The Good News Journal, Volume XLVI: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition – Being a Blogger

Hello everyone, and welcome to The Good News Journal’s Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition!!!  As You may have guessed by the Title, I am going to be tall King about Blogging today, and some simple techniques to help get more Views when first starting out.

Recent events in My microcosm have caused Me to re-evaluate My priorities for 2019.  Focusing more on marketing My Blog has become one of My primary objectives, and I thought it might be of benefit to share some of My experiences and struggles with My audience.  There are a few very simple things that Will help to improve a beginning Blogger’s chance of ‘success’ right from the start.

Marketing and promoting My work has always been a weakness for Me, mostly because I don’t enjoy it half as much as I enjoy Writing the actual Blog, and I Imagine there are probably plenty of other Bloggers who feel this way, too.  The Good News is, Writing the actual Blog is the very first secret to success!  I’m just coming up on ten years of Writing My Blog, and until now that’s pretty much ALL I’ve done!  If I were to compare My stats to other Blogs I enjoy reading, I still have a long way to go before I Will enjoy hundreds of thousands of views per year.  However, content is really the only thing I have done to achieve the success I enjoy today and though I may not have a lot of followers and daily views here on WordPress, I do now enjoy a following of just over 5,000 followers on Twitter, and know that following is entirely because of this Blog.  I didn’t even remember setting up a Twitter account until I randomly started gaining new followers and noticed that My Blog was automatically posting to My Twitter account.  In ten months I went from 55 followers to just over 5,000!!!  There are websites that share marketing secrets on how to gain 5,000 Twitter followers in a year, so to get than many without actually doing anything (other than Writing the Blog) was something of a phenomenon for Me.  So start Writing, do what You Love, and take the marketing in stride.  That would be My very first piece of advice to anyone thing King about starting a Blog.  Like Nike says, “Just do it!”.


The second piece of advice I have for new Bloggers is to Post photos!  A picture is worth 1,000 Words, right?  Well, it certainly seems that Way on WordPress because Posts with pictures get a LOT more attention than Posts without.  People like eye candy, so make Your audience drool.  If You are regular reader of this Blog, You Will know it is something I consistently omit, and there is NO Good reason for it!  I know I should Post at least one photo with every Post and yet I’ve underestimated the value in doing it or don’t feel that any of the photos I have relate enough to My Post to be included.  The Truth is, if I don’t have an appropriate photo, it is worth making the time to take one.  Seriously, don’t underestimate how much more attention the Post Will get by following this simple strategy.  I am Writing this as much for My audience as I am to remind My Self; I’m focused on taking My Blog to the next level this year, but it’s not going to happen if I don’t apply this strategy My Self – and I know it!

Third, external and internal links.  This is something else I really didn’t consider starting out.  It seemed like a no brainer when brought to My attention, but it wasn’t something I’d ever thought about.  Internal links are links to other Posts on Your Blog, external links are links to other Blogs or websites.  It seems obvious that if there is a link on the Page directing traffic to another Post, chances are someone Will check it out, which translates to more views per visitor.  External links direct traffic to other sites, which may result in the owner of that site coming to take a look at yours, if only to find out where the link is coming from.  Again, pretty simple, but not really something I ever considered when I was first starting out.  Now I do it fairly often and am going to try and make it part of My daily routine when Writing.

More Great Blogging Tips

Fourth, read, like and comment on other Blogs.  This is a great Way to check out other layouts and find out what other Bloggers are Writing about.  There might even be trending topics that are totally up Your alley and something You are something of an expert on.  It’s also a great Way to get new Ideas and discover different Writing styles.  Follow Your favourite authors and You never know, they might just follow You back!

Fifth, tags.  Again, another simple thing I consistently forget to do.  I’ve been trying to make a habit of this lately because it is super important.  I would suggest using as many tags as You can, so long as they are all relevant to the content of the Post.  Using tags that don’t relate to the content of the Post is just annoying.

Finally, have fun!  Believe Me, I still remember how daunting it was to sit in front of a blank screen, preparing to Write My first Blog Post.  I was worried People might not like My Writing, criticize My Style, or whatever.  I don’t even remember what all the insecurities were, I just remember it felt nerve racking, ‘What is the world going to think!?’.

Trust Me, they’re gonna Love You!  I remember being really concerned that if I made any Spelling or grammar mistakes that People would make fun or just never come back.  Now look at Me!  I have developed My own unique Style; I capitalize Words as a Way of empowering them and use all kinds of Word Play like ‘thing King’ (thinking), tall King (tall King), as King (asking), etc. and that’s what makes My Blog unique.  Don’t be afraid to be different because normal is boring.  Have fun, enjoy what You do, and You Will find Your unique Voice, too.

These are just a few Ways to get started that I guarantee Will get Your Blog off to a much better start than if You were to only Write without employing any of these strategies.  You’re not likely to get 100,000 of views right away, but don’t be discouraged, just Keep Writing!  Of all the strategies I’ve discussed in this Post, the most important (in My opinion) is to Create unique, interesting content, and to do it consistently.  One thing any Blogger Will tell You is that the moment You stop Posting consistently, You Will begin to lose readership.  You don’t have to Post everyday, just do it consistently.

One of the things I am often tall King about on My Blog is the Power of Words.  Whatever You Write Will become a Voice in the Mind of Your audience and Will have an effect on that individual.  If People feel Good after reading Your Post, they are that much more likely to look forward to the next one, so Keep that in Mind.

Hope this was helpful.  I want to encourage anyone who has ever considered Writing a Blog to get started.  Mainstream media has virtually destroyed Freelance Journalism and I want to bring it back.  I’ll leave You with My most popular Blog Post of all time in Hopes of Aiding You in accomplishing Your Dreams.

Becoming a Student of the Universe

Hope this Thursday finds You all well,

Love and Blessings,








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