The Good News Journal, Volume XLVII: The Terrific Tuesday Edition – My Ottawa Transform-A-Sean, Part I

Hello everyone, and welcome to the Terrific Tuesday Edition of The Good News Journal.  Thank You so much for being here!

I have an especially exciting Edition to share with You today, both for long time followers of this Blog, for those of You who have only recently started reading this Blog, and especially for those of You who are only joining Me for the first time today.  This Terrific Tuesday Edition is all about being the change One Dreams to see in the world, and how applying that philosophy to My own Life is responsible for the content of this Blog, and how it has allowed Me to find My own ‘niche’ and become everything I am today.

Last week I was tall King about the benefits of being clear about One’s Dreams and aspirations, the Value of setting Goals, putting them to Paper, why anyone who Loves Writing should start their own Blog, and how to get started.  You can check out My thoughts on that by clicking on the following links:

Being a Blogger, Being a Blogger II, Being a Blogger III

The above Posts were inspired by the events of last week’s Terrific ‘Two for Two’ Tuesday Edition, where I Writ about a couple of My most recent Victories in Canada’s Courts that caused Me to re-evaluate My Game Plan for the coming year.  I had anticipated that Canada’s Courts would become a forum for My Common Law teaching and when I discovered that all the charges against Me had been withdrawn, I was forced to reconsider how I should proceed and where I should place My Focus in 2019.  Although I am thing King many of My Friends and Family probably perceive Law to be the thing I Love most and am most Passionate about, that’s really not the Case.  My study of Law was necessary to defend My Self against attacks upon My Character at the hand of the Canadian government for the Spiritual philosophies I’ve been sharing with My audience here.  Of course, I had no Idea at the time that My Blog was the reason the Canadian government was treating Me with such vigilance, that realization wasn’t made clear to Me until much later.

After Publishing My Book, ‘A Prophecy for Peace’, I began Writing this Blog as an extension of My Spiritual philosophies, primarily the Idea that One should be the change One Wishes to see in the world.  The Quest-Ion (question), was how exactly One should go about doing that, especially considering the world was the virtual opposite of what I believed to be God’s Plan.  So I tried a lot of different things, and I would Write about them here.  I didn’t care if the Ideas themselves were successful or not, I knew I would eventually find My Way and Trusted in the process, hoping that others might benefit and learn from My experiences, or at the very least, that My stories and adventures would make for interesting reading material.  I have absolutely no regrets about anything I have done as everything in some Way lead Me to where I am now.

I’ve always been looking for the most peaceful way to Create awareness and positive change.  One of My adventures involved High-King (hiking) across the country as an Act of peaceful non-compliance.  I really don’t (or didn’t) have any real objection to the Idea of paying taxes but I had some very serious objections to how those tax dollars were being spent (and still do).  I figured if I were required to work and pay taxes on that income for social security, then the government should have a responsibility to make sure that those subject to unemployment would be socially secure.  Instead, I see the continual suffering of those subject to unemployment for reasons beyond their control while elected officials responsible for administrating those services eat in the finest restaurants, drive around in chauffeured limousines, fly in first class airplanes, and stay at five diamond hotels and finance five million dollar ice skating rinks outside parliament…  All while claiming there isn’t enough money in Canada’s budget to ensure a dignified life for those subject to poverty and/or homelessness.

Well, there are no coincidences in the Universe, and although I had no Idea when I departed from Guelph, Ontario, when I might arrive in Toronto, or that there was going to be a major G20 summit meeting there, I happened to be High King through just three days prior to the event – ‘Lucky’ Wednesday, I believe.  I was stopped by police and they were as King of Me for identification.  Well, I had burned all of My paper identification in a Magical little bonfire ceremony sometime before this because I didn’t believe I could belong to a country (surely People can’t be property, and/or bound to any contract they didn’t have full disclosure or knowledge of, that would be a contract of slavery and that much seemed reasonably self-evident – slavery and bondage were outlawed long ago).  I had been referring to My ‘Self’ as the Spirit of the Elephant for exactly these reasons and told the officers that was the only title I identified with.

My secret Magick
A Phoenix Rises from the Flames

I’m condensing the Story considerably, but the police insisted I give them the name issued to Me by My birth certificate in exactly that verbiage, insisting all they wanted to do was run My name to make sure I was not a criminal.  That seemed reasonable.  I expressed clearly that I do not claim to be that name or title, but I was happy to tell them what it was so they could verify that I have no record and am a peaceful man wanting nothing more than to live a Spiritual Life.  The moment I said to them “Sean von Dehn”, they (three officers) grabbed Me, threw Me to the ground, seized My backpack and dumped the contents on the lawn of the Courthouse on Queen Street (Toronto), stripped Me to My underwear, all while I was in cuffs and basically berated Me with insults for over forty-five minutes to degrade and humiliate Me while onlookers walked by, most looking as horrified as You might expect but not wanting to get involved, either.

I was eventually taken to the basement of a large building where they had created makeshift ‘cells’ with wire fences.  There were no beds or toilets of any kind in the ‘cells’, and I was interrogated five times by a number of different organization who would not tell Me who or what they represented. I was cavity searched against My Will!  They were calling Me a terrorist, and told Me I had no rights and would be held indefinitely unless I agreed to accept counsel.  Needless to say, after 16 hours of unlawful detainment, I consented to counsel under duress and was finally bailed out by My Brother (thank You, Michael).

I’m still organizing My Writing agenda for the revamp of this Blog which Will officially take place on February 1st.  The new format may or may not include a new theme, so the look of it may change considerably, I haven’t decided yet.  However, because My Spiritual growth and development has taught Me so many things, I Will be dedicating each day of the week to a particular topic.  Until February 1st, I Will be updating My current audience on the events that have led to the evolution of this Blog and how all of these events, the Good, and the not-so-Good, have helped Me to find My unique niche on the interwebs, where I am like Spider-man, the Hero of My own Story.  And the intention of this Blog is to remind My readers that You are that, too.

I’ll be back with Part II tomorrow and this update may have enough content to take Me to the end of the week, which would be nice.

Before I go, I do want to remind My audience that I’m still war King hard at the goals I set forth and researching marketing strategies I Will share with You all another time.  I also want You to stay tuned because one of the difficulties I had with the decision to Focus on monetizing My Blog is that I don’t believe anyone should have to pay for the knowledge I have to share, I perceive it to be My Duty to My fellow man.  To Show My gratitude and thanks for all those who take the time to visit these Pages, I Will soon be offering a free e-hub version of My Book.  It is My Way to Keep You Tuned in to the Harmony of the Universe (One Song).

Also, I have some new coaches in My Life now, helping Me navigate the next Stage of My Journey and they introduced Me to a personality assessment test as a Way to get to know each other better.  So if You are interested in learning a little bit more about Me (not that I haven’t poured My Soul onto these Pages for years now, but this version is considerably more condensed and surprisingly telling), You can check out My results below.

My Personality assessment

And if the assessment so inspires You to take the test, too, please feel free to share the results with Me in the comments so We can get to know each other better.

Vancouver Art Gallery

I hope You’re having a Terrific Tuesday!

Thanks for being here,

Love and Blessings!

PS – I’ve created a survey for My readers to offer their comments and suggestions on things they’d like to see for the relaunch of this Blog on February 1st.  If You’d like to contribute, click here to participate in the survey.  Thank You!


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