The Good News Journal, Volume XLVII: The Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition – My Ottawa Transform-A-Sean, Part III

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Thoroughly Thrilling Thursday Edition of The Good News Journal.  Today I’ll be continuing the Story of My Ottawa transform-A-Sean, for Parts I, and II, just click on the respective links, as I Will be picking up right where I left off yesterday.

My Brother and I made Our Way into the Courtroom and it was very busy, too.  I was anticipating a very long day because Courts aren’t exactly known for being speedy and they typically go in alphabetical Order.  ‘V’ being the 5th from last Letter of the Alpha-bet (I’ve suggested before that the alpha ‘bet’ is on the Alpha Mail, the One who knows the Honourable Way to communicate is by Way of Letters), We had anticipated We would be there a while.  However, I am thing King that because there were so many People charged with offences as a result of the G20, the Courtrooms had been split up to address particular sections of the alphabet, and I don’t remember waiting long before they Called My name.  I remember being angry but nervous as I made My Way to the front of the room.

The Justice was a lady and now when I go to Court I make a point of making sure I know the Justice’s name.  I didn’t have the wisdom or knowledge to even consider that at the time, so I couldn’t tell You whom it was that addressed Me.  First she as King of Me if I were intending to represent My Self and after saying ‘yes’, her Honour read out the charges against Me and as King of Me how I intended to plead.

Although I was nervous, anger trumped the Tone of My reply, “How am I supposed to know how to plead when I don’t even know what they are claiming I have done?  I don’t even have My disclosure yet!”

The Justice seemed furious, turning her attention to prosecution, “Do You have his disclosure?”

Prosecution fumbled awkwardly and muttered something inaudible, presumably, ‘no’.

“Get this man his disclosure, right now! I’m going to stand this Matter down for five minutes and when We reconvene on this Matter, You best have his disclosure!”

Prosecution bowed and virtually ran from the Courtroom.

Then she turned to Me very kindly, “Mr. von Dehn, We’re going to get You Your disclosure, please just take a seat for a few moments.”

“Thank You, Your Honour.”  I bowed and reclaimed My seat.

My Brother didn’t say a Word, but he looked somewhat reassured that maybe this wasn’t going so badly.  A few minutes later, the prosecutor hustled back into the Court.  As soon as the matter before the Justice was concluded, My Matter was recalled and I once again made My Way to the front of the Court, the prosecutor handed Me a very thick folder of paperwork, disclosure of the allegations against Me.

“Well, Mr. von Dehn, now that You have Your disclosure, how would You like to proceed?”

I looked back at the Justice, somewhat bewildered, then back at the massive folder of papers I was now holding in My Hand.  “Your Honour, there appears to be a lot of information here!  I have no Idea how to proceed, I’m going to need some time to look this over.”

“Of course You Will,” the Justice replied, “how long do You think You Will need?”

“Uh, I have no Idea, this is a lot of information.”

“How does two weeks sound?”

“I’m not sure that Will be enough.”

“That’s okay.  Why don’t You take two weeks to look the information over and by then You should have a better Idea of how long You Will need to prepare Your defence.  How does that sound?”

“That sounds Good, Your Honour.”

“Okay.  And You have reliable transportation to get here?”

“Yes, Your Honour.”

And that was that.  The Justice set My next Court date. I bowed, thanked the Justice and after I did, she made one last comment, “Mr. von Dehn.  If You handle Your Self in My Courtroom the Way You did today, I don’t think You Will have anything to worry about, I look forward to seeing You back here.”

I thanked the Justice one last time, bowed and My Brother and I made Our Way out of the Courtroom.  It was actually a pretty fabulous day.  Although I don’t remember what My Brother and I talked about as We left the Courthouse, it was clear that the tension between Us had been greatly reduced.  It also turned out to be something of a Magical day, too.

My Brother’s motorcycle had been stolen sometime between bailing Me out and My first day in Court.  On the car ride home, My Brother said to Me, “Hey, I just wanted to say, I know I told You that I thought You should get a lawyer but I think You’re right.  You did really well today, I think You’re going to do just fine, too.”

That meant the world to Me, and I told My Brother.  The mood suddenly cheerful, and he as King of Me if I wanted to go for lunch on the Way home, and told Me of a place he really enjoys dining at.  I was only too happy to say yes.  Then I said to him, “You know, Michael, I also think You’re gonna get Your bike back.”

He looked at Me with this big smile, “You know, it’s funny, Sean, I think so, too!  I really do, I just have a feeling.”

“Trust Me, Michael, You Will.  I’m sorry about all of this, thank You for driving Me, I know this is a pain in the ass for You.”

“It’s okay, I’m just happy things went so well and I think everything is going to work out.”

My Brother and I were pretty much like best Friends as well as Brother’s right up until I awakened Spiritually.  Then I started doing all these radical things that would be difficult for anyone to understand, and this was the first time We’d really connected since all of that.  We had a fabulous lunch and it almost seemed like old times.  When We finally got home, his partner was literally running out of the house, as King of Michael to hurry up and come inside.

“That’ll be Your bike, Bro!”

He looked at Me as though he knew it was, and sure enough it was the Toronto Police on the phone, telling My Brother they had found his bike – in virtually perfect condition.  The only downside, was that he would have to drive all the Way back to Toronto to get it – but I don’t think he was too bothered by it.

And of course, I always tell My family that these things are not coincidences, that the Universe is always listening and when You believe something to be true, the Universe has a Way of making it so.


And I think that’s probably the perfect time for Me to Sign off for today.  I Will tell You all about how I missed My next Court appointment and had a warrant issued for My arrest which paved the Way for the rest of My Journey in the Fabulous Friday Edition – so stay Tuned.

Until tomorrow, I am still anxious to hear any thoughts and suggestions for the future of this Blog, so please feel free to fill out My survey if You’d like to contribute.

Finally, I’m going to leave You with One of My favourite TEDx talks to date, this is John Hunter teaching the World Peace Game.

Love and Blessings,



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