The Good News Journal, Volume XXII: A Terrific Tuesday Edition for Teaching

Hello world and welcome to The Terrific Tuesday Edition of The Good News Journal!  Today I Will begin reviewing everything I have to teach about the Common Law beginning with My very first document and the reply I received from Sean Kearney, legal director for the Ministry of the Attorney General.

I have Created several Posts on My Blog branching off the main Root of a Tree of Pages that tell My Story,  starting with My Cestui Que Vie Declaration.  The Cestui Que Vie Act Plays a huge Part in its own right, and the link I included is from the government of the U.K. website rather than Wikipedia, as there is a discrepancy between the dates [1666 versus 1540, respectively], and I figured current legislation was most reliable.  For those who find the Wording of the Act difficult to comprehend, it essentially suggests that the Cestui Que Vie represents a living man’s title Deed and/or claim to land and/or property.  It is left in Trust while the living man is away at sea and reclaimed by the man upon his return.  If the man dies, is lost at sea and/or fails to reclaim the Deed to his land, it is administrated by whomever is in possession of the [Cestui Que Vie] Trust.  Keep in Mind I don’t use any Words by coincidence, nor do I capitalize certain letters by accident.

The only reason I am including the link to the Cestui Que Vie Act is to show the relation Ship between the Law and Commercial Admiralty.  A lot of People seem to wonder why it is called ‘Commercial Admiralty’ Law, and the Cestui Que Vie Act Gives some Idea as to why that may be the Case.  People Will also occasionally as King of Me why it is called a Cestui Que Vie and/or what it means; it’s essentially a Declaration of Life.  Writing the Words ‘Cestui Que Vie’ at the top was not necessary, I could have called it anything I like.  However, if One Wishes to communicate an Idea to another party, it is important to use language and Words that are Common among the interested parties.  Although the language may not be Common to the average Canadian, it is a legal term that is clearly defined in Law and should therefor be understood by those who presume to be authorities in Law.  The rest of My document is in Common English.

The other reason I included the link was to show the relationship between the number 666 and sinister Ideas.  It is alleged that the number 666 became known as the Devil’s number because of the Cestui Que Vie Act of 1666, and that it (the Act) was used to capture the Souls of men; I just wanted to Show that the claim is not completely unfounded.  It is only one claim of many regarding the number 666 but You know how I feel about coincidences…

The system of laws used today deal exclusively with commercial interests and property claims, regardless how it may sound and it is easily provable.  Any hearing in today’s world Will involve some kind of commercial cost, and anywhere there is a commercial cost, there Will also be an interested party ready to claim it.  It also seems reasonable (and self-evident) that to participate in a commercial world, a man must be living.  The Cestui Que Vie was really just a document to evidence the life of a man so he could claim his property (which would have a commercial value and be registered to his name/family).  Simplified, it was just an early Form of identification.  It’s modern day equivalent, is the Live Birth Record.  Now perhaps the Creation of My Cestui Que Vie makes a little more sense.

So, what started Me on this Quest?  Why does a man choose to Create a Cestui Que Vie?  Because I learned that without a Cestui Que Vie, a man has no rights, only privileges and benefits afforded him by the state, a jurisdiction of law to which the man is subject by Way of [his/her] citizen-Ship contract.  We are Given a citizen Ship to sail (Sale) the seas of Commercial Admiralty waters (participate in commerce for profit) and leave the Deed to Our Life in Trust with the state.  To reclaim the Deed to One’s property (Life), a man must prove he is living and no longer on the [Citizen] Ship, or lost at sea.

I said I would try to make all of this as uncomplicated as I possibly can.  None of this really has anything to do with the Common Law, it’s just a little background on the foundation of the commercial system We enjoy or despise today, depending on One’s perspective.  The citizenship is a commercial license for the man to engage in commerce but the commercial title has no right to own property because it is not living, it is the incorporated person(a).  That’s why man pays taxes even if One ‘owns’ the land.  The man has no title Deed to his own life, so he can never have a legitimate claim to the land, he can only ever have usury privileges of it which are subject to commercial codes of conduct, otherwise known as Our Commercial Admiralty system and/or criminal codes of conduct.

Those laws have nothing to do with the Common Law, but if One is choosing to participate in commerce, they are Acting as the incorporated person, a dead thing (no right to family or property), which is why the Cestui Que Vie Act is rumoured to be a sinister Act designed to capture the Souls of man.

Hmmm, 937 Words at the end of My last sentence and thing King about wrapping up this lesson (in this Case, the Universe suggesting it’s the perfect time to do just that).

If this Post seemed unusually complicated, please be Patient.  Only the system of laws man has Created are complicated, the Common Law is Common Sense and very easy to understand.  Essentially, do no harm, do no wrong.  I’ll expand on that soon.

Thank You all for joining Me today.  I am also upping the ante in My microcosm and Will share the exciting details with You all soon!!!

Clockwise starting in upper left are Japanese/Chinese characters: Peace, Love, Truth and Strength, respectively.

Love and Blessings,

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