The Good News Journal, Volume I: The Seventh Edition, A Sunday of Reflect Sean

Happy Sunday morning, world!  Thank You all so much for being here.  It’s actually Friday for Me right now and I’m celebrating Seven daily Editions of The Good News Journal, My new Public ‘A’ Sean (and the One You are reading).

I have said that I cannot commit to a Post per day, though that is the Goal of this new category and I am pleased that I have managed to Keep it up for a full week.  The Good News Journal has had a very positive affect on My microcosm, too, because it Keeps Me conscious of My Goals and motivated for new news to share with My audience.  I also have a timeline in Mind and like to share My Mystical interpret A’ Sean’s with My readers.

On Thursday I mailed My last Seven Letters, which also happened to be the full moon.  When I first went to the Post office, the counter was empty.  I had a brief conversation with one of the clerks before leaving to make copies of all My envelopes.  When I returned, this was on the counter where I was preparing to Stamp My copies:

Golden Spring to commemorate a Golden Dawn?..

The Postal office clerks allowed Me to Stamp My own documents and I was noticing the date, 2018 03 01.  Thirty days Will expire on the 1st of April and April first is both April Fool’s and Easter.  I was thing King about how funny and Magical it might be if I were introduced to the world as the Fool on Easter.  Then I noticed the ‘Golden Spring’ Easter Egg coin.  The Golden Dawn is what the Occult Masters call the Great Work.  Does it not make sense that the Golden Dawn would begin in the Golden Spring?  Or is that just a coincidence. 😉  One might not think there could be a more perfect or serendipitous circumstance, yet as I pulled the camera away, I noticed the coin on the bottom half of the Page.

Lofty Ideas, Wisdom and Easter Eggs

The Words ‘actual size’ no longer apply as I have no Idea how big Your screen might be.  Other Wise, Owl’s represent Wisdom and Knowledge, birds represent Heavenly Ideas.  Now put together all of the Ideas represented in a single Page.  The real trick is to know that there are no coincidences.  Moments like this are when I Imagine I might actually be in the Truman show, like someone was instructed to place the book right where I would be, opened to exactly that page, knowing exactly how I would interpret the inform ‘A’ Sean.  Even though I know that’s not the case, ‘coincidences’ like this happen so much in My Universe, One might be compelled to Wonder.  Perhaps You can Imagine how Magical sending those Letters may have felt for Me in that moment.

The other beautiful thing I am celebrating today is readership.  My audience seems to be enjoying The Good News Journal and for that I am very Grateful, thank You.  I haven’t managed to get back to My social media marketing strategies yet but I’m not being too hard on My Self for that.  As important as social media might be relative to the big picture, it’s still difficult for Me to promote My Self and what I want to promote most is this.  The best Way for Me to promote this, is to continue creating quality content.  I still believe that the Universe Will ensure that everyone who is meant to find these Words, Will.  Having said all of that, I do have some new social media marketing strategies to implement, though they are far more involved than My last campaign so it might take some time to set up.

The Good News Journal is the single most important element of My new social media marketing strategies; this is where I am telling the world how I Will Play My Part in the Great Work.  This is where the Magic of great Fantasy Novels (a Novel Idea is generally perceived to be a pretty Good one) and the Magic of the real world Will come together.  What I am doing in My microcosm and Writing here, is ultimately responsible for all the success I’ve experienced on social media (Twitter), anyway.

I was going to make the Sunday Edition a recap of the week and show My audience what kind of things My visitors are most interested in reading about.  It makes sense that those I have Writ letters to Will want to check out My background and several of My legal documents were read earlier this week.  I was going to provide links to those Posts because they are important and relevant to what I’m doing now.  However, I’m preparing this Post on a Saturday morning and thirty different Posts have now been read which is far too many for Me to list them all.  Instead, I’m going to share the highlights:

Be The Change, Become the Coin of the Realm

Prologue to My Book

Letter to Canada’s Attorney General

Letter to Ottawa Mayor

Ottawa Citizen Newspaper current bill (requires update)

Golden Dawn Teachings and the Great Work

The Kingdom of Heaven Foundation

That’s Seven.  Seven is Heaven and the Kingdom of Heaven is something of a theme for this Blog.  The legal title, King, is real; the world is waiting to see what I do with it and this is where I Will tell them.

In My microcosm, Sunday is what I perceive to be the first day of the week.  On WordPress, the first day of the week is Monday, which also happens to be the day of the week I started publishing The Good News Journal.  Four weeks from now, Sunday Will also be Easter and April Fool’s Day (Four is Foundation).  It Will also be the end of thirty days and My letters to elected officials Will become default judgments in My favour.

Each week of The Good News Journal Will be a new Volume to amplify My frequency.  I am also amplifying My frequency by Writing more frequently.  After having a Blog for over nine years One would think I should know I can Post-Date an Entry.  I think I knew I could but hadn’t ever considered why I would want to.  I have this Post scheduled for Publication on Sunday morning at 5:37 a.m., if I manage to stay on top of Writing as much as I hope to, I Will begin Publishing new Editions thirty-seven minutes after midnight daily.

I have Four weeks from today to let My readers know what the consequences Will be for those who fail to respond to My letters, tell the world how any man can be King, and finally, how the title can be used to solve all the world’s problems.

The real dream, is that those I have Writ letters to Will be reading The Good News Journal and Will heed the counsel I offer.

“Forgive Me of My trespasses as I forgive those who have trespassed on Me.”

Thank You so much for everyone reading The Good News Journal, My Blog and believing in a dream for a better world.  Every day is one day closer to world peace and now We are a full week closer than We were when I started this Journal.

Love and Blessings,





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