The Good News Journal, Volume XVI: The Thoughtful Thing King Thursday Edition

Hello and Happy Thursday everyone, thank You for being here!

I have been thing King about what kind of things I can Write about now.  Recently, letters I’ve Writ to elected officials like Lloyd Longfield have been getting the most views and remind Me of just how much My Life really does read like a Story, how continuous and consistent My determination to be the Change I dream to see in the world actually is.

June 5th was the 10th anniversary of My awakening and there were many times it felt as if I were making little to no progress on My Quest, despite all My efforts.  Now I review My stats to see what people are reading and am amazed with what I have accomplished in the last ten years.  I also know that this [The Good News Journal] is the final chapter of My first Book.

I’ve experienced a lot over the last year.  My Twitter followers increased from 55 to 5,250 (thank You so very much), I was published in The Ottawa Sun, The Ottawa Citizen, The National Post, and Metro newspapers (which covers all the major newspapers in Ottawa), had artwork featured in an exhibition to create awareness of homelessness in Ottawa, and have more People reading these Words than ever before.  Every single one of these seemingly minute details are of tremendous benefit to Me with respect to My aspirations in Law and current (like electricity) legal affairs – they tell a Story, they form and shape My Character.

Although things are quiet now, all things are cause and effect.  I have experienced enough over the last year to provide a fair and accurate report of just how poorly the poor are treated in Canada, and what kind of inhumane conditions Canada’s homeless (in particular) are subject to.  Without having had these experiences, I would not be able to effectively complain of trespasses upon the rights of the Canadian People.  The conditions Canada’s homeless are subject to are so deplorable that if the Common man  were to know just how horrific it really is for these People, there would be an international scandal overnight, much like there was when the U.N. discovered just how horrible the conditions are for Canada’s aboriginal People.

The experience has provided Me with motivation and ammunition for the Courts.  At some point, the Attorney General of this county Will have to answer to these atrocities and explain why corporate policies have been passed that trample upon the dignity and rights of the Canadian People.  I can’t wait to hear how the City of Ottawa Will explain how it can afford to pay $1250 a month to a shelter but can only afford an allowance of $370 a month for the same individual to find dignified housing.  I challenge anyone to find any kind of dignified living space in the city of Ottawa for $370 or less.  On the other hand, what kind of dignified shelter would $1250 per person provide?  No brainer, right?

So why do these things happen, why are Canada’s poorest People subject to deplorable shelter conditions when there is clearly enough money in the city budget to improve the situation for everyone?  Because We allow these conditions to exist.  People are the authority of government and We seem to forget that We are the boss, the authority, the employer – regardless the position of the elected official.  In fact, the greater the position and authority of an elected official, the greater their Duty and responsibility to the People.  We need to fire some of Our elected officials…  And no cushy compensation packages for crooks!  The Prime Minister, Attorney General, Governor General and Mayor of Ottawa, should all be subject to living in a shelter for one year, then We Will see just how fast the conditions for Canada’s homeless and impoverished improves!

I’ve been doing what a lot of People would consider ‘real’ work lately; I’ve been landscaping.  Is it important?  Will it make a difference?  Will My landscaping benefit the world in some Magical Way?  Not likely, though I Will make Her Majesty’s land a little more luxurious for one man’s family to live on…  And I’ll finance a pair of fancy Fluevog shoes for Court next Thursday.

The real work, is doing what I do, taking the road less traveled; the High road on My High horse.  How many times I have been as King to get off My ‘High Horse’ – never!!!  I am God’s representative and “My Kingdom Comes”, My Word Manifests.

You see, My friends call Me King, they really do.  I have become that to those in My microcosm.  I do not pretend to be anything else; not to My friends, not to case workers or the city of Ottawa, not to anyone.  When the community of social services as King of Me if I was looking for work, I told Orsolya Vanscody, “I am War King now, advising You that You are unlawfully and fraudulently presuming to have administrative rights over a commercial contract that should no longer exist, compelling Me to contract with You under duress suggesting I have no right to basic needs or shelter unless I do.  I have a Duty to protect the Common Law for the People of Canada and I am War King ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’.  So, no, My job is tough enough, I am not looking for any additional work.”

Of course, Orsolya had no Idea what to say to that, and I said that I hadn’t expected she would.  Instead, I insisted she Keep a copy of the documents I have filed with the Attorney General so that she knows that what I just told her is in fact true and take the matter to her manager.  The longer the Ministry of Community and Social Services presumes to have right to administrate debt in My name, the Greater the trespass upon My Common Law rights.  I have claimed that I am working ‘On Her Majesty’s Service’ and My Sworn Oath has been received by the Superior Court of Wellington County (and, of course, I Keep a Record of these facts for the Courts). 😉

Can You see why Life is Fun for Me?  All in Good Time…

People as King of Me when I Will start painting again almost every day.  Painting is a hobby, something I do to Honour those whom have influenced My Life.  I Will begin painting again when I have a studio.  That’s the next Goal, for those who Wonder of My current (like electric) Goals.  My Kingdom Comes…

I hope this Thursday finds You feeling Loved and Blessed,






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