Volume LIV: ‘Lucky’ Wednesday

Hello everyone and welcome to the Wednesday Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Edition of The Good News Journal.  First and foremost, thank You for being here.  There are many Magical moments in My microcosm.  Today, I decided to Focus on this Magic, the Writing and Spelling of Letters We Cast into Our Universe (One-Song) by Way of the world wide web.  This is, in Deed, a Magical Forum.

In last week’s Wednesday Edition, I Promised to share one of My most Magical Stories with You, ‘The Temple of Equated Forces’.  The First Key Will take You to the beginning  of the Story and tabs at the bottom can help You navigate to the rest.  It’s basically a Magical dressing room to prepare One’s Character for the world Stage, a place to Conceptualize One’s Highest Idea of Self.  It works the same Way guided meditation might work.  Visualizing an experience can have the effect of taking One there.

Today I’m also celebrating the same kind of Magic in My microcosm, and this Blog is an example of it.  The city is taking My complaint seriously and a lot of important issues are being addressed.  If the city had responded to My complaint this Way from the beginning, I would have been reasonably impressed.  Ever since the lawyer first contacted Me, anytime I am as King for someone to follow up with Me on something, they do – and quickly.  And I don’t want to sound naïve, I am aware that the city could just be stalling for time.  But I also Trust My intuition, and I believe the city genuinely wants to reach a resolution.

I’m also feeling the weight of it more in My microcosm.  There is a lot of ‘red tape’ in man’s fiction.  Hopefully We’ve all heard the expression enough to know what it means, though I doubt there is any actual red tape involved.  Common sense would suggest that the city’s ability to provide shelter for it’s homeless should be relative to the number of apartments available to rent, and the funds in the city treasury.  That’s how simple it should be and how the world We live in really is much like the Matrix.

The city of Ottawa has a much more complicated system.  Many private organizations and corporations provide (public) services for the city of Ottawa.  An individual in Ottawa subject to social welfare, is given $376/month to find an apartment in a city where the average cost for a bachelor or one bedroom is between $750 and easily up to $1100/month – basically half the bare minimum necessary to improve One’s situation.  It’s also easy to see how quickly One could lose their home if One became subject to social welfare for any reason. Once One loses their home, then they qualify for subsidy on the city registry and the wait list can take up to four years.  So what does One do for four years?  Shelters.  This is a big problem, and part of the reason Ottawa has a housing crisis.

I’m also only scratching the surface.  There is a Great deal more involved with getting on the city registry; forms to fill out ‘so they can determine what type of supports one needs’, and priority is Given relative to need.  What it really translates to, is the more help One needs, the greater the priority on the [subsidy] list, and individuals are matched with a social worker accordingly.  Some even come with a list of terms and conditions like curfews, weekly visits, no unauthorized or overnight guests, that sort of thing.  I find it astounding People Will agree to these kind of conditions, but whether it be complacency or desperation for something better (than life in a shelter), most do.

On the surface, it all seems perfectly logical, and perhaps it was all designed with Good intention.  However, the effect, is that most subject to poverty (social welfare) are eventually subject to homelessness and destined to stay there for years, despite their best efforts.  One doesn’t just lose their home, they lose everything else One can’t carry around with them or store in a three cubic foot locker.  Just Imagine trying to Keep a nine to five while living in a shelter.  I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it is something of a heroic accomplishment.  I’ve seen People develop addictions so they can become a priority on the housing list – how perverse an incentive is that?

But this is The Good News Journal, and today I said I wanted to Focus on the Magic of both this Blog and My microcosm.  One of the other requirements listed on the front of the city registry is proof of Canadian citizenship, and I agreed to apply to the city registry ‘Without Prejudice’, meaning that I surrender none of My Sovereign (God Given) rights.  This was communicated in My email prior to the meeting and I briefly spoke to the matter in the meeting by stating that I would not be compelled to provide proof of ‘Canadian’ citizenship.  When I filled out the application, I provided a copy of My Cestui Que Vie instead.

The clerk was only meant to make a copy of the My Cestui Que Vie and the one received by the Ministry of the Attorney General, which were the two Pages facing the outside of a clear plastic cover.  Instead, she took them out of the sleeve, removed the staple in the stack of documents recieved by the Attorney General, printed them, and included them all with My application.  So the city of Ottawa also has a copy of My notice to the Attorney General and Vital Statistics.  The lawyer was as King of Me for a copy of My completed application to the registry so she could follow up to ensure it was accepted and confirmed today that it has been.

It probably doesn’t sound like a big deal, but in My microcosm it really is, and I’m becoming a bit of a mini marvel because of this whole thing.  The individuals in My microcosm are thing King much bigger than I am.  The individuals in My microcosm believe the city might actually be in support of what I’m advocating for, that My complaint Gives the city the ammunition it needs to redirect funding and change legislation.  I hadn’t even considered the possibility.  Past tense.  I have now.

And I have the usual Magic of My microcosm, too.  We’re now thirteen days into March, and I haven’t made a single Tweet on Twitter yet.  Except, of course, I have.  My Tweets made 64,000 impressions last week, but I haven’t Tweeted yet this month?..

March 12th
I haven’t Tweeted yet…

Clearly,  I have.  This is the weirdness of My Twitter account.  A third-party analytics program emails Me daily with weekly reports showing I gain roughly 200 to 300 new followers a week on average, though for almost two months My follower count remained at 5,150 almost consistently, then dropped overnight to just over 5,000 again.  It’s been hovering around there for a while now, though I consistently add anywhere from 3 to 15 new followers daily.  It’s weird.  Usually when these anomalies happen, it’s a Sign of something in My microcosm, but this time I have no Idea.

The other somewhat Magical thing about My microcosm, is that I’ve officially monetized My Blog…  As of yesterday.  That means I’ll be more Focused on Writing and promoting it, too.  All of it together, makes all of this feel more meaningful, more like a ‘real’ job.  The fact that My work is producing results in the physical Universe, is a beautiful fringe benefit.  I’m beginning to believe that People may be generally inclined to do the right thing if We can Give One Cause and Reason to do so.  Or at the very least, I’m cautiously optimistic.

Happy “Lucky” Wednesday, before the day is done!!!

Love and Blessings,






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  1. Faith , persistence and imagination preceed creation and inspiration.
    With persistence and practice , you evolve into the best you can to get into higher levels of consciousness.
    Continuous Evolution becomes your second nature …

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