Volume LVI: De-Coding Matrix, Part VIII

Hello everyone and welcome to Part VIII of My Matrix De-Coded Tell a Vision series, thank You for being here.  Last week, We were just getting ready to take Neo to see the Oracle, so let’s pick up right where We left off.

The Crew enter the Matrix from the dock of a hotel loading bay.  Seven take the trip, Cypher is the first one out the door.  We notice Cypher make his Way to the car and dial a phone number just before throwing it in the trash.  Cypher had promised one of the agents that he would Give up Morpheus in exchange for being plugged back into the Matrix in some kind of glamorous Life – here We see him Honour his agreement.

Betrayal of Morpheus/Neo

In the car ride over to the Oracle, Neo reflects on his memories and asks Trinity what it means if none of them are real.

“The Matrix cannot tell You who You are.” – Trinity

“But an Oracle can?” – Neo

“That’s different.” – Trinity

Neo still has doubts.  We already know Neo doesn’t believe in Destiny because it interferes with free Will and Self determination, so it’s easy for Us to understand why he is skeptical of the Oracle.  The Oracle suggests everything is fate, predetermined, and that each of Us are simply following Our unique Path.

I notice a lot more about this film when Writing about it.  The number 9 has also been a recurring theme, and I have suggested that 9 is the ‘Trick’ in Our numerology because it’s the exact same symbol as 6, only upside down.  Six is also Peace in numerology, which suggests that 9 represents Our current world, where the Idea of Peace has been turned upside down.  I thought it might be worth noting that when they step in the elevator, Morpheus commands the 9th floor.

Neo ‘grills’ Morpheus a little on the Way up to see the Oracle.  Perhaps one of the most important Quest Ion’s Neo asks of Morpheus is,

“And she’s never wrong?” – Neo

“Try not to think of it in terms of right and wrong.” – Morpheus

What Morpheus is trying to communicate here is too difficult for Neo to comprehend right now.

“She is a guide Neo, she can help You to find the Path.” – Morpheus

I’m going to try and elaborate on this Idea a little.  Visiting the Oracle is difficult for Neo because of his Idea’s about free Will.  Neo does not like the Idea of not being in control of his own Life, and I Imagine that most of Us would feel the same.  But Morpheus doesn’t say that the Oracle can help Neo find his Path, he says the Oracle can help Neo find the Path – big difference.

It isn’t about right or wrong because the Oracle represents the Universe, or ‘God’ – without any human perceptions of ego attached to it.  We all chose to be here, even if We don’t remember making that choice, and We all made that choice for a reason; We each have a Divine Purpose for being here.

Many of Us Will forget We chose to take this journey to Earth, much less Will be Lucky enough to remember why.  If We forget why We came here, We Will have infinite access to do-overs, but We Will always remember Our original Purpose for Coming [in the End].  One of these times, We Will get it right, and We Will [eventually] do what We initially came here to do.  This is why Neo is confused by the Oracle – because they are both right.

The only individual One can truly disappoint, is One’s ‘Self’.  One could spend One’s entire Life on this planet and never make One step toward the realization of One’s true Purpose for Coming – and God doesn’t care!  God Will just think You are having too much fun not doing what You came here to do, and God Will Give One as many do overs as One Wishes.  God Will not interfere with Man’s Free Will.  But once One Truly understands their Purpose for being here, why bother wasting any more time?  That’s what Morpheus means when he tells Neo that the Oracle Will help him find the Path, he is tall King of Neo’s True Path (and Destiny).

Once again, when We arrive at the Oracle, We are re-acquainted with Free Will.

“I told You I can only Show You the Door.  You have to walk through it.” – Morpheus

We are seeing the Theme Play out exactly as Morpheus describes it.  Morpheus has told Neo he’s ‘the One’.  Neo doesn’t think so, but has agreed to see the Oracle to find out for sure, even though he doesn’t really trust that she can know anything at all because he doesn’t believe in Destiny, only Free Will.  Yet by all of these Acts, what the film is really Showing Us, is that Neo doesn’t know what he believes.  More importantly, We are watching Neo grow into his True Self as he becomes conscious of his choices in his determination to defend his belief in Free Will.  Choosing to see the Oracle, is Neo investing in the belief he might actually be ‘the One’.  Neo opens the Door to find out.


Just as Neo reaches to turn the handle, the Door is opened from the inside.  No coincidences, Neo is ‘right on time’.  Inside, Neo finds a waiting room filled with other ‘Potentials’.  The children in the waiting room have extraordinary talents like telekinesis, and Neo watches one child with an array of spoons he has twisted into knots with his Mind.  The child passes a spoon for Neo to try.

“Do not try and bend the spoon, that’s impossible.  Instead, only try to realize the Truth.” – Child

“What Truth?” – Neo

“There is no spoon.” – Child

Neo contemplates the Idea for a moment, and the Child continues.

“Then You’ll see it’s not the spoon that bends, only Your Self” – Child

Once again, We are gaining some Words of Wisdom with a little more foreshadowing as Neo learns more about his ‘Self’.  Neo’s once rigid Ideas about Destiny are beginning to bend with the spoon as he becomes a more Active participant in his Role.  Neo attempts to bend the spoon and succeeds just as he is told,

“The Oracle Will see You now.”

It’s a Good little Scene.  The Oracle tells Neo not to worry about the vase he hasn’t broken yet, and the rest of the dialogue is equally playful and fun to watch.  She tells Neo,

“what Will really bake Your noodle one day, is wondering if You’d still have broken it if I hadn’t said anything.” – the Oracle


I like that line because it reflects the True Theme behind One’s Destiny – One must choose it first, there is no such thing as Destiny without Free Will.  They are not contrary or opposite philosophies, fulfilling One’s True Purpose, is to fulfill One’s Destiny.

The Crux of the conversation Comes quickly, the Oracle tells Neo that she knows why Morpheus sent him, then asks Neo what he thinks.

“Do You think that You are ‘the One’?” – the Oracle

Neo tells the Oracle he honestly doesn’t know, and this is significant, too.  Although Neo doesn’t believe he’s ‘the One’, he also hasn’t ruled out the possibility.  Instead of responding to Neo directly, the Oracle points Neo to a Sign above her Door.

Temet Nosce
Know thy Self

“Temet Nosce” – Latin, ‘Know thy Self”

The Oracle is really telling Neo that he doesn’t know if he’s the One because he doesn’t know who he is yet.  He could be, if he chooses to be; but he doesn’t believe in his Self enough to declare it yet, to be ‘the One’.

The Oracle tells Neo she’s going to let him in on a little Secret, and this is the Part of the conversation that makes this Scene so Powerful for Me to watch.  Here is what the Oracle tells Neo about being ‘the One’.

“Being the One is just like being in Love.  No one can tell You You’re in Love, You just know it through and through, balls to bones.” – the Oracle

There isn’t a lot of emphasis on this Part of the conversation, either.  In fact, We’re led to believe that the statement is a disappointment because clearly if Neo was ‘the One’, he wouldn’t need to be as King the Oracle about it, he would already know, ‘through and through, balls to bones’, right?

The Oracle is totally patronizing Neo as she Gives him the medical once over, and Neo doesn’t even catch on that she’s poking fun at him.  Finally, she looks at him and says,

“You already know what I’m going to tell You.”

“That I’m not the One.”

“Sorry, kid.  You got the Gift – but it looks like You are waiting for something.”

“Like what?”

“Who knows?  Your next Life maybe?  That’s the Way these things go.”

Although I presume most of My audience Will have seen the Matrix at least once before reading My Spiritual interpret-a-Sean and Will not be surprised to learn Neo is not ‘the One’, I hope no One was disappointed.

I’ll be back next week with the ninth Edition of Matrix De-Coded, and tomorrow with the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Wednesday Edition.  Hope You are all having a terrific Tuesday!

Love and Blessings,








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