Volume LII: De-Coding Matrix, Part V

Hello everyone, welcome to the Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition.  I’m having so much fun sharing My Matrix interpret A-Sean with You that Tuesday’s are quickly becoming One of My favourite days for Writing.  To catch up on Parts I, II, III, and IV, check out the Tuesday Tell A Vision Category to find the respective links.


Last week We left off with Morpheus introducing Neo to the Matrix, explaining to him that he’d been living in a dream world, Promising to Show Neo what the Matrix really is by allowing him to see it with his own eyes.  He concludes with,

“What is the Matrix?  Control.  The Matrix is a computer generated dream world…” – Morpheus

Our world may not be computer generated, but when One fully understands the Power of One’s thoughts, the world We are born into, and the belief system We are Programmed to accept – there is very little difference.  Most People cannot even Imagine a world without money.  But what is money?  A singular (Mon = One) Idea the entire world has grown to accept, a monopoly on every resource Man Creates, managed and controlled by a very small minority of individuals who have absolutely no use for the stuff.  It is only for slaves (sinners).


The Idea is to Keep Us so busy war King for profits, competing with each other, that We Will never notice who is really in control.  And it doesn’t matter how much money One has, either.  Keep in Mind, it all belongs to the bank.  Five dollars, or thirty billion Will make no difference when the banks recall their loans.  The greater the ‘wealth’, the greater the debt.  The same goes for everything purchased with money.  Everything purchased is bought with someone else’s intellectual property!  How many People are as King what the banks take as collateral before they issue the currency (Current Sea/Commercial Admiralty Waters)?  Banks don’t just give out money for free.  It is Our promised energy.  Is it a coincidence they are called Promissory (promise-sorry) Notes?  Remember, there are no coincidences…

“Give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.” – Jesus

Money is Given to countries by private, centralized banks to create the Current-Sea of Commercial Admiralty waters for the Citizen-Ships to Sale on.  Clever, isn’t it?  Trust Me, I’m not smart enough to make this stuff up, they designed it this Way with deliberation.  It’s not a conspiracy, it’s just a Game.  Haven’t We always heard that God has a sense of humour?  Why should the God’s of Man’s world be any different?  Microcosm reflects the macrocosm in all things.  The moment We wake up, the Game is over.  This world is about as real as Dorothy’s in the Wizard of Oz, and the central bankers are just the Wizards behind the curtain, playing a big joke on man until We grow up (spiritually).  We have invested Our belief in worthless paper, when We should be Trusting in God.  In fact, I’m pretty sure those Words are Writ right on the American dollar bill.  The Signs are everywhere once One learns how to See with Spiritual eyes.

“built to Keep Us under control, in order to change a human being…  Into this” – Morpheus holding up a battery.

The Matrix makes it all sound very sinister, though I have a much more positive perspective on the situation.  I believe the system of control governing Our world was set up by Spiritual Masters, knowing no Man may ever be compelled against her Will to do evil.  We all have freedom of choice.  No one is compelled to Play monopoly when We were meant to Play chess.  In chess, the King is the most important piece on the board, and the Queen is the most powerful.  Coincidence?

“No.  I don’t believe it.  It isn’t possible.” – Neo

And most People won’t believe it.

“I didn’t say it would be easy, Neo.  I just said it would be the Truth.” – Morpheus

At this point, Neo asks Morpheus to stop, and to let him out of the Matrix.  He doesn’t want to believe the Truth, he is Wishing he didn’t know the Truth.  This is called cognitive dissonance; it is a mental condition that prefers to believe a lie because the Truth is destructive to the ego which has a natural determination to survive at all costs.  The Truth is so difficult for Neo to accept, he vomits and passes out.

Morpheus elaborates on the concept of cognitive dissonance, apologizing to Neo for bringing him into the Matrix and explaining that they have ‘a rule’ that prevents them from allowing People to experience the Matrix after a certain age.  The older a person becomes generally (there are always exceptions) the more difficult it is to transcend the ego and let go of preconceived belief systems.  Cognitive dissonance could actually cause serious mental injury and even insanity.

“As long as the Matrix exists, the human race will never be free.” – Morpheus

The Story Morpheus tells Neo is very similar to the Story of Christ.  A man who had the Power to transform the Matrix in any Way he saw fit, and freed the first individuals from the Matrix.  After he dies, the Oracle prophesied his return, and that

“his coming would hail the destruction of the Matrix, end the war, bring freedom to Our People.”

Morpheus then tells Neo that he did what he did because he believes that search is over.  Ominous music Plays, and Neo rolls over in his cot to face Morpheus, clearly in disbelief.  How could One Hope to Live Up to such incredible expectations?

Neo is told to rest to prepare for his training, but sits awake all night, pondering the Words of Morpheus.  In the morning, Neo meets Tank, his training ‘operator’, and Neo notices that Tank has no ‘holes’ from being unplugged from the Matrix.  Tank explains to Neo that he was born in the real world, a true child of Zion.


The symbolism in this movie is incredible.  Zion represents the Temple mound, the city where King David established his Kingdom, and (according to Wikipedia) ‘in the greater sense’ to the land of Israel (an acronym for Is-Real).

Tank also mentions how excited he is to see what Neo is capable of,

“if Morpheus is right and all!” – Tank

This, of course, just adds to the pressure Neo was already feeling.  Tank decides to ‘skip’ the boring stuff and start with something interesting…

Good Writing is all about cliff-hangers, right?  Well, We’re also just over 1000 Words, which means it’s a Good time to Sign off for this week, We’ll pick up next week with Neo’s training.

Before I go, I do want to express a little more gratitude.  My film interpret-A-Sean’s are among My most read Blog Posts and have become One of My favourite things to Write.  I also only realized two days ago that the directors of this film, formerly ‘The Wachowski Brothers’ (now known as the Wachowski’s) are also the directors of My other favourite film, ‘V for Vendetta’!


Again, I’m feeling a little foolish for not having realized this sooner, considering these are My two favourite films of all time!  They are also the only two films I’ve ever decided to Write film interpret-A-Sean’s of, and ‘V for Vendetta, the Truth‘ is My second to most read Blog Post of all time, just after ‘Becoming a Student of the Universe’.  These Matrix Write ups are following in their footsteps, so I would like to thank My audience once again for Your continued support.

Finally, I said that I was approaching My tenth year of Blogging and I officially reached My ten year anniversary on WordPress yesterday (WordPress sent Me a little congratulatory message), so I wanted to thank My audience for ten fabulous years (and ten represents a new age in Magic, so let’s prepare for a huge year!).

Love You all so much!

Love and Blessings,










  1. Great concepts and an enlightening view on the matrix or the physical reality being like a computer game or a dream . Once this is realized that the only true reality is pure consciousness that we are one with or part from . You are not only a particle in the universe but also the universe in a particle .

    Money is just a medium of exchanging energy in many forms . It has replace the old bartering system and has became a numerical countable medium of exchange . Money tofmday has become digital but what matters the most is consciousness , energy or the awareness behind the money being just a medium exchange and a way of moving in the matrix of this time space physical reality .

    1. Money isn’t just another form of barter. Money is a monopoly on all forms of barter and has no real value – You cannot take money to the bank and exchange it for something of value. When money WAS used as a form of barter, it could be exchanged at a bank for gold or silver, that is the main difference. Having a monopoly on everything created in the world and compelling everyone to do business with that monopoly is a form of indentured servitude (slavery).

      1. What would be the better alternative ?
        What should be done to change the laws , concepts or energy behind the money to be more just and more equitable ?

      2. Make the goal distribution of goods, rather than the hoarding of goods. “Thou shall not covet”. There is no reason for anyone to have three homes, a man can only live in one. We were motivated to provide food, shelter and clothing for ourselves before the concept of money was ever conceived of. The Idea that anyone needs to ‘earn’ their right to a dignified life when We live in a world abundant and overflowing with resources is fundamentally flawed. We just pay the banks back – it is fraud and none of the debts are legally binding, as they are all to foreign, private interests that have nothing to do with the countries they ‘lend’ their paper to.

      3. A more equitable taxation system is a better solution .
        We have also the responsibility to be aware of upgrading our skills or information in any work or job to improve our standards of living through supplying better quality of services and goods with a reasonable fair prices …

      4. Again, taxation is slavery. If it were anyone else, other than ‘government’ wanting a percentage of every ounce of energy One spends, We would call it slavery. Slavery was never abolished, it simply became applicable to everyone.

      5. GOVERNMENTS offer services like public school education, health care and pension payments for retirees in return for the taxes paid .There are ways to reform and improve the systems , regulations and lawsworldwide . We are not only God creatures , we are also co-creators with God and we should tap to our divine given unlimited power from within us .

      6. I agree, We must tap into Our Divine nature. But governments DO NOT offer services like public school education, health care an pension payments, they CONTROL access to school, health care and pensions. PEOPLE create schools, governments teach whatever they need to teach to Keep People dependent on government. Telling a man he cannot work unless he pays taxes, is, quite literally, slavery by definition. There is no need for money and Your belief in taxes is proof of the control system they indoctrinated, programmed You to believe in the educational systems. If We were working to distribute the abundance of resources including all those You mentioned, then We could collectively celebrate when the work is done, and focus on reducing the amount of work required to produce this collective objective.

  2. Keep in Mind, man Creates money, and We can Create as much of it as We need. So, if there is a belief that We ‘need’ money, then lets just make as much of it as We need to get everybody clothed, sheltered, fed and provide the health care and other support necessary. Imagine if We could stimulate the economy by taking care of everyone… Just an Idea.

  3. There is also another way of looking at making improvements in the lives of others is like inspiring them to realize their God given unlimited power and ability to become creative.
    The better people become , the better governmental structures would be formed to match the cumulative consciousness …

      1. I wish people were saints feeling unconditional love, joy and honesty . People would love one another and coordinate to distribute resources fairly …Each person is creating the reality individually and collectively …

        We are all one on a high spiritual level …

    1. Imagine a world where We all work together to distribute the world’s resources responsibly. Imagine We get this done, and begin removing all the unnecessary jobs to become more efficient until one day, every man is only required to spend maybe a year or six months contributing to the global labour pool, until virtually every conceivable job can be automated. We focus on distributing what We have first, then PAYING Our Selves with more free time for everyone – instead of believing We must spend the best years of Our life working for corrupt governments who are not serving the People, but serving their own self interests and private corporate policies.

  4. Carl Jung has said : ” Those who look inside , awake. Those who look outside , dream .” Things start from individuals to become self-aware of their energy they put out in forms of feelings , thoughts and actions plus intentions because the physical reality is are reflecting them back to us …

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