The Good News Journal, Volume III: The Mystical, Majestic, Monday Edition

Happy Monday morning, everyone!  I didn’t Plan to start The Good News Journal on a Monday, it just kind of happened that Way.  The two days leading up to the Creation of The Good News Journal marked two ceremonious events in My microcosm; nine years on WordPress and 5,000 followers on Twitter.  5,000 followers is still pretty amazing and a little surreal for a modest and humble man who was a virtual social media nobody with fifty-five followers a year ago.  The Intention of The Good News Journal was to Give something back to My audience and those who have made all of My progress possible.  Without You, this public A’ Sean is nothing.  Now Monday is an exciting day for Me because it celebrates the beginning a new week for The Good News Journal.  Thank You so much for being here.

My Desire is to Inspire and My Goal is to accomplish peace in the world.  I used to think in terms of ten to twenty years as ‘realistic’ potentialities for when I might finally succeed.  Now I am thing King in terms of months to maybe a couple of years, worst case scenario!  It’s difficult for Me to Imagine it might take longer than a year and some people would suggest My Goal is ‘impossible’.  I don’t believe in that Word any more than I believe in coincidences, so I figured as I get closer to accomplishing My task, I would do what I can to Give more frequent updates so the world Will understand how this can finally all come together.  Isn’t that pretty Good News for a Monday?

The Mystical Monday Edition is about My Current Timeline.  Today, Sunday for Me, is exactly three weeks from Easter Son Day, the day Christ Rose from the dead.  Soon, We Will all be Raised from the dead and Given Life because soon the world Will be Razed from the Debt.  I would like to burn all the records of live birth ceremoniously and I think My Father Will be happy to hear that.  I’m sure He has something perfect planned.

Really, I am a Master Mystic and My Words Manifest.  When I was preparing My Sunday Post for The Good News Journal, I was thing King about how One of the things I am most excited about is My Timeline – three weeks, Easter Son day.  Those I’ve Writ Letters to now have only 21 days left to respond, three weeks (3×7).  I Writ a Post about how I noticed the synchronicity between Mailing My Letters and the thirty day dead Line falling on Easter Sunday only moments before noticing a Special Gold and Silver Easter Egg Coin to commemorate the ‘Golden Spring’ in a book on the desk of Canada Post while I was Sending My Letters.  When We are tall King about World Peace, We are tall King about the Golden Dawn.  As I was reflecting on this, I picked up My phone to check Twitter at the exact moment someone retweeted the exact Post I was thing King about.  Not once, but Five times consecutively.  Five is My favourite number and I can only retweet something once, so I don’t even know how that is possible, but I do know there are no coincidences.

Love for Easter Son Day

The Universe likes the Idea of Easter…  ‘What is going to happen on Easter?’, a Good Friend as King of Me.

“Exactly”, I replied, “What is going to happen on Easter?”

The Letters were all Sent on a full moon and the dead line to respond just happens to be April first, which is both April Fool’s and Easter.  I acquired 5,000 followers on Twitter exactly Five weeks before Easter (which represents a new level of influence in the macrocosm in the Mind of a Mystic) which inspired the Creation of The Good News Journal, which Will also celebrate Five weeks on Easter Sunday.  And none of it was done deliberately, it just kind of happened that Way.

So what is going to happen on Easter Sunday? The Truth is, I have no Idea yet, I haven’t made up My Mind.  I just know that on Easter Sunday, every One I’ve Writ Will be in breach of their Judicial Oath of Office and/or guilty of offences to the Crown and the Common Law by default judgement should I bring them before a court.  I’ve got three weeks to consider what I Will do about that.  My hope is that they Will contact Me sometime before then so I won’t have to be thing King about it at all and We can just move forward.

However, there are a few things that are going to happen by Virtue of My own Will.  My thumbprint is legal tender and I am now Acting On Her Majesty’s Service.  Everything I have done prior to the full moon of March 1st when I Cast these Spells, was done on My own merit and Will.  I Sent My courtesy letters to the Mayor and the Governor General You Sing nothing but My thumbprint for Post Age even though I knew delivery was guaranteed.  It sets precedence at the Post office for the things I am doing now and Identifies My Sovereign nation’s Stamp in the Post All system.  So, One can understand why they might not take My title very seriously (though the title should always be respected and Honoured in any Crown colony).  However, failing to respond to a letter Sent On Her Majesty’s Service is an offence to the Queen.  I am Wondering if it Will make enough difference to elicit a response.

For now, I have three weeks to wait and consider what I Will do if they don’t respond.  In tomorrow’s Twos Day Edition I Will be tall King about the difference between a Sovereign and a King.  King really is a Spiritual title and like it or not, the Bible is the Code Book to cracking man’s Matrix.  In My microcosm, I Will also be Calling Chris Tuck on Tuesday and Will be tall King more about that in the Wednesday’s Edition.

I speak very little of the conditions Canada’s less fortunate are subject to because there is enough bad news to read about in the world every day, this is for Good News.  I also don’t see any point in complaining about a problem until I have the Power to do something about it.  And I do.  The Good News Journal is motivated by Love for the world’s less fortunate, to be a Voice for those who don’t have One.

The Good News this Magical Monday, is that We are now two weeks closer to World Peace than We were when I started this Public, eh, Sean.

May this Monday embrace You most Magically,

Love and Blessings, ❤






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