LI: Legal Counsel; Genevieve Langlais and the city of Ottawa

Hello and Happy Thursday, everyone!  And what a Thrilling Thursday in Deed!  I have a very special Thoughtful Thing King Edition for You this evening, as I Will be addressing the Notice of Appearance I received from Lady Genevieve Langlais today.

If You read yesterday’s Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Edition, You Will already know I was expecting to receive Notice of Appearance from the city today with regards to My application to the Divisional Court for Judicial Review.  I Posted the attached letter of the email received, along with My interpretation of its contents on My homepage, which You can review here if You feel so inclined.

The Honourable Justice Perkins Mc-Vey said to Me once that the Common Law is an ‘elusive’ Jurisdiction of Law, and it seems there are many who feel this Way which is why I feel it is important to share My Letters on My homepage along with any legal Action I may be compelled to take.  The Common Law is really not as elusive or complicated as People seem to think.  Man’s laws are complicated; the Common Law is Common Sense.

[Physical] Courts are only required when One fails to Act as One should in a Common Law Jurisdiction.  A Letter of complaint is the first step (Act-Ion) in a Common Law Jurisdiction.  My Letter of Complaint to the city of Ottawa regarding several violations [by the Salvation Army] of emergency shelter standards was the commencement of a Common Law proceeding.  That Letter was also Posted here, placing it on the Common Law Court of Record, making it available to the People; the People are the authority of government and have a right to be informed of all Common Law proceedings, especially matters of interest to the public.

The complaint was filed on November 28th, 2018, and My account with the city of Ottawa (which provides a tracking number for each complaint filed) showed the file was closed on December 28th, 2018 without any kind of resolution or remedy.  Generally, I am thing King the city knows they have a duty and responsibility to resolve the complaint, why they failed to is anyone’s guess.  Most of My peers believe it’s because they don’t take complaints from the homeless seriously, presuming most won’t know what to do, hoping they Will just give up.  I am thing King they are beginning to realize that Will not be the Case with Me.  That’s also why sharing these experiences with You is so important.

In the Matrix, Morpheus tells Neo that Time is always working against them.  The same is True in man’s fiction of law.  The corporations protect themselves with rigid timelines and if One does not file their Notices appropriately within a specified period of time, the respondent believes they have no obligation to answer – and in many jurisdictions, it is perfectly lawful for them not to under the ‘rules of civil procedure’ – ‘too bad, so sad, You are out of time’.

But rules are not laws, and the Common Law has no rigid timeline.  So when the city failed to resolve My complaint, I filed a second complaint (Common Law) with the city of Ottawa for failing to reach a resolution, and I filed an application to the Divisional Court for Judicial review.  Why?  Because I know man’s laws are slimy and corrupt, and there are several different Ways to proceed, though they may not all provide effective remedy (small claims, divisional court, ombudsman, superior court, for example).

By filing a second complaint with the city, if I were to learn that the Divisional Court Will not hear this matter (for whatever bogus reason they might come up with), I wait for the city to close My second complaint and if they still haven’t provided a reasonable remedy, I can file with a different court.

Although Genevieve recommends I seek legal counsel and suggests this is a matter for the Ombudsman rather than the Divisional Court, I couldn’t help but laugh when I read her Letter, as she is claiming that My original complaint with the city is still open and they have not yet concluded their investigation!  If that’s true, then all the other grievances I have are null and void until their investigation is complete, with the exception of housing.  The city of Ottawa still has a duty and responsibility to ensure safe shelter, and I’m quite sure that Genevieve Langlais Will know this as well as I do.  She can claim that I am not ‘permitted’ to be where I am now, but if that is her ‘legal position’ on the matter, then she has a duty and responsibility to ensure the city provides suitable accommodation for Me elsewhere!

Not only did I share the original complaint, I also shared the emails I received from Deanna Vecchiarelli and made examples of them by Showing the world what not to do when One is responding to a letter of complaint.  I also explained to My audience how One should respond to a Letter of complaint.  I have reason to believe the city is learning from what I am sharing with My audience here.

Sean, House of von Dehn

Rachel Ladouceur’s Letter was a considerable improvement over Deanna Vecchiarelli’s – casual but cordial, polite and sincere.  I also said that the appropriate Way to address a man Acting in full capacity of his Common Law rights is ‘Sir’, not Mister, Master, or the abbreviated Mr., which is why I am happy to share all of My recent correspondence with You today.

Letter is Ad-Dressed to Sean, House of von Dehn

The Letter is even folded the Way it should be!  I know this sounds like a small detail (and it really is), but professionals should know and One can tell a lot about their legal adversaries by the Way information is Presented.  It should be folded in thirds, with the top covering the bottom as shown above.

Bowed Head of Letter is Lifted

This is how a Letter mimics the body of a Man.  The HEAD of the Letter should be bowed and raised by the recipient to reveal the FACE of the Letter(Head).  The legs are bent as One would kneel, and as the Foot of the document is unfolded, We can see the full BODY of the Message.

Letter fully un-Dressed

One should also note that “Yours truly” is also customary, courteous and professional.  ‘Yours very truly’, goes above and beyond the call of duty and is extremely respectful.  Perhaps Lady Genevieve does this in all of her correspondence as it can never hurt to schmooze ones legal opponents.  Even My paralegal Friend said she’d never seen a [legal] Letter Signed ‘very’ truly before.  I do sincerely appreciate the courtesy.

Finally, the reason I am sharing all of this information with You today, is I have very Good reason to believe that this Blog is making all the difference, and that the city of Ottawa is taking notes.  They have essentially done everything I have as King of them to do here with respect to how they are addressing Me now, and being addressed as ‘Sean, House of von Dehn’ in legal documents…  Well, it doesn’t get any more official than that, Lords and Ladies!  For any doubters, this is legal proof that I am in fact Acting in My Sovereign capacity and recognized as such by the Courts – there is no Way around it now.

I am also going to be sharing with all of You how I intend to proceed now that the city appears to be taking this matter more seriously.  Courts are only necessary if One does not Act as they should in the Common Law Jurisdiction.  I am going to be addressing Lady Genevieve as such in all future correspondence to return the courtesy, and I Will be advising her that I am Willing to rescind My application to the Divisional Court for Judicial review on the following terms.

The city (Lady Genevieve) Signs a Writ I Will Author, stating the following:

  1.  The city Will acknowledge the complaint filed November 28th, 2018 is still open.
  2.  The city of Ottawa Will respond to each complaint outlined in My original Letter and the city Will rectify any violations of the shelter standards and advise Me of the outcome of their investigation as promised.
  3.  The city of Ottawa Will acknowledge it’s duty and responsibility to provide Me with safe accommodation and Will endeavour to fulfill this duty immediately
  4.  The investigation Will be completed in a reasonable time.  30 days is generally considered reasonable and the city has (allegedly) been working to resolve this complaint since November 28th, 2018.  I Will Give the city of Ottawa the benefit of the doubt in this regard, but Will expect the Matter to be fully resolved no later than April 1st, 2019, a period of time greater than 120 days, which I believe is more than fair and reasonable.

Those are My terms and conditions, and I Will be Writing an email to Lady Genevieve sometime tomorrow.  If she agrees to these terms and is Willing to meet with Me to Sign an agreement to such terms, I Will rescind My application to the Divisional Court for Judicial review.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Lords and Ladies, do not underestimate the Power of a Common Law Court.  I believe this Blog is largely responsible for this fortunate turn of events, and the city’s sudden change of Heart with respect to this complaint (though filing an application with the Divisional Court probably didn’t hurt, either).

Hope You have all had as Thrilling a Thursday as I have,

Love and Blessings!!!






  1. Common law is like the light of the heart and mind just as the sun rays are a reflection of the power of the sun . They transform life on earth .

    Yes , your light could transmute the world to get better and more just …

    This is how laws change and evolve as a reflection of the infinitely expanding scopes of awareness…

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