This Sunday, the Sun has Sean

This Blog is all about inspiring My fellow man and doing what I can to be the change I dream to see in the world.  I went down for breakfast the other morning and as King to a friend how he was enjoying his day.

“I’m having a great day because now I can tell people the sun has Sean.”

I thought that was pretty funny.  I couldn’t believe I’d never thought of that one before and told him he would probably enjoy My Blog.  I promised I would find a Way to use it as a title for an entry one day, now I have Honoured My Word.  Thanks, Jerry!

I suppose it would be fair to say that I almost always feel blessed but that has been especially true recently, despite new challenges in My microcosm.  I was tall King about how I lost roughly 16 followers for the first time since last April on Ash Wednesday and how I interpreted the information to mean that I should Write about the Holy Day and what it represents.  The loss of followers was also mirrored in My microcosm as I lost some ‘influence’ among My peers; there are about four guys in My community who won’t even ride the elevator with Me now (which I find slightly hilarious), mostly because I complained about music being played in one of the common rooms where I generally do most of My Work.

I’m Writing about this because how I respond to situations like this in My microcosm is also an example of being the change, governing My Self with authority, spiritual mastery and even mistakes.  One of the other reasons I lost some fanfare among My peers is for telling a man who was complaining to Me about another guy turning off a light in a room he wasn’t in, that he was allowing a trivial event to have power over his happiness.  A moment later he’s calling Me a mouthpiece and series of other names that are generally used in jail when a man wants to provoke another man to violence. I couldn’t help but find it humorous which just made the situation worse.  He stormed off in a huff and there are now roughly four guys in My community who are ‘anti-Sean’.  Oh well, I’m confident they Will get over it.

I am considered something of a spiritual master for those who know Me well and although there is no question I could have handled the situation better, I’m perfectly fine with a few guys ‘not liking’ Me.  For now, I get to ride the elevator alone and it is pretty funny to watch them leave when I arrive and wait for the next one.  It is a very slow elevator.  And what are they afraid of, exactly?

The same is true with the sudden loss of Twitter followers I experienced for the two days starting Ash Wednesday.  I suppose I could have been worried about it but that really wouldn’t have changed anything or helped to further Me on My Quest in any Way.  I don’t really perceive anything as ‘bad’, it’s just information.  The Universe was just as King of Me to slow down for a minute and pay attention.  I also never really stopped gaining followers, it was more like the follower count was reset to a specific number at the beginning of each day.  Kind of like I was reliving the same Twitter day over again.  I’m at 4,931 now, so things seem to be back to ‘normal’, whatever that is.

I really don’t sweat the small stuff.  I’m not the sunshine in everyone’s day, but I know I never Will be.  Politicians probably can’t stand Me and they don’t even know Me.  One of the core philosophies I Write about on this Blog is that ego is not the enemy, it is a tool, a paintbrush for expression on Our Universal canvas.  I know what I came here to do and I know that some people are going to think I am crazy.  If I were to let that stop Me, I wouldn’t accomplish anything, I would never even have Writ My Book.

Two concepts I have continually struggled with are pride and humility.  I am confident and confidence it is an essential quality for Me to be successful in My task.  I’ve had the same goal for almost ten years and there isn’t much a man could say that I won’t have already heard.  There will always be someone out there that doesn’t like what I have to say.

My most read Blog Post, ‘Becoming a Student of the Universe’, was Writ way back in March of 2011 and I declare it My ‘highest’ spiritual teaching.  I also declare that I apply the philosophies in My day to day life and that I Will be using the techniques to accomplish My task and Write about it here.  I have done that.  And I have also become that which I declare each of Us are in man’s ‘system of things’, which is also documented here.

The more influence one gains, the more opposition they are likely to encounter.  There will always be someone who wants it to rain on the parade.  The incident actually happened on Ash Wednesday, too, another example of the loss of followers on Twitter reflected in My microcosm (no coincidences).

There was a time when I had no Idea how I would accomplish My task, I only knew that I would find a Way.  Now, I can truly visualize My success, which is something else I Will be tall King about in future entries.  I also know I Will accomplish My task reasonably soon, how soon remains to be determined.  Although Ash Wednesday was a day of tremendous sacrifice, in the eyes of a mystic, there are no coincidences.  The Universe was as King of Me to pay attention to something important.  Easter is coming up and I believe I’m on a six week timeline.

I also believe that when I do begin to penetrate mainstream media, it will not be because of any ‘Good’ Work I am doing in the community, or the letters I have Writ politicians, it Will be to make a spectacle of Me.  Easter Sunday happens to be April Fool’s day and I believe that when I am finally ‘introduced’ to the world, it Will be as the Fool.

Anytime I encounter individuals in My microcosm who challenge My Ideas, I consider it preparation for the day I Will face scrutiny from mainstream media.  The best defense they will have is to do everything they can to destroy My credibility and that’s a reality I have to accept.  You know what they say, ‘there’s no such thing as bad publicity’, right?  I guess We’ll see.20180216_220634.jpg

Love and Blessings,










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