The Good News Journal, Volume XLVIII: The Terrific Tuesday ‘Tell a Vision’ Edition – Decoding Matrix

Hello everyone and welcome to the Good News Journal’s Special Sensei Sean all Saturday ‘Matrix Metaphor’ Edition.  I’m excited about this Post because one of My most popular Posts of all time is “V for Vendetta, The Truth“, so I presume My audience appreciates My interpretation, or “interpret A-Sean” of the film and the Matrix is almost a perfect metaphor for My Life, so it Will be especially fun for Me to Write about.  Keep in Mind these are Magical ‘Interpret-A-Sean’s’ – but You may be surprised to see how well they fit.

Neo’s Story in the first Matrix is such a perfect metaphor for My own Life, it is a little eerie.  I think I have seen it three times previously and decided I would watch the movie as I Write this Post to accurately document each [relevant] Scene in sequence as it relates to My adventures, all of which have been Writ here over the last 10 years.  Until now, I had not noticed the very first Words that appear on Neo’s computer screen in the opening Scene,

“Call trans opt: received. 2 – 19 – 98  13:24:18 REC Log.” – Computer screen.

Well, February 19th just ‘happens’ to be My mother’s name day (birthday) and watching My mother struggle to make ends meet and provide for three children as a single Mother was a major influence in My Life and My determination to Create a better world for everyone…  But that’s probably just a coincidence, right?

[Computer screen dialogue Will be in italics]

“Is everything in place?” – Trinity

“You’re not to relieve me.” – Cypher

Trace Program: running…”

“I know but I felt like taking a shift” – Trinity

“You like him, don’t You?  You like watching him.” – Cypher

“Don’t be ridiculous.” – Trinity

“We’re going to kill him, You understand that?” – Cypher [this line is of major significance; Cypher and Trinity are looking for a saviour, why would they want to kill him? – I’ll revisit this later]

“Morpheus believes he is the One.” – Trinity [Also worth noting that although I’m known for unusual use of capital letters in My Writing, the subtitles Spell ‘One’ with a capital in the film, too.]

“Do you?” – Cypher

“Doesn’t matter what I believe.” – Trinity

“You don’t, do You?” – Cypher

“Did You hear that?” – Trinity

“Hear what?” – Cypher

“Are You sure this line is clean?” – Trinity

“Yeah, course I’m sure.” – Cypher

Trace complete.  Call origin #312-555-0690” – Computer screen

Matrix Decoded

It might be worth noting that the phone number traced has a ‘Magic’ numeric value of 6-6-6, (3+1+2=6; 5+5+5=15=1+5=6; 0+6+9+0=15=1+5=6).  It is equally worth noting that 666 = 9 in Magic/Numerology (6+6+6=18=1+8=9).  69 is also the symbol for Pisces, which represents the Age or Aeon We are currently (like electricity) living in.  Another interesting note is that I am quoting directly from the screen play and the final phone number (above) is not shown in its entirety in the film (the entire last line is omitted from the film and We ‘fall’ through the ‘0’ on the computer screen to start the next Scene).

In the next Scene, Trinity is in ‘trouble’, and there are a few other things I should say with respect to ‘Magic’ and the Sign-ificance of 69, Pisces, Water and finally, Commercial Admiralty Law (which for the purposes of this interpretation, is what the Matrix represents).  6+9=15=5+1=6.  9 is the ‘Trick’, it’s just 6 upside down and actually has no ‘Power’ to change the ‘numerological’, of Magical value of any number it sits beside.  For example, 89=8+9=17=1+7=8.  Nine beside any other number Will always be the Value of the other number (with the exception of ‘0’).  The Age of Pisces represents the Age of Christ, Anno Domini, and the symbol for Pisces is two fish.  Fish are completely immersed in Water, just as We are collectively ‘immersed’ in Commercial Admiralty jurisdiction.  Trinity represents the Love of God and Pisces represents emotional characteristics, compassion, Love – those who are guided by their Heart – Trinity in the Matrix.  The first Scene introduces the Hero of the movie, ‘The One’ (whatever and whomever it might be), the second Scene tells Us why the world needs ‘the One’ – Trinity is in trouble.  She also ‘happens’ to be in the ‘Heart of the City’ Hotel.  She represents [true] Love, the Love of God and the authority [of Love] in Our world, the authority of Commercial Admiralty jurisdiction, the Queen!

Yes, I know, not quite the interpretation People may have been expecting but Trust Me, it works much better than One might initially believe.  Let’s suspend disbelief and pretend that the Matrix represents Our current world, Commercial Admiralty Law, and Trinity represents the authority of that world, the Queen.  The police officers represent exactly what they are, police officers – keepers of the Law Acting within a very clearly defined and limited jurisdiction of Law.  The ‘Agents’ arrive, and they represent the prosecutors  in Commercial Admiralty, lawyers – more specifically, Crown prosecutors.  Really, not such a stretch, as the police complain to the agents that they don’t want to hear any of their ‘juris-dick-tion’ crap.  The agents explain their Orders were to protect the officers – Trinity outranks them in both authority and power and the next Scene shows Trinity quickly compromising the two units sent to detain her.

The flaw in My argument would be that the Law can’t touch the Queen, so lawyers could never be a threat to the Queen and the Agents are a serious danger for Trinity.  However, I stand on My interpretation because many People perceive the Commercial Admiralty jurisdiction of law to be evil; if the Laws of Commercial Admiralty appear to be unjust and Justice does not prevail, that stands to tarnish the Queen’s name and reputation as Her Grace represents the authority of the Common Law Courts, where all of man is equal in both rights and dignity.  It is also worth noting that because of the Queen’s role in modern society, even if She believes that man is creating laws that tarnish Her Honour, She cannot interfere without taking autonomy and independence away from the People.  It is presumed that We (the People) are the authority and foundation of government, and that We have allowed and/or elected to have the [man made] laws that govern Our country.  In fact, it is alleged that the Governor General is always making sure that man’s laws remain ‘just’, and never trespass upon the People’s Common Law rights and/or tarnish the Queen’s reputation.

Next the Agents say ‘the informant is real’, and confirm they have someone working on the inside who has Given them the ‘Name‘ of their next target.  They say they Will have to get a search running and another agent says, ‘it has already begun’.

The movie was released in ’99, though I had to Google to know it.  If I had seen this movie before 2008, I’m not sure I would have understood any of it, though it is likely I did see it before My awakening – now I can’t say for sure.  What’s interesting for Me about that is that the screenplay (and Script) was complete in ’98, and the movie officially starts on My mother’s name day ten years before My awakening.  In Magic, 10 represents a new Age.  The movie also perfectly mimics a metaphor for My Life ten years later.  I lived a very ‘average’, ‘Common’ Life and had no reason to believe anyone would be interested in Me for any reason, much less that there might be People ‘watching’ Me.  Now I know that is probably the furthest thing from the Truth, ‘they’ were already searching for Me (whomever ‘they’ may be).  ‘They’ began searching for Me in 2008 and knew My name (for sure) by the time I had occupied the Vancouver Art Gallery.  My Blog has been very closely monitored since the very first Post I Writ, though there is absolutely no statistical data for the audience for the first three years.  No visitors to My Blog at all, just thousands of views until exactly the date 12,12,12.  Kind of interesting, no?  Who can see without being seen?  And I can still prove all of this now.

Inside, darker line is the number of visitors, outer line is number of views. 0 visitors in 2010 and 2011 but visitors started showing on 12/12/12.

If anyone can explain this, I am all ears, leave Your thoughts in the comments.

The next Scene transports the audience through a telephone (communication) line back to Neo’s room where We find him sleeping in front of his computer.

Searching...” – Computer screen.

‘They’ were watching for Neo online.  And it would appear that ‘they’ were watching for Me online, waiting for Me to ‘wake up’ – knowing that whomever I might be, I would be telling the world that I am here to accomplish peace and making My presence known online.

Computer screen – ‘Wake up, Neo…  The Matrix has You…  Follow the white rabbit.  Knock, knock, Neo.’

There are two loud knocks on the door immediately following the Words appearing on the monitor and Neo is spooked.  I think anyone would be.  How Neo felt in that moment may be comparable to how I felt just after Publishing My Cestui Que Vie online.  My Twitter account suddenly ‘awakened’ and the stats I displayed above were revealed to Me for the first time – I’d never seen any of those stats before and had no Idea anyone was reading My Blog.  It was a little freaky, but I figured it must be a Good thing because I’m still here.  😉

I’m going to continue with Part II in the next Tuesday ‘Tell a Vision’ Edition.  Interested to hear Your thoughts and comments, and I have a lot more to say about this movie series and how it’s a perfect metaphor for man’s Commercial Admiralty fiction of laws.

Love and Blessings,








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