The Good News Journal, Volume V: The Terrific Tuesday Edition

Wow, everyday I Write now, My enthusiasm climbs – I’ll be yelling from the rooftops by the time April 1st rolls around!  I hope everyone is having a great start to the week and a wonderful morning.

Today’s Letter is to the Ottawa Mayor, Jim Watson.  Typically, the proper ‘Style’ of the Mayor’s title should be ‘your Worship’ but I only address an elected official by the proper style of their name if they are Honouring their Official position.  Jim Watson failed to reply to the original ‘courtesy’ Letter I Writ (click on sentence to link to Letter), so he loses the ‘Honour’ associated with his title.  It is considered appropriate to address members of parliament by the proper style of their name as it is presumed that for anyone to achieve such status, they must have ‘earned’ the Honour of their title.  I gave mayor Jim Watson the benefit of the doubt the first time round, now he is in dishonour and loses the privilege of being addressed with the proper style of his name.

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I think the city of Ottawa is in deplorable condition and if I were the mayor, I would be ashamed.  I would like to as King of the mayor why the city of Ottawa can afford to dish out $1400/month to shelters but only has $370/month to get the city’s homeless into housing.  Doesn’t make a lot of sense to Me, seems to Me the people should be the priority, not the shelters.  Shelters are not there to do the work government is not doing, they are there to provide EMERGENCY shelter in the event of a disaster (like flooding, a large fire or other catastrophic happening that forces people from their homes), not as a mainstay for those the government fails to represent.  Not once have I heard Jim Watson talk about how the problem is due to the city’s lack of funding for those who actually need shelter and basic services.  I won’t speculate as to why, I’ll let the mayor speak for himself if he ever manages to find his voice…  Which seems to be something of a challenge for him.

Even if I did not have the power to provide the funding that will put an end to homelessness, I could certainly provide the guidance necessary to resolve the issue by addressing the city’s budget and removing any bills that place private corporations before public interest.  With no additional money added to any budgets, Canada could easily end poverty just by reallocating how tax dollars are distributed within the community.  The mayor has done nothing to accomplish anything for the people of Ottawa, he is a corporate shill.  If he had responded to My letters and demonstrated that he has an intelligent answer or strategy for any of these issues, I wouldn’t be looking so forward to humiliating him.  Failing to answer My letters further demonstrates that he is not accountable to the people of Ottawa and something any public representative should be ashamed of.  The system isn’t corrupt, only those working within it – and those individuals need to be removed from office.  And they Will be, I give You My Word.

Ah, deep breath.  I am very passionate about My determination to improve things for those less fortunate, I got a little worked up just thing King about the state of this city and how horrendous it is.  But that’s okay, that’s what motivates Me.  I look forward to seeing the expression on the faces of elected officials when I appear before them with a couple of law enforcement officers to remove them from office.  I’m sure they Will take Me a little more seriously when that happens, though by then it Will be too late, their reputation Will be destroyed – their failure to Play their Role effectively Will cost them their Part on the World Stage.

I’m also a little ahead of the Game again, Writing on a Monday afternoon to have this Post ready for Tuesday morning and I am happy to report that My Monday really has been somewhat Magical – Dr. Jean-Pierre Khouri called Me back today and explained that he is not qualified to provide the services I need (which of course would be a valid reason for not continuing as My doctor/dentist).  The call is recorded if You would like to hear it on Soundcloud.  Although it doesn’t immediately help Me, this is another small victory.  The doctor was very pleasant on the phone and is more than happy to provide Me with copies of all My Records so that I can find an appropriate, qualified specialist and that’s what I need.  It was only a day ago that I Writ about what I would do if he failed to respond…  Coincidence?

The call demonstrates that at least one of the Seven I Writ Letters to are taking things a little more seriously, doctor Jean-Pierre Khouri is off the hook.  There are only three business days left for the others to respond, I wonder if any more of them Will.

I hope You are all having a terrific Tuesday, I look forward to sharing more with You tomorrow,

Love and Blessings,







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