Volume L: De-Coding Matrix, Part III

Hello everyone and welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition of The Good News Journal, thanks for being here!  To catch up on Parts I and II, click here.

When We left off last week, three agents had arrived at Neo’s office.  From the moment Neo answered the phone delivered to his desk, Morpheus has been providing instruction to help Neo evade the agents.  Morpheus tells Neo to climb outside an office window, make his way to a scaffold, and climb to the roof.  One of the last statements Neo makes before climbing out the window is also hugely significant, “I’m gonna die!”

Neo loses his nerve when he drops his phone and watches it fall to the ground a fatal distance beneath him.  The following scene shows Neo in the custody of the agents, who are cramming him into the back of an ominous black sedan before whisking him off for interrogation.

The interrogation scene is still creepy for Me to watch.  The agent starts by saying,

“As You can see, we’ve had Our eye on You for quite some time now, Mr. Anderson”.

They tell Neo he’s been living two lives and I was basically told the same, except they were as King of Me why I was claiming to be a ‘Spiritual’ man, and not ‘Sean Stephen von Dehn’.  I suggested that one is a citizen of a country, the other is Sovereign under God (though I wouldn’t have expressed it quite so eloquently back then, I’m sure they wouldn’t have been any more receptive to My response).

They were in suits, and they identified themselves as ‘special’ investigative agents of some kind; one male, one female [they wore identification tags on their suits, I just can’t remember which organization they represented].  Initially, I remember thing King this was a Good thing.  It was after I’d been interrogated by police and the military, and I wasn’t allowed to sleep (sleep deprivation weighs heavy on a man after a time, it really is a mild form of mental torture).  So to have two individuals walk into a room wearing suits rather than body armour and assault rifles was a somewhat welcome change, at first I thought maybe I was getting a chance to speak to a lawyer – that fantasy faded fast.

The agents became very agitated with My answer, just as the initial arresting officers had.  Then one of them said to the other, ‘So he is a terrorist!’.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing (and that was probably the Idea).  They were playing psychological tricks, twisting everything I said.  I told them I am one of the least violent, most peaceful individuals they could hope to meet, and that I had even Writ a Book about it called, ‘A Prophecy for Peace’.  Well, that just started a whole new line of interrogation, ‘Is it published?  How many have read it?  Do You have a Blog?  How many followers do You have?’…  You get the Idea.  They made it seem as though every answer was further incriminating Me and proving that I was, in fact, a terrorist – or at the very least, a serious danger to National security.

Eventually, I told them that if they wanted to insist on calling Me a Canadian citizen, to the best of My knowledge, Canadians still have rights and mine have been severely violated.  I ended the conversation by telling them I wanted My phone call – they sent Me back to My cell.  I never did get My phone call.

“How about I give you the finger (as he flips ‘the bird’), and you give Me My phonecall?” – Neo

Neo doesn’t get his phone call, either.  Instead, his lips are fused together so he can’t speak, and an electronic bug of some kind enters his body through the navel.  Even this is symbolic in a huge Way.  When We are born, the umbilical Cord is cut and We are Re-Corded on a Live Birth Re-Cord.  No, it is not a coincidence, it is the ID-entification, and how One is tracked in the Matrix.  The same programs are running in every country.

My lips may not have been fused together, but I was similarly silenced, prevented from Presenting My Self before a justice, and told that if I did not accept the counsel that was provided for Me (and take their instruction), I would be detained indefinitely.  I’m also pretty sure this was when they really started watching Me; every Blog Post I’d ever Writ had been read while I was locked up and back then, I was lucky to have a single daily visitor, so this wasn’t a coincidence either.

hacker screen
Photo by Markus Spiske temporausch.com on Pexels.com

Neo wakes up to realize it was all just a bad dream, he hasn’t gone to the office since his night out with Trinity.  This was discussed in Part II , and foreshadowed before Neo goes to the office that morning by the numerological value of his alarm clock (9, which is 6 upside down, representing the illusory world, the dream State).  The phone is ringing, Neo answers,

“…  They got to You first but they’ve underestimated how important You are.  If they knew what I know, You’d probably be dead.”

Neo doesn’t understand what’s going on yet, and the fact that there was no alarm clock by his bed when he awakens the second time, tells Us that he’s still in the Matrix, the illusory world.  He agrees to meet Morpheus and is picked up by Trinity, only to find a gun in his face shorty after he steps in the car.  He’s once again given the chance to stay, or go, and prepares to step out of the car before Trinity implores him to stay,

“Please, Neo, You have to Trust Me.  You’ve been down there, Neo, You know that road.  You know exactly where it ends.” – Trinity

It’s important to Keep in Mind that Neo is still in the Matrix, even when he is being ‘debugged’ in the car.  Everything he believes to be real in the Matrix, is real.  Although the tracking device was only in Neo’s Mind, it would have stayed there and become a part of Neo’s manifest ‘Self’ when he finally reaches the other side.

office working app computer
Photo by Negative Space on Pexels.com

There is entirely too much symbolism in this film to cover it all, but it is worth noting that the chair Neo sits on has a lion’s head on the arm, and Neo’s hand is gently resting upon it’s head [Lion/King].  This also begins the most important conversation in the entire film.  I’m just going to cover the most important parts.

“Do You believe in fate, Neo?”


“Why not?”

“I don’t like the Idea that I’m not in control of My Life.”

Massively significant because free Will is another prominent theme in the movie, and perhaps the most important.  Neo clearly believes in the freedom to choose how he Will Live his Life.  Morpheus continues,

“There is something wrong with the world.  You don’t know what it is, but it’s there, like a splinter in Your Mind, driving You mad.  It is this feeling that has brought You to Me.  Do You know what I am talking about?”

“The Matrix?”

“Do You want to know what it is?”

So, this is the big question (Quest Ion), what is the Matrix?  What does it represent in the movie?  Certainly, it symbolizes how We are all indoctrinated into Our particular systems of belief, by Way of Our social conditioning, but I believe it is far more specific than that.

brown wooden gavel close up photography
Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

I’m suggesting the Matrix is man’s system of laws, a codified system of commercial law [Uniform (one shape) Commercial Code, or UCC], We are all collectively drowning in, otherwise known as the Holy Sea/See [of] Commercial Admiralty waters/jurisdiction.

We have subverted Our Power and authority to other nations (usually the one We are born in), claimed false [commercial] titles, and forgot Our Sovereignty.  I had initially typed that We ‘lost’ Our Sovereignty, though that isn’t true, as Sovereignty can never be lost; it is the natural, inherent STATE of man, the only true Kingdom We are Gifted by God.

Morpheus explains to Neo what the Matrix (man’s laws) have done to humanity,

“It is the world that has been pulled over Your eyes to blind You from the Truth.”

“What Truth?”

“That You are a slave, Neo.  Like everyone else, You were born into bondage, born into a prison You cannot smell or taste or touch.  A prison for Your Mind.”

We have all been tricked into believing that We belong to the country We are born in (bondage), that We must all compete with one another for profit.  I tell You now, these are the false prophets We were warned about in the Bible.  I’m not religious, but the answers are there, especially the Words of the Bible Writ in RED.  Take the red pill, Lords and Ladies, let’s reclaim Our Kingdom.

The rest of My Mystical Matrix Movie interpret A’ Sean Will go considerably faster.  There are a few more critically important scenes but a great deal of the rest of the film is filled with entertainment that doesn’t require nearly as much analysis.  Although this movie was a profound metaphor for My Life, it is equally applicable to anyone else’s, though I hope only a few others can relate as I can to some of these scenes.

I’ve got lots of other Writing to do this week, too, as there are many things in My microcosm spilling over into the macrocosm, and I Will likely be back with another Post later this evening.  Until then, hope You enjoyed the Tuesday Tell A Vision edition of The Good News Journal!

Love and Blessings,



















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