Hot Topics; The Motivational Monday March Melt

Happy Monday, everyone!  Thank You all so much for being here, I’m returning from almost a week-long Writing break and excited to be back!  I really do look forward to Monday’s, so I am sharing some of My enthusiasm and motivation for My week with You this morning in the hope it Will be contagious enough to catch.

I’ve been busy in My microcosm over the last couple of weeks.  Much of My busy-ness is related to war-King at My ‘side-hustle’, which is essentially what allows Me to Keep doing this.  I am so passionate about this [Blog], that even when grinding away at My side hustle, it hardly feels like I’m war-King.  However, it does take considerable time and (physical) energy, so I Give My Self some concessions.

The first concession, was a break from My workout routine.  I was getting more than enough physical exercise, so I didn’t really feel like I was Giving anything up so much as I was allowing a substitution.  But after a few days, I was beginning to feel mentally drained, too, so I took a day off from Writing.  Again, I try never to be too hard on My Self and I was also preparing for My meeting with the city of Ottawa, so felt I was getting more than enough ‘mental’ exercise as well.  I completed a mini-project related to My complaint with the city for Friday, and finished the other project I was war-King on Saturday.  Saturday, I felt like celebrating, so I did – Sunday I paid the Piper!

Virtually everything fell to the Way-side for roughly a week, though I have absolutely no regrets.  Although it Will be a very long time before I ever try drinking again, I didn’t even really mind being ‘hungover’ on Sunday.  It basically forced Me to do nothing for an entire day, which allowed Me to ponder My week and reflect on all the things I managed to accomplish.  It also allowed Me to anticipate the beginning of a week with no prior commitments, and no excuse to not get back on track.

I came very close to publishing a Blog Post daily for an entire month, and My new Goals and Writing habits for 2019 have already resulted in more Blog traffic in February than any previous month of My Blogging history (including May of 2017 when My Twitter and Blog basically went viral after publishing My Cestui Que Vie).  After two months, I’m more than half Way to crushing My previous annual Blogging records, and I haven’t even implemented most of My marketing strategies yet, I’ve really only focused on Writing more.  I didn’t work out for a full week, but I did work out without missing a single day for over seven weeks (and Will be resuming today).  I started out at 38 push-ups My first day, and completed 108 in the same number of sets in My last workout.  Today is the day I resume all the Good habits that allowed for My growth.

One of the reasons I’m sharing all of this information is because I’m really not that Good at Keeping commitments unless I Give someone My Word.  My Word is My Bond and it is something I take very seriously.  This is also exactly how and why I ultimately end up not Keeping a commitment or goal – Life takes over, throws a curve ball, and instead of just rolling with it and taking a strike, I allow it to throw My whole game.  I say it’s Good to be kind to One’s Self and not to wallow in guilt if One doesn’t Keep a commitment – but that doesn’t mean I am thing King One should abandon their Plan altogether.  I can honestly say that I’m not sure if I’ve ever felt happier or healthier than I did when Keeping the commitments that were important to Me, and I am looking forward to this Monday to get back on track and perhaps even take on a little more over the next month.  I want to try to incorporate a new 30 day challenge into My routine every month but right now I am thing King that Keeping all the Goals I Gave My Self at the beginning of the year is Good for March.  It Will also take Me to April 11 which Will be an easy day for Me to remember as it is My best Friend’s name day, too.

I also wanted to share My meeting with the city of Ottawa with You once again.  It really is a Great meeting for everyone involved, and I think it favourably reflects both parties.  The city of Ottawa seems genuinely concerned with the complaint and equally motivated to reach a determination on the matter on or before April 1st.  I also get a very strong sense that the city is hoping to resolve this matter amicably, and am cautiously optimistic they Will reach a correct and reasonable conclusion.  I suggest fast forwarding the first few minutes, the meeting starts roughly three minutes into the audio file.

The other reason sharing this meeting is important, is because this Blog is as much about the Freedom of expression (express-Ion) as it is about the Common Law.  The Common Law is the Supreme Jurisdiction and authority of Law, and it is the very Foundation of ‘the Rule of Law’, a phrase consistently thrown around by elected officials (and very recently, Justin Trudeau himself).

I have not only published My complaint with the city of Ottawa here on My Blog, I have also pointed out where the city has made mistakes.  I went over Deanna Vecchiarelli’s letter of reply to My complaint, and explained how the Letters are an example of the Common Law.  I also clearly outline what should happen, and how One should respond to a Common Law complaint if One Wishes to avoid [a physical] Court.  In the same Post, I reply to Deanna’s Letter asserting My position, and make several requests advising her of My expectations.  Then, I Write a scathing review of Deanna’s Letter of reply to My email, calling it an EPIC fail.  It was the last time anyone from the city of Ottawa addressed Me as ‘Mr.’, and the last time I heard from anyone regarding the complaint until I filed an application to the Divisional Court for Judicial Review.

What’s happening in the meeting with the city of Ottawa, is an agreement to meet most of the expectations outlined in My email to Deanna Vecchiarelli.  It is almost like We are going back in time so that everyone can do as One should do in a Common Law Jurisdiction (which would be the Honourable Way to respond to a complaint).

Well, I’m going to wrap this up for today but also wanted to leave this video with My audience as I have commented some on the SNC Lavalin affair, and have My personal opinions about why I believe Trudeau’s actions are more than just a Quest-Ion of poor ethics, they constitute criminal Acts – this is One situation that might actually qualify as a breach of the public trust.  This M.P. explains how dangerous things can become if We don’t Keep a fine line between the executive and judicial branches of government, and why this scandal is so important.

I also wanted to touch on the politics of the Law, too.  The company, ‘SNC Lavalin’ is facing criminal charges but who or whom is guilty and liable for the Acts of the company?  I think it’s interesting that We don’t hear any names behind the company (yet), though I anticipate We Will as the suit unfolds.  The same is true with My complaint with the city of Ottawa.

The city of Ottawa doesn’t actually do anything, it’s just a corporation.  The corporation [of the city of Ottawa] sub-contracts most of its public responsibilities to private organizations.  So when a man (like Me) has a complaint, ‘the city’ is liable to Me, but private organizations providing ‘public’ services are liable to the city.  I guess what I’m trying to say, is that all of the private contracting the city does virtually absolves them of accountability (not to be confused with responsibility or liability).

Right now, ‘Housing Services’ appears to be responsible for ensuring the shelters Act in compliance with the emergency shelter standards.  So if shelters cause injury for failing to comply with the emergency shelter standards, then Housing Services is liable to the city for any injury resulting from their contractual breach or ‘negligence’.  So if the city of Ottawa incurs any cost to resolve the complaint, they can ask to be compensated by Housing Services.  Housing Services could then ask to be compensated by the shelter for failing to maintain the facility in accordance with the emergency shelter standards.

This is how things can seem to get confusing.  It seems as though no one is ever responsible for anything, everyone seems to be hiding behind a veil of corporate protections.  However, at the end of the day, someone is always responsible and the Paper trail Will always Lead the Way…  If it is eventually determined that the policies and procedures in place are the Cause that Gives Rise to the Complaint in the first place…  Well, man makes those policies and procedures, so man can unmake them, too.

I had no intention of Writing such a long Post, thank You for Your Patience.  It is difficult for Me to express how wonderful I feel right now because I have finally accomplished something truly meaningful in My microcosm.  I tried to get Jason to (at least) Post the Ontario Human Rights Code or the Canadian Charter.  Rights are not Given by these documents, Rights are inherent, Given by God.  And although I believe Canada’s charter of rights is weak and inconclusive, it’s better than nothing, a number of important rights are acknowledged, and it (legally) applies to anyone in Canada.  Jason refused.  Now the Salvation Army Will be required to Post the Ontario Human Rights Code throughout the facility.  That’s just one thing they Will be doing.

Consider how much of a difference it might make if We all knew Our rights, and, more importantly, which of those rights are protected by the laws of One’s country.  Despite My efforts, I could not get this done while I was there, yet I am accomplishing this task in My absence.  That’s why My microcosm is feeling so especially Magical this Monday; My Letters are finally having a physical affect on man’s macrocosm.

I hope You are all having a Magical Monday, too.

Love and Blessings,



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  1. interesting and adventurous read… I was mostly inspired by the highest traffic you recorded last month “due to your writing work ethic” at that time… keep it up

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