The Good News Journal, Volume XIII: V is for Voting; the Democratic Delusion Edition

Hello and happy Thursday, everyone!  Thank You all so much for the continued readership despite My inconsistency authoring new Posts.

It is always a special treat for Me to view My stats and find that My archives are being read.  “Becoming a Student of the Universe” is still My most popular Post of all time and the trend continues this year, too.   It’s pretty amazing for Me to consider that something I Writ more than seven years ago continues to get as much attention as it does today.  This Blog has been read by 42 countries so far this year and that is a beautiful thing for Me, too.  Once upon a time, the Magic of these Words were Cast into the Universe by Way of the world wide web and not a single person seemed interested in anything I had to say.  I now have an international audience, and for that I could not be more thankful.  To anyone reading these Words, thanks for making My name day celebration so Magical.

Today is Ontario election day and as per usual, Facebook and other social media sites are tall King about the importance of voting and making one’s Voice heard.  But filling out a ballot does not make a man’s Voice heard, it makes him one of the herd, suggesting he believes in a democratic process that consistently leaves the majority of Canadian voters disappointed.  There Will almost certainly be more votes for the collective opposition parties than there Will be for whomever is elected.

A lot of things have changed since I was a child.  I remember being taught about the Common Law and how lucky We (as Canadians) are to have the Queen’s promise that Our Common Law rights are protected by law.  I also remember being taught the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and Freedoms in grade school, and how the Governor General’s duty was to make sure that no bills passed through the House of Commons and Senate that trespass on the [Common Law] rights of the Canadian people.  But the Governor General hasn’t prevented any bills that trespass on the rights of Canadians from passing through the House of Commons, Senate, and ultimately becoming legal.  So laws are made that trespass on Human Rights, not because they have superior authority or jurisdiction, but because it has been too long since Canada’s Governor General has had any comprehensive understanding of the importance of their role in Canadian society and the international community, and too long since the People of Canada have held their elected officials [and/or Governor General] accountable for those trespasses.

“The definition of insanity is to repeat the same action expecting a different result” – Einstein, paraphrasing.

Yet Canadians keep voting for [and bitching about] their elected officials, hoping for a different result.  Hmmm…  I am thing King it is time for change.  For Me, V is not for Voting, but for von Dehn’s Vision for Peace and the realization of the protection of human rights as the rule of law for Canada and the International community. 😉

I have also claimed that democracy inhibits man’s evolution as it is always going to be a specialized group of progressive thinkers that come up with the most innovative solutions.  It is common for the majority to perceive the most innovative and progressive Ideas as ludicrous, so it is highly unlikely that a specialized group of thinkers Will ever achieve the majority of the vote.  Most People fear change and are more inclined to stick to the status quo.  Today, I decided to include a YouTube video from ‘Ted talks’, as many of My followers on Twitter are featured on shows like ‘Ted talks’, Entrepreneur and Forbes magazine, so I decided I would check out some of the ‘Ted talks’ material.  I always enjoy motivational and inspirational videos and there does appear to be a decent amount of worthwhile content.  This ‘Ted talk’ is about why the majority is always wrong…

I am very excited about My next date in Court because I know the Justice has never met a man like Me before.  I have already done things in Court that have astounded onlookers, like telling the prosecution on My first presentation before the Court that I am, “not Mister Sean von Dehn, I am King Sean, House of von Dehn!”

I don’t imagine the Court hears that sort of thing very often…  Prosecution did not challenge My claim, but instead challenged My right to be on the same side of the bar as he was.  I claimed if We are all equal in law and before the law, then I have as much right to be where I am as he does.  Once again, My claim was not contested and the prosecution looked rather foolish that day.  Last time I was in Court, the prosecution said nothing at all, all dialogue was between Me and the Justice.

Well, I’ll have more to say after My next Court date, for now I am still keeping a low profile and enjoying the sunshine.  I hope the rest of You are, too!

Love and Blessings,




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