magic is happening, My microcosm and macrocosm are colliding and people are not so keen on having the nature of their character reflected unfavourably in My Story.

This week I smashed all the little goals I had for increasing My influence on social media.  My monthly impressions are up 24 percent over last month and it’s only the 11th.  Interestingly enough, I just realized it was the 11th today, one of the auspicious dates back in November and My follower count has stopped abruptly at 4875.  Not entirely sure what to make of that, I just know there are no coincidences.  My account also stopped gaining followers at exactly 4,200 for three days over Christmas.  Generally, even a slow day on Twitter generates at least five followers a day and that was when I was putting little to no effort into maintaining it.  I gained roughly sixty followers per day every day over the last week, then nothing since around midnight last night.  There is no logic or reason behind why it might come to a complete halt except, perhaps, that I decided to take Friday night off after completing a diligent week of social media maintenance.  I was exhausted, loaded half My queue for Saturday in Hootsuite before I was Gifted with peace and quiet – I decided to use it to get some much needed rest, rather than continue War King (working).


Saturday rewarded Me with over 20,000 impressions, a record for the week and 8,000 more than last Saturday, the first day I started scheduling Tweets with Hootsuite.  I started this Blog Post to share with My readers how My influence on Twitter was immediately reflected in My microcosm.  These Words have an effect on the characters I Write about and those effects are being to take hold.


The reason this publication is so powerful is because it is [and I am] not for profit – I can’t be sued, I am unalienable in My right to freedom of expression.  But I can sue any corporation that interferes with man’s unalienable rights and/or My determination to protect God and the Queen [the common law).  That’s a pretty huge advantage to have over My legal opponents and that’s why what I call ‘rogue’ or freelance journalism, is one of the most peaceful and powerful ways to create positive change – the opinions expressed are not reliant on or influenced by corporate policies as corporate policies, statutes and acts, do not have the power to interfere with a human right or the common law.

Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms:

Article 19.

Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.

So if a person is to say to Me that I don’t have the right to publish their name or picture without consent, they would be wrong.  It is only unlawful for Me to profit from that name or to slander that name.  If I am telling the truth, then I cannot be charged with slander.  If I mention a name and that individual has a complaint about My publication, I have a responsibility to respond to that grievance and reach some kind of ‘resolute Sean’ (resolution).  I have Writ several letters to high ranking officials within the Canadian government, I openly publish those letters on My Blog (an international public record) and no one has ever contested any of My claims.  An uncontested claim stands as fact in law and I can tell that those I’ve Writ are beginning to feel the pressure.

I knew that what I know about commerce and law is well beyond what the average man would know, but I wasn’t really sure how far up the chain of command I would have to go.  Now, I don’t believe any of the people I have Writ letters to have the slightest clue how to do what I have as King of them to do, despite knowing they are legally obliged to comply with My Orders.  The politicians of this country are caught with their pants down, so to speak.  Either they produce and return the record of live birth to Me (which may be perceived as proving prima-facie evidence of slave contracts), or they fail to produce it and admit they have never had any claim of right to governance over Me or any man (meaning that all commercial admiralty jurisdiction and authority over Canadians would be lost).  They believe they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t, so for now they are choosing to say nothing.  But the powers that be were smarter than that and I am thing King that I may be one of the only ones who knows how to accomplish both without the government having to admit to breaching any laws or rights of man…  But that’s a secret I’m saving for later and those I’ve Writ letters to are going to be begging Me to tell them soon enough…  😉

Love and Blessings, hope You’ve had a fabulous weekend.

Oh, and as far as the sudden stop in followers is concerned, I believe it’s the Universe’s Way of telling Me that ignoring My social media is okay for one night but not something I should be making a habit of (I was lazy and didn’t schedule Hootsuite yesterday, either).  I’m on it, Universe!













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