Volume LX: Matrix De-Coded, Part X

Good evening every One, and thank You for joining Me.  I Will finally be resuming My Matrix Interpret-A-Sean on this fine Tuesday Tell A Vision Edition of the Good News Journal.  I’ve been very busy in My microcosm lately and have been anxious to continue de-Coding Our Matrix.  So let’s get to it!

When We left off last week, Morpheus was in serious trouble.  I have already suggested that Trinity represents the Mother of Man’s Matrix; Morpheus, of course, is the Father.  Archetypically, the Father represents the Mind, while the Mother represents the Body, the physical Manifestation of the [Father’s] Idea on the physical plane.  Neo represents the promised Son[Sun], the perfect balance of Divine masculine and feminine Energy.  Although Trinity and Morpheus are not biological parents to Neo, the concept works well to support the Idea that ‘the One’ represents Christ in Man’s Matrix, as he is an Immaculate Concept-Ion, the Perfect Idea.  And now He must do what Saviours do – save His Father.

The Agent was telling Morpheus that ‘Our’ civilization really became ‘their’ civilization as soon as Man allowed the ‘machines’ to do Our thing King.  A lot of People still believe the Matrix is foreshadowing the rise of machines and artificial intelligence, and it’s a Good theory, too.  I am suggesting the ‘Agents’ represent any illusion of authority; laws, government, police, even religion.  Anything One accepts as Truth without as King their Self first.

“You Shall have no other gods before Me” – First Commandment, Bible, New King James Version, Exodus 20

[I Wish to touch on some Magic symbolism here.  For those familiar with My work, I have suggested that 2 is a Door (II).  ‘Exodus’ is a mass departure of People, and it is not a coincidence that the 10 (X) Commandments are Exodus 20 (2+0=2, 2 is a Door).  Doesn’t it make sense that a mass departure would require a Door?  Doesn’t it also make sense that the Door to God’s Kingdom would be opened by following the 10 Commandments?  X Men tend to have Super Powers, no? Anyway, back to Our Story…]

Wow, I didn’t even know that only a few minutes later, Tank is thing King about unplugging Morpheus from the Matrix to prevent the Agent from getting the codes to access Zion.

“Morpheus, You were more than a leader to Us.  You were a Father.” – Tank

Neo intervenes at the last moment, saying, “this can’t be a coincidence, the Oracle told Me this would happen.”

The moment One Real Eyes there are no coincidences, One begins to Play in Harmony with the Universe.  Neo still doesn’t believe he’s ‘the One’, he says he’s just a regular guy, and tells Trinity the Oracle told him so.  The Oracle was right, he is a little slow to catch on (“not too bright, though”- Oracle to Neo), but he does believe he can bring Morpheus back.  Once again, We are Presented with the concept of Faith.  Neo doesn’t believe he’s ‘the One’, but he believes he can do what the rest of the crew perceive to be impossible.  Faith is everything.  Temet nosce (Latin, know thy Self).

Trinity has a slight smirk on her face when she real eyes what Neo is doing; she already knows he’ll succeed, and that the Oracle had only told Neo what he needed to hear.  It must be His choice, Free Will.

We also get an opportunity to see Trinity put Neo in his place, reminding Us that the Divine feminine is no push over – Trinity is going with Neo whether he likes it or not!  This moment also occurs at exactly 1:37:00 into the film (no wonder it’s taking so long to Write about!).  This may seem like a subtle detail, but it’s Significant.  Do not underestimate the Power and Authority of the Divine Mother!!!  Neo gets the message, and it’s unlikely he Will Quest-Ion Trinity again.

We jump back to the Agent and Morpheus, this time the Agent is telling Morpheus about his ‘revelation’ about Man as a species.  He says that Man is not a mammal, as all other mammals manage to maintain equilibrium with their surroundings,

“But You humans do not.” – Agent

The Agent goes on to say that Man just multiplies and destroys every natural resource in their environment until there is nothing left, then moves on to another area and repeats the same destructive process.  He says there is an organism that does mimic this type of behaviour – a virus.  The Agent calls Man a cancer upon the earth.  And if We look at the Current State of Our world, One would have to admit the agent Presents a rather alarming and compelling argument.  The Agent claims he is providing a service by eliminating a plague from Our planet.

For a moment, We jump back to Trinity and Neo as they are arming themselves for their mission.  Trinity tells Neo that no One has ever done this before.  Neo replies,

“That’s why it’s going to work.” – Neo

We return to the Agent and Morpheus, this time the Agent is telling Morpheus how much he loathes Man’s world, calling it a zoo and a prison.  The Agent says he needs to get out, and starts grasping Morpheus’s Head, shaking it,

“And in this Mind is the Key.” – Agent

This line is more important than it may appear on the surface, if We Keep in Mind that Morpheus represents the Father [God].  Simplified, this is Good and Evil in their most Manifest Form.  Zion represents Heaven, and the Agent wants the Idea of it eliminated forever.


Then the Film gets Fun for a bit.  We’re heading into the final Act-Ion Scenes of the Film, and the first notable moment is Neo ‘dodging bullets’.  He gets grazed, so his performance isn’t perfect, but it’s unlike anything the Crew has ever seen before.  I don’t want to ruin any of the Action, despite ‘spoiling’ how it Will turn out, and there isn’t really too much of Significance worth mentioning until the first [Action] Scene is over.  Neo tries to finally tell Morpheus he’s not ‘the One’, to which Morpheus replies,

“The Oracle told You what You needed to hear.  One day, Neo, You Will realize that there is a difference between knowing the Path, and walking the Path.” – Morpheus

Alright, that concludes this Tuesday’s Tell A Vision Edition of The Good News Journal, I Will complete My Interpret-A-Sean next Tuesday.

I hope You are all having a terrific Tuesday, I’ll be back tall King about more Magic tomorrow for the Wednesday Witches, Wizards and Warlocks Edition.  Thanks so much for being here.

Love and Blessings,

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