Volume LII: Rogue Journalism and Social Justice

Hello everyone, and welcome to a new and Wonderous Week of The Good News Journal, thank You so much for joining Me.

I watch so many Great motivational videos throughout the week, that I was going to start sharing some of them with My audience here for My Motivational Monday Edition along with My thoughts on them.  However, recent events in My microcosm have given Me cause to share another inspirational Story with You to start of The Good News Journal this week.

Last week, in My Thursday Thing King Edition, I was tall King about a Notice of Appearance I received from the city of Ottawa regarding My application to the Divisional Court for Judicial Review from ‘Lady’ Genevieve, House of Langlais, legal counsel for the city of Ottawa.  I mentioned in the Post that the city appeared to be taking My complaint more seriously, and as such, I would continue to address legal counsel for the city by her proper Common Law title, ‘Lady Genevieve, House of Langlais’.

Branding ‘House of von Dehn’

I also mentioned that it appeared the city was already complying with many of the conditions I would be as King of the Divisional Court to enforce, and would be Writing Lady Genevieve Friday morning, as King of the city to agree to a number of terms listed in Thursday’s Post as a proposed resolution ‘Order’; and I was Good to My Word.

I Writ Lady Genevieve Friday morning, providing terms and conditions of My resolution proposal as outlined in Thursday’s Post, and Promised to Keep the contents of that email confidential, lest she failed to respond.  I did receive a reply before My deadline later Friday afternoon, communicating to Me that Lady Genevieve had been unable to contact all the necessary individuals, as King of Me for an extension until Monday.  I responded to Lady Genevieve, thanked her for Keeping Me updated, and said I would Honour an extension until Monday afternoon.


I am very pleased to report that today I received a reply from Lady Genevieve, agreeing to all terms and conditions as outlined in the Thursday Thing King Edition with only a few very minor concessions, none of which compromise the terms of My proposal.  I Will be meeting with the city of Ottawa’s representatives sometime Monday or Tuesday of next week to officially Sign the agreement.  Needless to say, I am very pleased to be able to share this magnificent breakthrough with You today, and Hope that it Will suffice as ‘motivational’ for this Monday Edition!

I do have two paralegals and two lawyers war King with Me behind the Scenes, but I want My audience to know they do not influence My Letters or the decisions I make.  In fact, I Writ Lady Genevieve without consulting any of My legal Friends, they are really only there to advise Me on which forum (Court) I should appeal to for resolution if the city fails to respond in a reasonable manner to the complaints and/or letters I Write.

It was a lawyer who advised that I take the matter to a Divisional Court for Judicial Review, I didn’t even know there was such a thing!  My first instinct was to file an application to the small claims court, My legal Friends (whom have as King of Me to retain anonymity on My Blog) advised against, suggesting the Divisional Court was the appropriate forum (and that the Ombudsman should be next if I failed to get the result I was hoping for through the Divisional Court).

Kiosk at CTV

As I’ve mentioned previously, man’s fiction of laws are complicated, and the rules of civil procedure can be daunting.  My legal Friends have offered to take care of all of that stuff for Me as Part of a mutual retainer agreement.  Essentially, they provide Me with the proper Forms, advise Me of the next steps, and review all of My documents before submitting them to the Court clerks, I take care of preparing the paperwork and composing all of My legal arguments.  They also provide Me with additional information to support My arguments (like the emergency shelter standards, letters and memo’s to city councillors, examples from case law, that sort of thing).  They feel I should be getting paid for the work I am doing (I also Acted as defence counsel for two Friends facing criminal charges and won both of those suits, too), and this is their Way of showing their appreciation for the work I am doing in the community.

Although I have promised to Honour their anonymity on My Blog (and I am thing King their reasons are reasonably obvious), there is nothing stopping Me from expressing My Gratitude.  So thank You very kindly to all those who have Showed their support and helped Me to acquire all of the documents necessary to formulate My legal arguments, I appreciate Your support tremendously.

Yup, it’s even on My clothes.

Having said that, they were also a little angry with Me when I said that I had Writ Lady Genevieve, and even more so when I refused to share the contents of My email to her, explaining I had Promised to Keep it confidential.  However, when I shared the news with them today…  Well, to say they were excited would be a massive understatement!  Of course, they are even more curious to know the contents of My email, but I told them they Will need to be satisfied with the agreement I Will Sign next week.

One of the reasons I am so excited about all of this, is because I know this Blog is making a massive difference.  Of course, My legal Friends Wish to suggest otherwise, believing that it was [their advice and] My decision to file with the Divisional Court that is responsible for My recent success.  I know that is partially true, but My Post on Friday was basically a shout out to city councillors, reminding them that they have a Duty and responsibility to respond to complaints and ‘do the right thing’.  I also reminded My audience that My initial complaint with the city was also forwarded to all city councillors and the Mayor, and not one of them had replied.

Well, I also got an email reply from Mayor Jim Watson earlier today, explaining to Me that because there is an ongoing legal proceeding against the city, he is not able (permitted) to get involved or comment on the matter.  This of course, would be true – legal counsel would advise the Mayor not to comment or get involved so as not to unwittingly say anything that may incriminate him.  However, I responded to the Mayor by reminding Jim Watson that the original complaint with the city of Ottawa was also forwarded to him along with all other city councillors, and that their negligence with respect to this matter was the only reason I was compelled to file an application to the Divisional Court for Judicial Review in the first place.  (He did not reply, nor do I Imagine he Will, at least until the application to the Divisional Court is officially rescinded, which I Will do after Signing the resolution agreement Monday or Tuesday).

Anyway, I was tall King about how social media is one of the most powerful Forms of expression We have; this is a Common Law Court!  Some elected officials may be corrupt, but virtually no one wants the public to know they are corrupt!  Just look at how hard Trudeau is trying to deny all the unseemly allegations against him!  He doesn’t want to be exposed as a corrupt individual, even if he has no issue performing immoral acts behind closed doors.

What I Will say about My email to Lady Genevieve, is that the resolution proposal I offered was both fair and reasonable.  I used My Blog as leverage, and explained that the email would be published if she failed to respond.  My belief, was that no one would want to say no to a reasonable resolution proposal, and doing so would only make the city look worse.  Perhaps that had nothing to do with the city’s agreement to My terms, but I have every reason to believe that it did.

Thank You all so much for being here, none of this would mean anything without You!

Love and Blessings,




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