The Good News Journal, Volume V: The Fabulous Friday Edition

Happy Friday, everyone!  As always, thank You so much for being here.  I guess real life is beginning to catch up with this rogue journalist as I am now Writing Friday’s Edition at 11:00 a.m. on Friday morning; the first day I have not had a Post ready to publish by midnight in probably four weeks.  Thanks to being a little ahead of the Game, I’m still able to maintain My determination to Write daily so long as I manage to get this Writ within the next thirteen hours…

I’m feeling much more like a rogue journalist lately.  I figured before I began to consider who should be held liable for interfering with My right to food and lodging, the physical, emotional and psychological attacks upon My character, unlawful arrest, confinement, imprisonment and torture I have suffered as a result of these events, I would Give the Salvation Army’s general manager, Jason Provost an opportunity to remedy the situation, at least with respect to gaining access to My personal property and finding Me suitable, dignified lodging.  I told Jason I would forgive the Salvation Army for their trespasses if they acknowledged their mistake and Honoured the remainder of My contract with them which ends on April 5th, the same day of My first court appearance with respect to this incident.  He refused and his refusal is duly noted here on My Public Record.

Subsequently, I am essentially in exile.  There is no safe place for Me to take up lodging in the city of Ottawa.  The only available shelter is the Shepherd’s of Good Hope which is anything but safe and/or dignified.  I can’t risk any further damage to My well being and/or property.

Thankfully, I have what people call ‘street credit’; I am well liked and well known on the streets of Ottawa and was able to spend My Wednesday night at a friend’s place.  Yesterday, I checked into a hostel in Gatineau, Quebec, a forty minute walk across the bridge behind parliament.  When I was crossing the bridge, I real eyes’ed that this is rogue journalism at its finest, these are probably the kind of stories people are most interested in reading about.  What does a man do when he is forced from a city?  Move on to the next…



As You can see, it’s not looking much like spring yet.  The walk to the shelter I’m staying at in Gatineau is a few kilometers away.  Yesterday I made two trips and spent the majority of the day walking around in what I call ‘survival’ mode.  It is not a lot of fun carting personal belongings with You everywhere, and gaining access to My private property is something of a challenge at the moment.  Factor in a badly bruised rib (which was much worse yesterday than it was on Wednesday) and normal breathing becomes exceedingly painful, especially when one is under a great deal of physical strain.  But I manage, and sometimes I even Marvel at My own resourcefulness, as I did when I was crossing the bridge to Gatineau for the second time last night.  Rapid, shallow breaths to alleviate the pain in My rib caused a continuous feeling of shortness of breath, bags of belongings banging against My hip had already caused a blister, rain drizzling down on Me, and yet I was in no Way miserable and I reached My destination – as always.

Unfortunately, I was hoping that the new shelter I am staying at would have internet access, but they don’t.  I had planned to finish this Post last night, only to discover this fact, and I was too exhausted to go to the nearest internet café.  So, sorry for the delay in the publication of The Good News Journal for Friday, but it was a productive day.

I am not permitted on Salvation Army property whatsoever, even to gain access to My personal property, so I have been reliant on My friend David and the cooperation of select staff members who have allowed David to retrieve personal belongings on My behalf.  Thankfully, I have an excellent reputation with most of the staff and even the security (who told Me that if they had been called (which is general protocol) none of this would have happened) – it seems only upper management have issues with Me and soon the world Will know why.

Meaghan as King of Me to remove the Post where I Writ about her threatening Me with a thirty day eviction notice last November, insisting they (Salvation Army) would never force Me to leave the shelter unless they were to provide Me with suitable lodging.  I said that I would Honour her request, but if I were ever threatened with eviction without having a safe and secure place to go, she would be in violation of both the common law, human rights and I would publish the offences as My Duty to the Canadian (and Universal) public.  I changed the status of the Post to private and released it back to the public today – You can find it here.

Jason Provost will be held liable for all violations and offences to the common law and human rights on behalf of the Salvation Army’s Ottawa Booth Center.  At Present, he is guilty of at least three violations of human rights.

Article 3.

Everyone has the right to life, liberty and security of person.

Article 17.

(1) Everyone has the right to own property alone as well as in association with others.
(2) No one shall be arbitrarily deprived of his property.

Article 12.

No one shall be subjected to arbitrary interference with his privacy, family, home or correspondence, nor to attacks upon his honour and reputation. Everyone has the right to the protection of the law against such interference or attacks.

I listed them in the Order I did because the third Article (12), both Jason Provost and constable Jenkin’s are guilty of violating.  Police officers have a duty and responsibility in the commonwealth to observe and protect human rights before corporate policies; corporate policies are protected under the colour of law but do not have the power to interfere with a right.  Rights are Given by God, though they are protected by law by Way of constitutions and Will be improved upon shortly. 😉

Today is now Saturday for Me, and the Friday Edition of the Good News Journal is a day late, so I am going to Sign off.  Before I go, I Will Honour My Word by reposting My Letter to Canada’s Governor General, who’s specific Duty in Canada’s legal system is to make sure that no bills are passed through the House of Commons and the Senate that interfere with any of man’s rights.  Here is My last Letter to Canada’s Governor General, Julie Payette:

Canada’s Governor General, Her Excellency, Julie Payette Page I
Canada’s Governor General, Her Excellency, Julie Payette, Page II
Canada’s Governor General, Her Excellency, Julie Payette, Page III

I hope You have all had a fabulous Friday and Will enjoy this Edition every bit as much on Sensei Sean all Saturday.

Love and Blessings,




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