The Good News Journal, Volume XXXVI: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition – My Mystical, Magical, Macrocosm

Hello world, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition of The Good News Journal and My Mystical, Magical, Macrocosm!!!  I haven’t Posted My Letter yet because it isn’t ready – it’s a lot more work than I had initially anticipated, but it Will be done soon.  I’m making a serious effort to have it finished for Friday but no Promises.  For now, I am sitting here once again feeling a little guilty about the fact that I am having all of these wonderful thoughts and keeping them to My Self, especially when the things I am thing King about are so Mysteriously Magical.

First, there are the People in My Microcosm.  Once again, everything I was as King of the Universe for has been Gifted to Me.  I’m going to have to take photo of the stack of papers I’m war King through just to put the Scope of this Project in Focus; when I do, it Will be easier to comprehend what I am tall King about.  I’m sifting through every single contract the Salvation Army has with the city of Ottawa, and as daunting a task as it is, it is also something I am deeply grateful for.  I would not have known how to get My hands on most of these contracts, and I’m discovering just how efficient a paralegal and two lawyers can be.  And thank You all very much, by the Way.  That’s the first (Magical)thing I have to be thankful for, but it’s only the beginning.

The connection has also resulted in a video series where I Will be sharing My Letter of complaint with focus groups advocating against the Salvation Army’s move to Vanier and the construction of a ‘mega shelter’.  It’s probably the most controversial local topic, bar none, though I’ve never used the media interest in the project to My advantage.  I’m not so much opposed to where a shelter might be, I’m more concerned with why a country like Canada relies on emergency shelters as a form of social ‘welfare’ (especially when it costs the taxpayer more than it would to put these people in $1000/month apartments).  However, the conditions of the shelter truly are deplorable and I have no problem advocating against the Salvation Army creating a ‘mega shelter’ of any kind – at least, not if Ottawa is any reflection of how they do business.

The community support from the two video interviews I’ve already done has been amazing.  Although I was evicted from the shelter shortly after doing the first video, I am far more comfortable now than I was then; I have Peace, Quiet and Solitude to Work.  The most exciting thing in My Life right now, are the connections (connect-Sean’s) I’ve made with My new Friends.  Some of My new Friends are legal professionals, and all of My new Friends not only support My Sovereignty, but insist that I be the One to file the Letter of Complaint in My Sovereign Capacity.  That’s pretty huge for Me.  I’m fairly accustomed to My Friends and general Peers coming to Me for advice and guidance, but not so much with legal professionals.  They Love the Way I Write Letters and My determination to defend the Common Law and human rights.  Just having People in My Life that are as enthusiastic about tall King about these things as I am is an Immensely Magical Gift.  But there’s more…

My Living situation should remain reasonably comfortable for the next two months, at which time it appears as though I Will officially take up [My own] residence in the city of Ottawa.  Once again, thanks to exposure from the video interview I did after being expelled from the shelter.  I am often tall King about how truly Blessed I am, how I Trust that the Universe Will always have My back.  I cannot even express how Grateful I feel when I consider these things, only the Universe can truly know My Heart.  These are some of the things I was thing King about tonight before I decided I should tell the world how wonderful Life can be when One completely Trusts in God.  And believe Me when I tell You, I do!!!

The other night I was thing King about My Life and went back to read some of My earliest Blog Posts.  It was such a Powerful experience to read Words from so long ago and to See how they have Magically Manifested in My Life.  Then, I clicked on a few ‘most read’ Blog Posts from those times, including a ‘review’ Published by WordPress administration in 2010.  I noticed it had changed since My last visit, it appeared as though there was a promotion for My Book Published with My stats.  When I clicked on what I thought was a link to My Book, it just opened the picture above in a new window.  Might all sound fine and well (and it is), but the interesting thing about that, is that I never uploaded that photo to WordPress, nor do I have a copy of it on My hard drive (though I am making a Mental note to Self to save it to My desktop before I finish this Post).  So, first of all, there was never a picture of My Book with that Post.  Now there is.  When it was added, I couldn’t tell You.  Other interesting this is, I think the picture actually came from the website I used to Publish My Book (  That’s the only place I can think of that might still have that pic.  But it gets even more Magical!

have a hard copy of My Book right now…  And the cover isn’t the same.  The first time I ordered copies of My Book, the cover appeared exactly as it is pictured in this Post.  Now, new copies of My Book have My name directly under the Title, not at the bottom.  But here’s the real kicker.  My name is in Capitus Diminutia Minimus. not all caps!  And believe Me, I tried to make sure My name was Spelled that Way when I first published, but it came out as pictured above.  Even more unusual, is virtually no one gets My name right, even if they wanted to do Me a favour, the closest one would usually come to getting it right, would be ‘Sean Von Dehn’, though it should be ‘Sean von Dehn’.  And THAT is now how it appears on My Book!  How cool is that?  Seriously?  I didn’t do any of that!  And People wonder why I believe I have Mysterious, Magical Friends.  And it doesn’t stop there.

It was a few weeks ago now that a Friend of mine as King of Me if they could see what kind of bicycle I used to ride when I raced.  The only Way I know how to get any pics of My race days, are to ‘Google’ My name.  My racing stuff used to be somewhere about halfway down the first page of search results.  Now, it isn’t even on the first page.  Again, maybe not such a big deal, I’ve Writ a lot of Blog Posts since then.  But Facebook always came up first, now Facebook is Fifth!  Again, might not sound like a big deal, but Facebook is pretty huge and ranks pretty high in Google search engines.  What could rank higher than that?  How about My Story!!!  If You click on the link I provided, You Will understand why I was so excited, and if You know a thing or two about SEO (search engine optimizers), then You would know that either that particular Blog Post is getting more traffic than Facebook or someone decided to promote My Story for Me increasing its rank in Google search engines.  Believe it or not, for this modest little man, it gets more Glorious still.

I was telling one of My new Friends about this phenomena today and she had her laptop with her, so I as King of her if she could please just type My name into Google.  I just wanted to make sure it came up as the first result on all computers and that there wasn’t some ‘Magical, Mysterious’ glitch with mine.  She turns to Me with this look of awe and says, “Um, I didn’t get any further than ‘Sean vo…’ and Google auto populated the rest of Your name!  Who are You?

“Okay, so it’s not just Me, that’s pretty huge, right?”

She just laughed and said, “Yeah, that’s pretty huge!”

I’ve been keeping that Secret for a couple of weeks now, though I don’t know how long its been like that, I really don’t Google My name much.  Anyway, these are the Mysterious, Magical Ways I know the Universe is pleased with My progress.  I guess One would really have to know Me to know how much these things mean to Me.  These are the kind of Gifts that touch Me the most, and the only Way I can show any appreciation is to tell You about it here.  Thank You.  I do notice the little things (like the fireball added to #bethechange).  I Imagine the same invisible Hand is responsible, and I am truly Grateful.

Oh, and to top it all off, My Mother is coming to visit!!!

Thank You all so much for being here, I Love You,

Love and Blessings,



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