Volume LVI: The King Ship is Rocking the Boat and Making Waves

Ah, Happy Lucky Wednesday and welcome to the Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Edition of The Good News Journal.  I just finished Writing My Matrix De-Coded Interpret-a-Sean a short while ago and it got Me thing King about all of the Magic in My Microcosm.  I’m ‘rocking the boat’, the citizen Ship in particular – and if it is making waves in My Microcosm, it is making Waves in Man’s Macrocosm.  As above, so below.

It is hard to believe the Magic of the Full Moon was already a week ago.  It really was a climax of events in My Microcosm, as I finished filling out all the Forms for the city in synchronicity with the peak of the Full Moon, which also ‘just happened’ (no coincidences) to be on a Lucky Wednesday.  Those same Forms have resulted in another meeting at City Hall with city counsel, Genevieve Langlais, and Paul Lavigne, director of Housing Services.

Words really are Magic.  For all of those Magical Elements to be in Harmony with each other as I Composed My final Words on the Forms was a Sign.  I was also tall King briefly about how furious I was with the Forms, and My Words were an X-Press-Ion (expression) of that Energy.  That’s why I had been thing King about sharing them here to Show how I express My Self in Forms [to protect My rights].  It took Paul five days to get back to Me after receiving the Forms, and the meeting is to speak with Me about the Forms, and in particular a document Called an ‘Engagement Letter’.  I Cast some Powerful Magic into those Forms.

I’ve really been feeling the weight of this one in My Microcosm, especially in the company of My ‘legal’ Friends (paralegal/lawyer Friends).  I have a mutual retainer agreement with a paralegal with whom I share most of My legal documents (after I’ve completed/sent them).  When I Showed My Friend the Forms I am tall King about, My Friend was even more outraged by them than I was.  That actually made Me feel pretty Good, because I wondered if I was bias or letting too much of My ego get involved.  But no, My Friend is so outraged, she insisted on Writing a Letter to the city about it and as King of Me to Hand deliver it Friday morning when I go for My meeting.

So I am sharing the Magic of that with You, too.  The Form Evoked so much Passion in Me, I wanted to Publish it on My Blog.  The problem is, it is so bad, I feel posting it would be akin to a city of Ottawa smear campaign, and that’s not the kind of ‘Rogue Journalist’ I Wish to be.  I also worried that by not publishing it, I was missing out on one of the Greatest Forms of Magic at My disposal, Freedom of WordPress.  It really would be an embarrassment to the city of Ottawa, but that’s not the kind of News I Wish to Press.  I’d rather point out My Issues with the Form in a meeting and Give the city an opportunity to revise or remove the form altogether before I presume it represents the ‘Voice’ of the city of Ottawa.

I also haven’t spoken to the city’s legal counsel about the Matter yet, though Genevieve receives a carbon copy of every email.  I don’t know for certain, but I would presume that Paul has to run everything by Genevieve before contacting Me.  I’m not entirely sure what to make of Genevieve’s silence on the Matter.  My feeling, is that she doesn’t want to share her opinion, she is there for facts, legal oversight, and I didn’t Write Genevieve concerning the Matter because it seemed as though it would be condescending to explain Law to a lawyer.  Genevieve probably cautioned Paul about Giving Me any resistance on My Issues with the Forms, and offered to oversee a meeting if he wanted to discuss them with Me.  This happens to be the opinion of My legal Friends, too.

Part of Me had wanted to Write Genevieve as King of her if Paul is mad, though My Friend’s decision to Write her own Letter of complaint to the city regarding the Forms smothered the last of the Fire that was burning within Me.  I no longer felt the need to Publish them on My Blog, or Write Genevieve to as King of her if Paul were mad – and when I Write mad, I mean insane, not angry.

The other thing My [legal] Friend said to Me, is that she has never seen Me as Passionate about an Issue as I am about this one.  I have been, though admittedly not in the time My Friend has known Me.  What bothers Me most about this Issue is knowing that countless others have already filled out these forms, and likely have no Idea they waived several of their rights by doing so – that still enrages Me if I allow My Self to dwell on it.

The interesting thing about all of this, is that the Engagement Letter in Quest-Ion is really just a very small Part of the Big Picture (Universal Pictures Greatest Present-A-Sean), though the Magic of it is like a catalyst for everything else.  Even My sixteen month stay at the Salvation Army, My complaint with the city of Ottawa, and My Victories in Canada’s courts defending false charges against My Self and two of My Friends, are all small Parts of one much bigger Picture.  What’s happening now, is the Magic of many Spells finally Coming together.

The real journey began ten years ago when I started Writing this Blog – that’s the real Magic.  Since then I have found My Way, had many adventures, and the world has been here for every Part of My Quest.  This is the Story of a Man’s Quest to Live a Spiritual Life, and We are almost at the end.

I said to My Friend, “So this guy really wants to sit down face to face with Me to discuss that document?  I just don’t get it.”

My Friend just laughed.  “He has no Idea who You are.  I think the lawyer didn’t say anything because she probably advised Paul not to challenge Your Forms – he didn’t listen.  I think the lawyer is waiting for You to put Paul in his place, she’s just there for the fireworks.”

That’s the other angle on this thing.  My Friend thinks that Paul might be the reason behind everything; the false reports in memos to city counsel, failing to ensure shelters are run according to standards, that shelters Honour the rights of clients, and the overall lack of empathy and compassion with respect to My complaint in general.  Paul does not represent the city of Ottawa, but he is one of the big ‘players’.  And he might need to go.

I also ‘happen’ to be legally Sovereign, that’s My real ‘Claim to fame’ in both My Microcosm and Macrocosm and the most Magical Part of everything.  We are all that anyway, I just happen to have legally declared it to be the Living Expression of My Character’s Persona (person).  I do not use any government issued identification, I make My Way in the world exclusively with the Magic of My own Hand Crafted documents and all of them are Published here.

Using My Cestui Que Vie as identification for the city registry was another small Victory in My Microcosm but they are adding up, it is now one of many.  No One in My Microcosm, not even Me, can Imagine anyone Wishing to sit down with Me to contest that document, and it is anyone’s guess what it might be Paul Wishes to speak with Me about on Friday.

I’m running out of time so I should wrap this up.  When I say that this is the Magic of one of many Spells Manifesting in My Microcosm, it is no small understatement.  I have numerous unresolved complaints, Spells I’ve Cast into the Words of Letters I’ve Enveloped and Presented, this is just the beginning.

I’ve been rocking the citizen Ship for some time now, and it’s a pretty big boat, the waves were bound to be felt on the shores sooner or later.  I have a feeling Paul might get swept away by a Tsunami on Friday.

Although it may seem as though Our Words have no immediate effect in the physical Universe, everything is Cause and Effect.  I was Given Cause to Write each of My Letters, and each One Will inevitably have an affect in the physical Universe.

The city did pay the Piper in the End.

I hope You are all having a wonderful week,

Love and Blessings,












  1. Yes, what you are saying is like the domino effect . When we change our deep shadow thoughts and e-motions( energy in motion) and expand our awareness, definitely all the physical world would adapt to our expanding and evolving awareness …
    All is one and one is all . May all live in a blessed universe …
    All possibilities do exist in the now here…

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