Volume XLIX – De-Coding Matrix II

Hello everyone, welcome to the Tuesday Tell a Vision Edition, where I Will Give some Spiritual insight on some Feature Films and Tele-Vision Programming.  There is a deeply profound Mystical message in virtually every Holy-Wood Production. Last week I was tall King about how the Matrix has specifically related to My Product, Sean.  This week I Will be picking up right where We left off.

photo of green data matrix
Photo by Markus Spiske temporausch.com on Pexels.com

I was tall King about the Significance of numbers in the Matrix, how none are arbitrary and the Courier Press article on Neo’s computer also shows, ‘Volume 23, No. 69’.  Numerology adds the product of numbers in a sequence, so 23 becomes 5, which represents perfection, and 69 (which also represents Pisces, re-Minding Us of the Age We are in) becomes 6, which is the number for Peace (family, home, nurturing and Idealism).

Neo wakens to a dialogue on his computer, warning him of a knock on the door, telling him to follow the white rabbit, just before his friends arrive to pick up some kind of data disk.  Neo grabs the data from inside a book with the Pages cut out, titled “Simulacra and Simulation”.  The book is worth reading to fully comprehend the Significance and far too complex to cover here, but worth noting to demonstrate the thought and intention that went into the making of the film.  The number on Neo’s Door is also Significant, ‘101’, which equals 2, and II is a Door in Magic.  His Friends are also 2 hours late, and Give him 2 Grand for the data.  Three (Trinity) two’s equal 6, Giving Us a Magical Theme early in the Film.  The movie is foreshadowing a parallel dimension that Neo is about to walk through.

light streak photography of city street
Photo by Mohamed Almari on Pexels.com

When Neo hands the disk to his friend, his friend says,

“Hallelujah, My own personal Jesus Christ!”

The disk is numbered 067, or 13, rumoured to be unlucky, but it’s really just 4, and 4 represents Foundation (6+7=13=1+3=4).

We’re only 8 minutes and 44 seconds into the film at this point, consider how much information We’ve been Given already.  The wonderful thing about Magic, is One doesn’t have to know all of these things for it to be Active in man’s subconscious.

Neo’s friend asks ‘DuJour’ (meaning specially prepared for that day) if they should invite him out and he declines until he notices the tattoo of a white rabbit on Dujour’s shoulder.  He was told to ‘follow the white rabbit’, so he decides to go.  The reference to Alice in Wonderland also foreshadows Neo choosing (consciously) to enter another dimension.

When they arrive at the club, Neo meets Trinity for the first time and she warns Neo he’s in danger,

“They’re watching You, Neo.”

This is where the movie starts to get a little eerie for Me.  I awakened in 2008, on My name day (birthday), which just made the experience that much more memorable and auspicious.  Since then I’d been telling People the world is not what We think, that We are all Gods and Goddesses, Kings and Queens, and that soon We would all see the world for what it truly is.

I travelled to Japan, I met all kinds of Spiritual Masters and teachers from virtually every faith, and they would all say the same thing – they believed I was ‘the One’.  This actually made Me a little angry, insisting I was not that guy, that He was just an Idea, an example all of Us are meant to follow – that’s a big part of why I began calling My Self ‘the Spirit of the Elephant’ (Peace, Love, Truth and Strength), hoping to discourage this association.

I Writ My Book while I was in Japan, and when I returned I began Writing My Blog.  My family had expressed their concerns, insisting that if I wasn’t careful, I was going to get arrested for My Ideas; I thought that was ridiculous and paranoid, who would want to arrest a man who talks about nothing but peace?  My closest Friends felt the same Way and one Friend in particular, whom I Will only refer to as ‘C’, was concerned for Me but also very interested in what I Call ‘Magic’, so I invited her to join Me while I performed My most important ceremony, a little bonfire where I burned everything with My name on it, every scrap of identification I had.  She as King of Me why I was doing this.

“I need to tell the Universe what is wrong, why the world is the Way that it is.  We are not these things, We are Divine under God.  God does not require any of these things, so neither do We.”

My secret Magick
A Phoenix Rises from the Flames

“But how are You going to make Your Way in the world without ID?”

“That’s the whole point of the ceremony.  I don’t know, but now I am forced to find a Way, and I Trust the Universe Will ensure that I do.”

I began taking pictures of the bonfire, “You’re not really going to Post those on Your Blog, are You?”

“Of course I am, what else would I do with them?  And what difference does it make, nobody reads it anyway?”

“Wow.  If they weren’t watching You before, they Will be now.  You’re not afraid they’re going to come for You?”

“Afraid?  This is an invitation.”

Neo was a hacker, hoping to find a Way into the Matrix.  He was given an invitation to ‘follow the white rabbit’.  Following the white rabbit was akin to My little bonfire, making a choice there would be no turning back from.  ‘C’ was the only real Friend I had in My microcosm at the time who truly believed in everything I was doing, despite the fact that she would never do these things herself (nor would I advise it).  And she is still a Good Friend of mine now.

The next Scene Shows Neo awaken at 9:18 (=9:1+8=9:9=9+9=18=1+8=9).  6 is a major Theme in the movie, representing Peace (to simplify). 9 is the trick in numerology because numerology is all about symbols and 9 is just 6 upside down.  This is telling Us that Neo is awakening in the ‘upside down’ world, the illusion.

Cut to Neo in the boss’s office (for being late), being lectured about how all member of the organization are a Part of the whole and how his ‘disruptive’ behaviour affects the entire firm.  Again, hugely significant in the holographic Universe.  Everything One does Will ultimately Create a ripple affect throughout man-kind.  [And please remember, man-kind always refers to both kinds (sex) of man equally without distinction any time the Word is used in My Writing].

Next, Neo is back at his desk doing nothing (his computer isn’t even on) when he receives a package with a phone in it.  The phone rings as soon as Neo opens the package and it’s Morpheus, warning Neo that ‘they’ are coming for him.  I didn’t get an express courier package with a phone in it to warn Me ‘they’ were coming for Me – I was in Toronto offering Tarot readings by donation to catch a bus home to Guelph.  However, Friends I met there did warn Me that the city was crawling with police arresting anyone they ‘thought’ might be there for the G20 Summit, and warned Me to leave as soon as possible.  I had nothing to do with any G20 protest and thought People were just being paranoid, ‘what would they want with Me, anyway?’.  Less than $5 away from My Goal and two hours away from boarding the last bus, three officers (it’s always three)approached Me and as King of Me if I would do a reading for them, one female, two males.  The female requested the reading (which of course I obliged).

The Tarot reading was the beginning of My interrogation.  She wasn’t happy with it – not because it wasn’t accurate, but because it was so accurate, it scared the shit out of her.

“Where did You learn this stuff?  Do You have a licence?”

“I need a licence to read Tarot?”

Well, that just made her more angry, and You can read the rest of the Story of My Toronto adventures here.  They were threatening to arrest Me if I refused to Give them identification and all I kept as King was, “What did I do, what do You want with Me?  I’m nobody, I didn’t do anything!”

“This is insane!  Why is this happening to Me, what’d I do? I’m nobody, I didn’t do anything!” – Neo, just before climbing out the window to the scaffold.

I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that I used exactly those Words (and probably several times before My eventual release).

We’re already at 1425 Words, so I should wrap this up for another week.  Once We get past the tracking device, the rest of the Matrix can be De-Coded much more quickly.  We’re still only 16 minutes into the film.

I hope You’ve enjoyed this Master Mystic’s Magical interpret A’Sean, to be continued next Tell a Vision Tuesday!

Love and Blessings,










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